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  • Play Phantom Assassin!
  • Play Unseen and unheard.
  • Play The Phantom creeps in.
  • Play The Veiled Sisters sent me.
  • Play I'm here to blur the line between life and death.

Beginning the Battle[edit]

  • Play My list has five names on it.

Drawing First Blood[edit]


  • Play Yes.
  • Play Yes!
  • Play M-hm.
  • Play Oh, yes.
  • Play Ha!
  • Play Moving quickly.
  • Play Sneaking.
  • Play Creeping in.
  • Play Don't blink, or you'll miss me.
  • Play In the blink of an eye.
  • Play Slyly.
  • Play Very well.
  • Play I'm but a shadow.
  • Play Where falls my shadow, fells my blade.
  • Play They see me not.
  • Play I'll slip through their guard.
  • Play Like a wisp.
  • Play In I go.
  • Play Surreptitiously.


  • Play Attack!
  • Play Quick strike.
  • Play In silence!
  • Play Where least expected.
  • Play Here I am!
  • Play Have some blade.
  • Play Taken by surprise!
  • Play Without remorse.
  • Play I'll not hesitate!
  • Play Look sharp!

Casting a Spell[edit]

  • Play Marked for death!
  • Play Your death approaches…
  • Play Were you expecting me?
  • Play I sting from the shadows.

Casting Stifling Dagger[edit]

  • Play Cloak and dagger…
  • Play I'm looking daggers at you…
  • Play Stifle it!
  • Play Dagger, dagger.

Casting Phantom Strike[edit]

  • Play The Phantom strikes!
  • Play Stricken out.
  • Play Out of the veil.

Using Blur[edit]

  • Play It's all a blur.
  • Play How many daggers am I holding up?
  • Play Blur blade.

Proccing Coup de Grace[edit]

Gaining a Level[edit]

  • Play I feel…blurry!
  • Play My edges are running!
  • Play I'm soft on the eye.
  • Play I'm easy to overlook.
  • Play You'll see less of me now.
  • Play I'm an immaterial girl!
  • Play It's immaterial!
  • Play There's more of me, but less to see.

Killing a Hero[edit]

  • Play That went well, I think.
  • Play All according to plan.
  • Play The Veiled Oracle chose you.
  • Play You were a sacred target.
  • Play Assassination is nature's way.
  • Play Assassination at its finest.
  • Play It is an honor to be chosen for death.
  • Play Shouldn't have trusted your eyes.
  • Play The Sisters of the Veil honor your death.
  • Play Death at my hands is an honor.
  • Play One down, four to go.
  • Play Something in your eye?
  • Play Even in death, you'll not see beyond the Phantom Veil.

Last Hitting[edit]

  • Play Phantasmal!
  • Play One for the Phantom.
  • Play Phantom fighter!
  • Play Didn't stand a chance.
  • Play Didn't you see me?
  • Play Gotta keep my hand in.
  • Play Don't look now.
  • Play For the Veiled Ones!
  • Play Collecting my fee.
  • Play I'm not greedy.

Calling a Missing Hero[edit]


  • Play No!
  • Play I can't bear to be seen…
  • Play Look away…
  • Play I don't believe this!
  • Play Down a dark road I go.
  • Play Phantom limbo…
  • Play I have failed the Veil.
  • Play Turnabout is foul play!
  • Play Character…assassin.

Respawning with Aegis[edit]

  • Play Don't think you're done with me.


  • Play Next time, I'll assess before I assassinate.
  • Play It's all coming back into focus…
  • Play Bet you're glad to see me again.
  • Play I see you!
  • Play Let me pull aside the veil of secrecy.
  • Play I won't stop until the job is done.
  • Play Back from the shadows.
  • Play I am back with new victims in mind.
  • Play Don't tell me, I'm a sight for sore eyes.
  • Play Born to strange sights…


  • Play We are all one among the Sisters of the Veil. Where one falls, another rises.
  • Play The Veiled Oracle names a name, and I move to take that life. The pattern of the Veil requires it.

Purchasing an Item[edit]

  • Play This should make my life easier.
  • Play The right tool for the job.
  • Play All that gold was slowing me down.

Purchasing Blink Dagger[edit]

  • Play Blink dagger!
  • Play The perfect accessory!

Purchasing Aghanim's Scepter[edit]

  • Play Ah, scepter.
  • Play Scepter, at last!

Purchasing Battlefury[edit]

  • Play Battle Fury!
  • Play Battle Fury, you are mine.

Purchasing a Specific Item[edit]

  • Play Black King Bar! They can't stop me now!
  • Play Butterfly!

Bottling a Rune[edit]

  • Play I'll just hide this away.
  • Play Stop it up.
  • Play Phantom's pleasure.




Taking Aegis of the Immortal[edit]

  • Play Immortality!
  • Play The Phantom forever.

Activating Haste[edit]

Activating Double Damage[edit]

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play Strike and strike again.

Activating Regeneration[edit]

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play The Phantom shall not fade.
  • Play Fade resistant.

Activating Illusion[edit]

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play My Veiled Sisters.

Activating Invisibility[edit]

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play Beyond the reach of mortal eyes.

Activating Bounty[edit]

  • Play This should make my life easier.

Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown[edit]

  • Play Not yet.
  • Play Not yet!
  • Play Not yet!
  • Play I am not ready.
  • Play I am not ready.
  • Play I am not ready!
  • Play It is not time yet.
  • Play It is not time yet!
  • Play It is not time yet!
  • Play Not yet!
  • Play I am not ready!
  • Play It is not time yet!

Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana[edit]


  • Play Many thanks.
  • Play I'm grateful.
  • Play With my thanks.
  • Play With gratitude.

Coming Under Attack[edit]

  • Play I'm under attack!


  • Play It is in the bag!

Shitty Wizard[edit]

  • Play Shitty wizard!

Crummy Wizard[edit]

  • Play Crummy wizard!





  • Play Hm hm hm hm hm hm.
  • Play He he he he.
  • Play Hm he he he he he.
  • Play Ho ho ho ho!
  • Play Ho ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ho ho ho ho ho ha ha ha!