Razer Dota 2 Tournament

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Razer Dota 2 Tournament
Banner razer.jpg
Singapore Singapore
Start Date 8 March 2012
End Date 11 March 2012
Teams 14
Version 6.72
Prize Pool $4,000 USD
Website Link


Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Finals
 Philippines Mineski  
 Philippines Mineski  1
   Singapore Nazgul  0  
 Singapore Nazgul  1
 Singapore PMS Asterisk*  0  
 Philippines Mineski  1
   Myanmar GoG  0  
 Singapore NeXuS LuCidA  0
 Myanmar GoG  1  
 Myanmar GoG  1
   Singapore ViSp  0  
 Singapore New Recruits  0
 Singapore ViSp  1  
 Philippines Mineski  1
   Malaysia Orange Esports  0
 Singapore Parrot`  1
 Singapore New World Elite  0  
 Singapore Parrot`  0
   Singapore AEONSports  1  
 Singapore ORGE  0
 Singapore AEONSports  1  
 Singapore AEONSports  0
   Malaysia Orange Esports  1  
 Singapore MeetYourMakers  1
 Singapore Rush Gaming  0  
 Singapore MeetYourMakers  0
   Malaysia Orange Esports  1  
 Malaysia Orange Esports  

Round of 16[edit]

2012-3-8 PMS* Singapore < Singapore Nazgul  

2012-3-8 NeXus Singapore < Myanmar GoG  

2012-3-9 NR Singapore < Singapore ViSp  

2012-3-9 Parrot' Singapore > Singapore NWE  

2012-3-10 Ogre Singapore < Singapore AEON  

2012-3-10 MYM Singapore > Singapore Rush  


2012-3-10 Mineski Philippines > Singapore Nazgul  

Venomancer icon.png Tidehunter icon.png Chen icon.png Weaver icon.png Night Stalker icon.png

HyperX.Mski.wOootz Enigma icon.png

HyperX.Mski.Jay Invoker icon.png

HyperX.Mski.JuLz* Tiny icon.png

HyperX.Mski.owa Anti-Mage icon.png

HyperX.Mski.Rr? Lich icon.png



Queen of Pain icon.png Nature's Prophet icon.png Slardar icon.png Ancient Apparition icon.png Omniknight icon.png

Dazzle icon.png NazguL|Ecko

Dragon Knight icon.png Nazgul|Lmao69

Windranger icon.png NazguL|IcE!

Vengeful Spirit icon.png NazguL|Myst''

Earthshaker icon.png NazguL|Ecy

2012-3-10 GoG Myanmar > Singapore ViSp  

2012-3-10 Parrot' Singapore < Singapore AEON  

2012-3-10 Orange Malaysia > Singapore MYM  

Nature's Prophet icon.png Anti-Mage icon.png Enchantress icon.png Shadow Shaman icon.png Beastmaster icon.png

Orange.Y Windranger icon.png

Orange.X Broodmother icon.png

Orange.WinteR <3 Razer Earthshaker icon.png

Orange.Ice Crystal Maiden icon.png

Orange. ky` xY Leshrac icon.png



Invoker icon.png Outworld Devourer icon.png Chen icon.png Slardar icon.png Night Stalker icon.png

Spectre icon.png MYM|Razer.hyhy

Vengeful Spirit icon.png MYM|Razer.DrakaN

Dark Seer icon.png MYM.JCE

Venomancer icon.png MYM|Razer.eyes

Storm Spirit icon.png MYM|Razer.xy-


2012-3-11 Mineski Philippines > Myanmar GoG  

2012-3-11 AEON Singapore < Malaysia Orange  

Windranger icon.png Broodmother icon.png Earthshaker icon.png Leshrac icon.png Ancient Apparition icon.png

AEON.NutZ Vengeful Spirit icon.png

AEON.MrKio Chen icon.png

AEON.K-I-N-G Night Stalker icon.png

AEON.ZanQTreeS Queen of Pain icon.png

AEON.K e N Weaver icon.png


Nature's Prophet icon.png Enchantress icon.png Anti-Mage icon.png Shadow Shaman icon.png Dazzle icon.png

Slardar icon.png Orange.Y

Dark Seer icon.png Orange.X

Tidehunter icon.png Orange.WinteR !! Razer

Crystal Maiden icon.png Orange.Ice

Invoker icon.png Orange. ky` xY

Third Place[edit]

2012-3-11 GoG Myanmar < Singapore AEON  


2012-3-11 Mineski Philippines > Malaysia Orange  

Prize Allocation[edit]

Place Team Prize
1st Philippines Mineski $2,500 USD
2nd Malaysia Orange Esports $1,000 USD
3rd Singapore AEONSports $500 USD