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Quality is a property of cosmetic items. It is represented in-game by the item's prefix and color.

Quality is a purely cosmetic property, and has no effect on gameplay. Items can have both a Quality and a Rarity value.


[edit] Tiers

Color Name
#CF6A32 Inscribed
#476291 Elder
#4D7455 Genuine
#8650AC Unusual
#70B04A Self-Made
#4983B3 Frozen
#A32C2E Corrupted
#FFFF00 Favored
#ADE55C Autographed
#EB4B4B Ascendant
#32CD32 Auspicious

[edit] Inscribed

Main article: Inscribed Gem

Inscribed items have a counter that tracks a specific in-game statistic. A regular item can be changed to Inscribed quality by placing an Inscribed Gem into a socket. Inscribed items can also be unboxed from Treasure Chests. These items come with an Inscribed gem.

Tracked counters are viewable by other players. Other than this, Inscribed items are no different from regular items.

[edit] Unusual

Main article: Unusual

Unusual is a special prefix for couriers that have a special particle effect. To date, no official items are titled "unusual" even if they possess their own particle effect. Unusual couriers are found in Treasure Chests at an approximately 1-2% chance.

[edit] Elder

Main article: Elder

Elder is a special prefix for limited items obtained under certain circumstances. To date, there are six Elder items.

[edit] Heroic

Main article: Heroic

Heroic is a special prefix for commemorative items dropped for spectators during a live tournament game.

[edit] Genuine

Main article: Genuine

Genuine is a special prefix for limited items obtained under promotional circumstances. They are obtained as bonus items by purchasing certain merchandise.

[edit] Self-Made

Main article: Self-Made

Self-Made is a special prefix for items that were submitted to the Steam Workshop which were accepted and added to the game. They are given out to the creator(s) of the item by Valve. Self-Made items cannot be chiseled, socketed, or hammered.

[edit] Cursed

Cursed items are obtained from Cursed Recipe: Materialize Item. The only difference between Cursed items and normal items is that Cursed items can be used in Recipe: Hollow Jack.


Items awarded to professional players that win the Compendium team/player vote.

[edit] Autographed

Main article: Autograph Rune

Autographed items are inscribed with an Autograph Rune, bearing the digital signature of a notable member of the Dota 2 community.

[edit] Ascendant

Main article: Ascendant Gem

Ascendant items are inscribed with an Ascendant Gem. Ascendant items track the number of Dota 2 Beta invites sent, or victories during the beta period.

[edit] Exalted

Granted to copies of the Arcana item Blades of Voth Domosh purchased before Jan 4th, 2014 and the Arcana item Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm purchased during the New Bloom festival 2014.

[edit] Frozen

Part of the Frostivus/Wraith Night event for 2013. Items unlocked through redeeming fragments have this quality.

[edit] Corrupted

Main article: Corrupted

Part of the Frostivus/Wraith Night event for 2013. Items created using the recipe Recipe: Wraith King's Relic will have this quality. These items comes socketed with a Foulfell Shard. The Corrupted quality can be transferred by transferring the gem.

[edit] Auspicious

Main article: Auspicious

Items unboxed from New Bloom Festival 2014 gifts.

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