Muh Keen Gun

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Muh Keen Gun
Cosmetic icon Muh Keen Gun.png
Slot: Weapon

Not content to kill things one bullet at a time, Sniper commissioned the best gunsmith in the land to construct him a firearm worthy of his talented trigger finger. Lovingly designed and crafted with all the skill and attention to detail befitting a master smithy of the keen, the weapon that resulted is truly one for the ages. It's a bit on the heavy side, true, but not when balanced against the weight of corpses it will produce. Hernia not included.
Created By Valve logo.png
Released 30 May 2014
Origin Immortal Strongbox

This item can only be obtained from the Immortal Strongbox, which was given out to players who purchased The International Compendium 2014. It comes with a Kinetic Gem that grants many custom animations.

Gems[edit | edit source]

Customizations[edit | edit source]

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Autoattack Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Attack.gif
Autoattack (Fast) Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Attack Fast.gif
Autoattack Effect
Muh Keen Gun
Muh Keen Gun
  • Play Launch override
  • Play Impact override 1
  • Play Impact override 2
  • Play Full sound example
Assassinate icon.png Assassinate Animation MuhKeenGun Assassination.gif
Muh Keen Gun
Muh Keen Gun
Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel Animation MuhKeenGun Shrapnel.gif
Muh Keen Gun
Muh Keen Gun
Idle Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Loadout.gif
Loadout Animation
Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Loadout Aggressive.gif
Death Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Death.gif
Run Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Run.gif
Flail Animation File:Muh Keen Gun Flail.gif

Ability icons[edit | edit source]

Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel Assassinate icon.png Assassinate
Muh Keen Gun Shrapnel icon.png Muh Keen Gun Assassinate icon.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This items name is a pun on a firearm type "Machine gun".