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For the commentator and player, see Purge (player)
Demonic Purge icon.png

A Purge is a type of ability that causes a drastic slow in movement and attack speed, and has a gradual movement speed restoration over the duration of the effect.

A purge on a hero will initially dispel most negative buffs from allies and positive buffs from enemies. If cast on an enemy unit, for the duration of the effect, it will slow their movement speed, and can slow their attack speed depending on the specific ability.

Most purges on Heroes will slow a unit down to an initial 100 MS, after which they will gradually regain speed for the duration of the effect. The rate they regain speed is determined by how long the effect lasts and an attribute called the update frequency, which is the number of ticks which movement speed is restored. This value ranges from 1 to 5.

For example, Diffusal Blade's Purge has an update frequency of 5. If the unit had 350 movement speed and was Purged, they would gradually regain speed in the following way. 100/140/210/280/350. The way the speed is calculated is that your speed is reduced to 0%, and you gradually recover a percentage of it every tick. For a update frequency of 5, you recover 20% per tick, for 3, you would recover 33% per tick.

Unstable Current will also reduce attack speed by 100 for the duration. Demonic Purge, and Diffusal Blade Purge cast on a non-hero unit will be paused for the first 3 seconds of the duration.

[edit] List of Purging Abilities

Diffusal Blade - Purge
Cost 3300
Diffusal Blade icon.png
Duration: 4
Update Frequency: 5
Damage To Illusions And Summoned Units: 99999
Oracle - Fortune's End
Fortune's End icon.png
Duration: Up to 3
Update Frequency: ?
Duration is equal to the time spend channeling.
Razor - Unstable Current
Unstable Current icon.png
Duration: 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6
Update Frequency: 1
Satyr Banisher - Purge
Satyr Purge icon.png
Duration: 5
Update Frequency: 5
Damage To Illusions And Summoned Units: 400
Shadow Demon - Demonic Purge
Demonic Purge icon.png
Duration: 5
Update Frequency: 5

[edit] List of Abilities that cannot be Purged

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Cyclone icon.png Brewmaster - Storm - Cyclone* Death Pact icon.png Clinkz - Death Pact
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Inner Vitality icon.png Huskar - Inner Vitality Alacrity icon.png Invoker - Alacrity
Deafening Blast icon.png Invoker - Deafening Blast Ghost Walk icon.png Invoker - Ghost Walk
Tornado icon.png Invoker - Tornado Ghost Ship icon.png Kunkka - Ghost Ship
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Fiery Soul icon.png Lina - Fiery Soul Howl icon.png Lycan - Howl
Shapeshift icon.png Lycan - Shapeshift Moonlight Shadow icon.png Mirana - Moonlight Shadow
Ensnare (Naga Siren) icon.png Naga Siren - Ensnare Spiked Carapace icon.png Nyx Assassin - Spiked Carapace
Astral Imprisonment icon.png Outworld Devourer - Astral Imprisonment Doppelwalk icon.png Phantom Lancer - Doppelwalk
Dream Coil icon.png Puck - Dream Coil Phase Shift icon.png Puck - Phase Shift
Shadow Strike icon.png Queen Of Pain - Shadow Strike Eye of the Storm icon.png Razor - Eye of the Storm
Static Link icon.png Razor - Static Link Permanent Invisibility icon.png Riki - Permanent Invisibility
Shadow Amulet icon.png Shadow Amulet (1600) - Fade Demonic Purge icon.png Shadow Demon - Demonic Purge
Soul Catcher icon.png Shadow Demon - Soul Catcher Sprint icon.png Slardar - Sprint
Essence Shift icon.png Slark - Essence Shift God's Strength icon.png Sven - God's Strength
Warcry icon.png Sven - Warcry Refraction icon.png Templar Assassin - Refraction
Decay icon.png Undying - Decay Overpower icon.png Ursa - Overpower
Veil of Discord icon.png Veil of Discord (2670) - Magic Weakness Poison Nova icon.png Venomancer - Poison Nova
Poison Sting icon.png Venomancer - Poison Sting Venomous Gale icon.png Venomancer - Venomous Gale
Corrosive Skin icon.png Viper - Corrosive Skin Poison Attack icon.png Viper - Poison Attack
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Shadow Word icon.png Warlock - Shadow Word Focus Fire icon.png Windranger - Focus Fire
Windrun icon.png Windranger - Windrun Maledict icon.png Witch Doctor - Maledict

*Cannot be purged off of enemies.

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