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Battle Points and Profile Level information are shown at the top of your profile window. The gold border around the portrait indicates an active Battle Point Booster.

Battle Points are a form of experience that can be earned through Matchmaking and Co-op matches. Gaining Battle Points increases the player's Profile Level, and awards players with random cosmetic items.


Early Profile levels will unlock game features as well as award the player with Presents. Certain items will not be tradable until after you reach level 3.

Your Profile Level determines the Rarity of items that can drop for you. This system was implemented to reduce item farming by bots.

Level Battle Points needed for next level Rarity of Item Drops unlocked Game Mode unlocked Present
1 120 Common All Pick
2 240 Uncommon -
3 350 - -
4 500 Rare Random Draft
5 750 - Ability Draft
6 900 Mythical Single Draft
7 1000 - Least Played
8 1000 - Captain's Draft
9 1000 Legendary All Random
10 1000 - Captain's Mode
11 1000 - - -
12 1000 Ancient - -
13 1000 - Ranked Matchmaking -
15 1000 Arcana - -
Other levels 1000 - - -


The experience counter then resets, with any excess Battle Points carrying over to the new counter.

  • The amount of Battle Points earned per match is dependent on the length of the match, with a fixed number of 1.3 points per minute in a match.
  • Winning or losing has no effect on the amount of Battle Points earned in Matchmaking games.
  • In Co-op matches you only earn Battle Points for won matches and only if the difficulty was at least 'easy'.
  • The types of items that can be obtained via leveling up is the same as item drops from playing matches.
Droppable Not droppable
Custom Wards
Treasure Chests
Essences (During events)
Greevil Egg (During events)
HUD Skins
Loading Screens
Tournament Items
Limited/Promotional Equipment
  • Players who Abandon the game and players in Low Priority queue will not receive Battle Points or items drops.[1]

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