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Mjollnir icon.png
Thor’s magical hammer, made for him by the dwarves Brok and Eitri.
5700 (900)
Bought From
Active Static Charge
Passive Chain Lightning
Bonus +24 Damage
+80 Attack speed
Disassemble? Yes
Alert allies? No
Mjollnir (5700)
Hyperstone (2000)
Maelstrom (2800)
Recipe Cost: 900

The Mjollnir is an Item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts. However, it can only be completed with items from the Secret Shop.


Static Charge
Ability Affects Damage
Target Ally Units Magical
Places a charged shield on a target unit which has a 20% chance to release a bolt of lightning at an attacker and 4 nearby enemies.
Duration: 15
Cast Range: 600
Proc Chance: 20%
Damage: 200
Radius: 900
Cooldown 35 Mana 50
Partially blocked by Spell Immunity. Can be placed on magic immune allied units. Lightning will not strike magic immune enemies.


  • Strikes up to five enemies.
  • Strikes enemies within radius of the shielded unit, not the attacker.
  • Cannot trigger more than once per second.
  • Has no effect if cast on a unit that already has a Static Charge active on it.
  • Also triggered by damage-over-time abilities, but not by Heartstopper Aura icon.png Heartstopper Aura or Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting.

Chain Lightning
Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemies Magical
When attacking, there is a 25% chance that lightning will strike the target and 7 other nearby enemies.
Chance: 25%
Damage: 150
Bounce Range: 900
Blocked by Spell Immunity. The chain lightning effect from Mjollnir or Maelstrom will work, but will not damage any Heroes that are magic immune.
Unique Attack Modifier. Mjollnir is a Unique Attack Modifier that stacks with other Unique Attack Modifiers, but overrides them when Chain Lightning occurs.


  • Mjollnir is very effective against heroes with illusions like Naga Siren, Spectre and particularly Phantom Lancer. As a carry, you should consider building this item when playing against these heroes. Because this Unique Attack Modifier stacks with others, you can freely build it for heroes with their own Unique Attack Modifier like Viper.
  • Static Charge triggers on magical damage as well as on damage from physical attacks, so Mjollnir is very effective against heroes who deal damage over time with their spells.

Recommended heroes[edit]


  • Mjölnir is the name of Thor's Hammer in Norse mythology.

Balance changelog[edit]


  • Recipe cost increased from 600 to 900.
  • Static Charge duration decreased from 20 to 15.


  • Chain Lightning damage reduced from 160 to 150.
  • Static Shock area of effect is now centered around the unit with the Static Charge, rather than around the attacker.
  • Fixed Chain Lightning not functioning properly when it procs while a previous proc is still bouncing.
    • This affects Maelstrom and Mjollnir and makes them more reliable when they proc in sequence.


  • Changed the area type that is used when Static Charge hit units
    • It now no longer uses a cone to determine the valid targets, but an AoE of the same distance instead (900)


  • Static Charge radius around attacker increased from 300 to 450.
  • Static Charge hit count increased from 3 to 5.
  • Chain Lightning AoE increased from 500 to 900.
  • Total cost reduced by 100 (Hyperstone cost reduced from 2100 to 2000)


  • Static Charge can now be cast on non-hero units as well (like Infernals).


  • Chain Lightning bounce count increased from 4 to 8.


  • Total cost unchanged (Mjollnir recipe cost increased from 400 to 600, and Maelstrom recipe cost reduced from 800 to 600)
  • Attack speed bonus increased from 70 to 80 to match its components.


  • Static Charge changed from a chance on attacks to a chance on any damage


  • Total cost reduced by 100 (Maelstrom recipe cost reduced from 900 to 800)


  • Chance to proc lighting increased from 20->25% and adjusted the damage (same overall damage rates, just little more reliable)


  • Increased max bounces from 3 to 4


  • Static Charge changed from 45 cooldown to 35


  • Recipe changed from Eaglehorn to Hyperstone, bonuses adjusted
    • Old Mjollnir:
      • Components: Eaglehorn (3300), Maelstrom (3000) (Total: 6300)
      • Stats: +35 Agility, +35 Damage
      • Passive: Chain Lightning
      • Active: Static Charge
    • New Mjollnir:
      • Components: Hyperstone (2100), Maelstrom (3000), Recipe (400) (Total: 5500)
      • Stats: +70 AS, +24 Damage
      • Passive: Chain Lightning
      • Active: Static Charge


  • Total cost reduced by 100 (Eaglesong cost reduced from 3400 to 3300)


  • Total cost reduced by 50 (Eaglesong cost reduced by 50)