Monkey King Bar

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Monkey King Bar
Monkey King Bar icon.png
A powerful staff used by a master warrior.
Bought From
Passive Mini-Bash, True Strike
Bonus +88 Damage
+15 Attack speed
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Monkey King Bar (5400)
Javelin (1500)
Javelin (1500)
Demon Edge (2400)

The Monkey King Bar is an Item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Weapons. However, it can only be completed with items from the Secret Shop.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemies Magical
Gives a chance to minibash and deal bonus damage.
Proc Chance: 35%
Damage: 100
Stun Duration: 0.01


  • Mini-Bash from multiple Monkey King Bars work fully independent from each other.
    • This means that two of them can proc on the same attack and both deal their damage.
  • The owner can lifesteal off the damage dealt by Mini-Bash. However, it cannot crit or cleave.
  • Adds an average of 35 magical damage to every attack.

True Strike
Not a Unique Attack Modifier. Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Can be used by illusions.
Ability Affects
Passive Enemies
Prevents your attacks from missing. True Strike does not work when attacking enemy structures.


  • Projectiles lauched with True Strike cannot be evaded, but still can be disjointed.
  • Does not work against buildings, works against any other unit, including wards and allied units.
  • Does not work against Backtrack icon.png Backtrack because this ability isn't evasion.
  • Does not prevent attacks from getting canceled when the target leaves the motion buffer range.
    • The motion buffer range is a certain distance an attacked unit has to move away from the attacking unit during the attack animation of the attacking unit. If it does that, the attack gets canceled due to the range between them getting too high. This is to prevent from hits happening after a target e.g. blinked away.

Recommended heroes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, is the subject of the Chinese folk novel Journey to the West. His weapon, Ruyi Jingu Bang (如意金箍棒), is a magical iron rod with ends banded with gold. Although it weighs several tons, the Monkey King can shrink it at will and tuck it behind his ear and It can also grow at will and duplicate into an infinite number of individual rods.
  • The True Strike ability reference however, does not come from the magical rod, but from his eyes, Jin Jing Huoyan (金睛火眼). After he had been trapped in Bagua Lu (八卦爐) 49 days, his eyes was refined into Jin Jing Huoyan, granting him the ability to distinguish demons from humans known as True Sight.

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Damage increased by 8 to be equal to the total damage from its components


  • Now has an extra new passive ability True Strike that can be toggled on and off. True Strike makes your attacks never miss.


  • Improved damage from 75 to 80 and chance from 30->35%
  • Total cost unchanged (Javelin cost increased from 1400 to 1500, and Demon Edge cost reduced from 2600 to 2400)


  • Changed Monkey King Bar recipe


  • Monkey King Bar's bonus damage increased from 90 to 100


  • Added note to MKB about the 0.01 stun effect


  • Monkey King Bar now has 30% chance to deal 90 damage


  • Monkey King Bar recipe now 1650 from 1600