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Bad against...[edit]

Ancient Apparition icon.png
Ancient Apparition
Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Spell Shield icon.png Spell Shield makes it very hard for Necrophos to kill Anti-Mage with Reaper's Scythe.
  • Blink (Anti-Mage) icon.png Blink allows Anti-Mage to easily engage or disengage, since Necrophos has no form of crowd control outside of his ultimate.
  • As with most low-mobility intelligence heroes, Anti-Mage can kill Necrophos easily with Mana Break icon.png Mana Break and Mana Void icon.png Mana Void.
Chaos Knight icon.png
Chaos Knight
  • Chaos Knight is a hero with extremely high HP who will often purchases items to further expand his HP pool.
  • His ultimate, Phantasm icon.png Phantasm, spawns illusions that deal full damage. The HP items he builds will also make his illusions difficult to destroy for Necrophos.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar is a decently common item on the hero.
Clinkz icon.png
  • Clinkz has high physical damage output that tears through Necrophos' low armor.
  • Death Pact icon.png Death Pact gives Clinkz enough extra health to make bursting him down difficult as Necrophos.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence is a core item on Clinkz. Silence severely hampers Necrophos' ability to fight.
Juggernaut icon.png
Legion Commander icon.png
Legion Commander
  • Necrophos is reliant on his spells to be effective. Duel silences Necrophos and forces him to attack Legion Commander for an extended time.
  • Legion Commander has many tools to keep herself healthy. She also has a generous health pool and buys items to enhance her durability.
Meepo icon.png
  • Necrophos struggles at clearing away durable illusions or summons. Meepo can overwhelm Necrophos with his many duplicates, especially in the later stages of the game.
  • Meepo's high burst damage can make it difficult for to Necrophos to stay alive, as Necrophos excels in extended fights.
Oracle icon.png
Phantom Lancer icon.png
Phantom Lancer
  • Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade is a core item on Phantom Lancer. This combined with his numerous illusions allows him to rapidly deplete Necrophos' mana.
Riki icon.png
Rubick icon.png
  • If Rubick gets Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter and steals Reaper's Scythe, he can turn the situation around.


  • Heroes who can save targets from being killed by Reaper's Scythe at the last moment: Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon, Outworld Devourer minimap icon.png Outworld Devourer, Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle, Bane minimap icon.png Bane, Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknight
  • Long disables stop Necrophos from sustaining his health. He must cast repeatedly to be a force in engagements.
  • Any Silence is a good way to stop Necrophos, as he is slow and has little offensive presence without his spells.
  • Illusions make it difficult for Necrophos to target his Reaper's Scythe icon.png Reaper's Scythe correctly.


  • Unless one has decreased respawn time in their talent tree, Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone is the only item to counter the additional respawn time when killed by Reaper's Scythe icon.png Reaper's Scythe. The counter is stronger as more Bloodstone charges are collected. You may also deny yourself before he gets to Scythe you.
  • The magic resistance given by Glimmer Cape icon.png Glimmer Cape can easily foil a Reaper's Scythe, and the 1.5 second delay makes it easy for an alert player to cast Glimmer Cape on an ally that is about to be Scythed.
  • Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb reflects Reaper's Scythe back to Necrophos, but he doesn't take longer to respawn.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar for ignores damage from Reaper's Scythe, but you will still be stunned.
  • Unless Necrophos purchases other single-target items like Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos or Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon, Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere makes it impossible to cast Reaper's Scythe on his own.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence and Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn prevent casting.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse not only prevents casting; It's also a shutdown against escapes.
  • Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos makes Necrophos unable to escape, who already has low mobility.
  • Silver Edge icon.png Silver Edge disables Death Pulse icon.png Death Pulse's passive and Heartstopper Aura icon.png Heartstopper Aura. Already existing stacks of Death Pulse still provide bonus health and mana regeneration.
  • Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon becomes more damaging whenever Ghost Shroud icon.png Ghost Shroud is in use.

Good against...[edit]

Morphling icon.png
  • Despite having Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere as a core item, Morphling cannot easily escape the Death Pulse and Reaper's Scythe combo with his Waveform icon.png Waveform or his Strength Gain.
Pudge icon.png
Axe icon.png
Centaur Warrunner icon.png
Centaur Warrunner
Spectre icon.png
  • Death Pulse icon.png Death Pulse can single out Spectre from her illusions, as well as heal his team against her. He also usually stands close to his allies for Death Pulse, disabling Desolate icon.png Desolate.
  • Reaper's Scythe icon.png Reaper's Scythe at level 3 kills Spectre at around 20% due to magic resistance and Dispersion icon.png Dispersion.
Magnus icon.png
Huskar icon.png
  • Huskar needs to be on low HP in order to manfight heroes, but going on low HP is not a very good idea because that tactic will often increase damage from Reaper's Scythe icon.png Reaper's Scythe, despite dealing magical damage.
Sven icon.png
  • His Heartstopper Aura icon.png Heartstopper Aura deals the same gradual damage over time no matter how high Sven builds his Strength or health pool up, and should he fall down to a certain percentage, his high health will no longer matter if Necrophos manages to land his Reaper's Scythe icon.png Reaper's Scythe, killing him instantly.
  • Ghost Shroud icon.png Ghost Shroud prevents Sven from hitting Necrophos, and if he doesn't have his Storm Hammer icon.png Storm Hammer available, it could make him completely immune to Sven.


Works well with...[edit]

Abaddon icon.png
  • The sustain and strong dispel from Abaddon helps keep Necrophos alive longer in fights, allowing a huge damage swing from heals, damage, and massive health removal from Heartstopper Aura.
Axe icon.png
  • As long as Axe is able to keep an enemy in range of him, death will be swift as his abilities, especially his ultimate, synergize very well with Necrophos'.
Legion Commander icon.png
Legion Commander
  • Not only does Necrophos help end Duel icon.png Duel faster, they also both benefit from a Duel victory.
Lina icon.png
  • High burst damage combined with Necrophos ultimate will take down most of heroes.
Pugna icon.png
  • Decrepify icon.png Decrepify increases the damage Reaper's Scythe does, allowing Necrophos to kill enemies even quicker.
Zeus icon.png
  • High burst damage combined with Necrophos ultimate will take down most of heroes.


  • Any Nuker
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