Neolution GosuCup, Neolution GosuCup - June 2013

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Neolution GosuCup - June 2013
Neolution gosucup logo.jpg
Start Date 22 June 2013
End Date 23 June 2013
Teams 256
Version 6.78
Prize Pool $1,000 USD
Website Link
Neolution GosuCup
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Neolution GosuCup is a monthly cup where 4 of the top Asian teams compete for a prize pool of $1000. This cup runs for 5 months and is hosted by
Released 18 Jul 2013
Origin Purchase

Teams[edit | edit source]

Top 4 Teams

Commentators[edit | edit source]

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Jorien van der Heijden
Origin: Netherlands The Netherlands
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page

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Origin: Germany Germany
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page

Results[edit | edit source]

Rounds 1 - 6[edit | edit source]

Top 4[edit | edit source]

Upper Bracket[edit | edit source]

  Semi-finals Final
 Singapore Team Zenith 0  
 Philippines Mineski 1  
     Philippines Mineski 0
   China Rising Stars 1
 China Rising Stars 1
 Philippines Ledion Dreamz 0  

Lower Bracket[edit | edit source]

Round 1   Finals
    Philippines Mineski 0
Singapore Team Zenith 1     Singapore Team Zenith 1
Philippines Ledion Dreamz 0  

Championship[edit | edit source]

 China Rising Stars  1
 Singapore Team Zenith  2

Prize Allocation[edit | edit source]

Place Team Prize
1st Singapore Team Zenith $500 USD
2nd China Rising Stars $300 USD
3rd Philippines Mineski $200 USD