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15 + 1.9
18 + 2.8
16 + 1.85
Level Base 1 16 25
Hit Points 150 435 1014 1681
Mana 0 208 594 1045
Damage 26‒32 44‒50 88‒94 131‒137
Armor 1 3.52 9.68 15.73
Attacks / Second 0.58 0.69 0.95 1.2
Movement Speed 330
Turn Rate 0.4
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range 330
Missile Speed 900
Attack Duration 0.46+0.54
Base Attack Time 1.7
Collision Size 24

Luna the Moon Rider is a Ranged Agility carry hero. Even though she can be seen as a tempting target for enemy heroes, Luna possesses solid early game laning presence due to her Lucent Beams, a cheap, low-cooldown nuke, and her Lunar Blessing aura, which grants all nearby allied heroes increased damage. Mid-game, she becomes far more formidable with Moon Glaives, allowing her to kill entire creep waves with two to three attacks, and Eclipse, which can very quickly kill a hero if that hero is unfortunate enough to catch its full blast. Her Achilles' Heel is her fragility; she has no escape abilities and cannot handle a lot of punishment, relying on her enormous movement speed to keep her out of harm's way. Luna begins and ends a match dangerously, and if carefully and skillfully played will destroy anybody who stands against her.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Luna Luna, the Moon Rider
Play "I would water the trees with their entrails if Selemene would smile on me."
Role: Pip carry.png Carry / Pip ganker.png Nuker
Lore: How had she been reduced to this? She was once the Scourge of the Plains, a merciless leader of men and beasts, and able to sow terror wherever she dared. Now she was far from her homeland, driven half mad from starvation and months of wandering, her army long dead or turned to worse. As she stood at the edge of an ancient forest, a pair of glowing eyes spied on from an elder branch. Something beautiful and deadly sought a meal in the wilting dusk. Without a sound, it turned and left. Fury overtook her. Clutching a rust-eaten dagger, she charged after the beast determined to reclaim even a shred of her past glory, but her quarry would not be caught. Three times she cornered the creature among the rocks and trees, and three times she pounced only to witness its fading shadow darting further into the woods. Yet the full moon shone brightly, and the creature’s trail was easy to follow. Arriving in a clearing atop a high hill, the beast’s massive feline form sat in the open, attentive and waiting. When the woman brandished her dagger, the creature reared and roared and charged. Death, it seemed, had come for her at long last in this strange place. She stood, calm and ready. A flash of movement, and the beast snatched the dagger from her hand before vanishing into the forest. Stillness. Hooded figures approached. In reverent tones they revealed that Selemene, Goddess of the Moon, had chosen her, had guided her, had tested her. Unwittingly she had endured the sacred rites of the Dark Moon, warriors of the Nightsilver Woods.

She was offered a choice: join the Dark Moon and pledge herself to the service of Selemene, or leave and never return. She did not hesitate. Embracing her absolution, she renounced her bloody past, and took up a new mantle as Luna of the Dark Moon, the dreaded Moon Rider, ruthless and ever-loyal guardian of the Nightsilver Woods.
Voice: Linda K. Morris (Responses)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lucent Beam
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Play
Lucent Beam icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemies Magical
Luna channels a concentrated beam of lunar energy at an enemy, stunning and dealing damage.
Cast Time: 0.6+0.2
Cast Range: 800
Damage: 75/150/225/300
Stun duration: 0.6
Cooldown 6 Mana 90/100/110/120
Selemene smites those who encroach upon the Nightsilver Woods.


  • Luna's glaive emits some particles during the cast time, visible to everyone.

Moon Glaive
Not a Unique Attack Modifier. Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Play
Moon Glaive icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemy units and structures Physical
Allows Luna's glaive to bounce to enemy units near the attacked unit. Each bounce deals less damage.
Bounce Search Radius: 500
Number of Bounces: 1/2/3/6
Damage Reduction per Bounce: 35%
Not a Unique Attack Modifier. Other attack modifier (e.g. lifesteal, bash) are not applied to the bounces.
Carefully sharpened, Luna's boomerang-like weapon cuts a wide swath through enemy numbers.


  • The bouncing glaive travels at a speed of 900 (the same speed as her attack projectile).
  • When a bounce is disjointed however, it will bounce on the disjointing unit again if it's in range. If not, it will bounce on the nearest valid target.
  • A disjointed bounce will still count as a bounce, so it reduces the amount of bounces left.
  • It does not matter how much damage the initial target from the attack takes, the bounces will always deal damage based on Luna's average base damage + bonus damage.
  • This means that the armor of the initial attack target does not influence the bounce's damage at all. It also means that damage from attack modifiers like crits do not affect it either.
  • So the only way to make the glaives deal more damage is to increase Luna's base damage via stats, give her a raw damage bonus, or reduce the armor of the bounce targets.
  • Can bounce back to the same units if it already hit all other units nearby. If no other units are nearby, this skill does nothing.
  • Does not bounce towards wards, Tombstone icon.png Tombstone and Power Cogs icon.png Power Cogs and allies, but it does bounce off of them when attacking them.
  • Bounces deal 65%, 42%, 27%, 18%, 12%, 8% of original attack damage.
  • Can deal up to 100%/142%/142%/168% damage to the primary attack target.
  • Deals a total of 165%/207%/235%/272% physical damage assuming max bounces per level.
  • Upon learning, Luna's glaive permanentally emits blue particles, visible to everyone.

Lunar Blessing
Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be dispelled. Partially usable by illusions. Disabled by Break.
Lunar Blessing icon.png
Ability Affects
Aura Allied Heroes
Grants bonus damage to nearby allied heroes, while blessing Luna with extra night vision.
Radius: 900
Attack Damage Bonus: 14/22/30/38
Night Vision Bonus: 1000
Partially usable by illusions. Illusions provide the aura to allies and will gain night vision, but not bonus damage.
The Goddess of the Moon smiles upon her kin.


  • Increases Luna's night vision to a total of 1800.
  • Will grant Luna the bonus damage as well, not just her allies.
  • The damage buff lingers for 0.5 seconds after leaving the area.
  • Upon learning, Luna emits very faint pulsing particles around her.

Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Eclipse icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
No Target Enemies Magical
Calls an eclipse that follows Luna, striking units with her current level of Lucent Beam. A single target can only be hit a maximum number of times. Unlike individual Lucent Beams, Eclipse does not stun. Eclipse turns day into night for 10 seconds.
Cast Time: 0.6+0.2
Cast Range: 0 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). 2500)
Search Radius: 675
Number of Beams: 5/8/11 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). 6/10/14)
Max Beams per Unit: 5 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). 6/10/14)
Beam Interval: 0.6
Eclipse Duration: 2.4/4.2/6 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). 3/5.4/7.8)
Cooldown 160/150/140 Mana 150/200/250
Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). Increases beams, duration, and max hits per unit. Allows Eclipse to be cast on an area within 2500 range. Grants obstructed vision of that area. Can also target any allied unit to center Eclipse on their location, even while moving.
In times of great need, Selemene herself descends into the world, blocking out the light and hope of the opposed.


  • Beams deal damage based on Luna's current level of Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam, so if Lucent Beam is not learned, Eclipse icon.png Eclipse will deal no damage.
  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse turns day into night for 10 seconds.
  • Does not interfere with the night caused by Darkness icon.png Darkness in any way, means Night Stalker icon.png Night Stalker's night will not be paused.
  • When Luna dies, Eclipse icon.png Eclipse will stop. However, the 10 second night will continue.
  • Luna's glaive emits some particles during the cast time, visible to everyone.
  • Maximum possible damage to a single target (before reductions):
  • When upgraded, double-clicking the ability targets self.

Recommended items[edit | edit source]

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  • For early game items, a Magic Wand is always good for attributes, a Ring of Aquila gives Luna the damage, mana regeneration, and other attributes she needs.
  • Boots of choice are Power Treads for the attributes and the attack speed.
  • Helm of the Dominator allows Luna to stack and kill Ancient creeps to farm faster, and she also benefits from the lifesteal and the fact that she can dominate a powerful non-ancient creep to tank damage whilst she continues her damage output onto the enemy team. Common neutrals to dominate are: Dark Troll Summoner (for its Raise Dead ability), Satyrs (Tormenter for its regenerative Unholy Aura, high health and its nuke Shockwave, and Trickster for its Purge), Giant Wolves (for its damage-increasing Packleader Aura) and Enraged Wildwings (for its high health, armor-increasing Toughness Aura and Tornado).
  • The Black King Bar helps Luna's damage and survivability with Magic Immunity and Strength if the opponent team mainly uses magic to assault.
  • In terms of situational items, Shadow Blade grant Luna a critical escape. Heart of Tarrasque and Satanic give Luna immense survivability, and Satanic is an upgrade to Helm, mostly giving Luna enough to tank and engage ahead if there is no tanker on player's team. Manta Style and Butterfly are great mixtures of heavy damage and some survivability. Manta Style's illusions also proc Moon Glaive. Aghanim's Scepter increases the max single target damage of her ultimate from 1200 to 4200 and increases the total damage from 3300 to 4200 (Assuming Lucent Beam is lv 4).
  • Another great reason to pick Shadow Blade as your escape mechanism is that Eclipse will continue to work when Luna is invisible, allowing you to stun a hero with Lucent Beam, activate Eclipse, then Shadow Blade, and run him down with your enhanced move speed as he tries to flee. This allows you to (in most situations) annihilate any hero you find on its own.
  • Unique Attack Modifiers as well as bash and crit only affect the primary target of Luna's attacks, so she generally focuses on raw damage to complement her Moon Glaives.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Luna icon.png Luna and Night Stalker icon.png Night Stalker complement each other well; as Eclipse icon.png Eclipse causes day to become night and Darkness icon.png Darkness gives both of them a very long vision range.
  • Early points in Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing will make last-hitting creeps easier. At any rate, make sure you have a single point in it before the first night as only one point is needed for the full amount of vision it bestows.
  • Early points in Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaives will push the lane, this skill is commonly not leveled at all until the laning phase has concluded.
  • A very odd trait for a hard carry is that Luna icon.png Luna gains significant killing power with a level advantage because of Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam and by extension Eclipse icon.png Eclipse.
  • Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam's cast range is gigantic. Use it to pick off fleeing heroes.
  • Under almost all circumstances Luna icon.png Luna should be paired with a disabler for her laning phase; as aside from her high movement speed she has absolutely nothing to help her avoid ganks or kill attempts.
    • It takes significant skill and knowledge of the game to solo a lane with Luna icon.png Luna. Her very small attack range and purely damage-oriented skill set mean she is extremely easy to kill. Even then, it is recommended to have ward vision and easy access to team backup for her to be successful in a solo lane. The advantage of running a solo Luna icon.png Luna is that it is essentially high-risk high-reward. A Luna icon.png Luna with level advantage doing well can easily set the momentum of the game in her team's favor.
  • Watch out for enemy heroes that carry a Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail. Enemy heroes who carry them will most likely use them when you activate Eclipse icon.png Eclipse. Any damage they take from Eclipse icon.png Eclipse will be reflected back to you as pure damage, and since Luna icon.png Luna is such a fragile hero, she will get hit back hard. Buying a Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar will remedy this problem.
  • With the new Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Eclipse icon.png Eclipse, Luna icon.png Luna now has the possibility to cast her ultimate above your team's initiator, or in a specific location from a big distance, or cast above the area around your towers to defend, you can even use it above a hero with some invisibility skill like Riki icon.png Riki or Bounty Hunter icon.png Bounty Hunter and let them wreck havoc for you, all of this possibilities is great for Luna icon.png Luna since you can stay around from the fight instead in the middle of it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In DotA, Luna was a night elf. Night elves are a prominent race in the Warcraft universe, so this change was likely made to avoid copyright issues with Blizzard.[1]
  • Judging from their lore and dialogue, Luna and Mirana icon.png Mirana are both affiliated, with Mirana bearing a higher royalty than her, something Luna seems to resent.
  • Luna's lore, quotes, accent, and reverence for Selemene derive largely from the Celts. Celtic lore heavily features warrior queens, who were often associated mystically with the moon.
  • The name Selemene is a reference to the Greek goddess Selene, who was associated with the moon and the night. The Greek goddess Artemis also bears relevance, as she represented both lunar powers and the hunting of prey. Similarly Luna in Roman mythology is the goddess and embodiment of the moon.
  • The name Luna means moon in Latin, Spanish and Italian.
  • Her mount's name is Nova.

Update history[edit | edit source]

December 17, 2014 Patch Update 4

  • Fixed Eclipse icon.png Eclipse not turning day into night properly

November 21, 2013 Patch

  • Updated Luna icon.png Luna's model

June 05, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed headless Luna icon.png Luna.

December 19, 2012 Patch

September 13, 2012 Patch

July 12, 2012 Patch

July 05, 2012 Patch

  • Enabled Rubick icon.png Rubick, Io icon.png Io, and Luna icon.png Luna in Captain's Mode.
  • Fixed Eclipse ending if you get Cycloned.

June 28, 2012 Patch

  • Added Luna icon.png Luna, Io icon.png Io.

May 13, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed a number of abilities having incorrect interaction with Sphere: Slithereen Crush, Jinada, Wind Walk, Echo Slam, Moon Glaive, Death Pulse, Purification, Scream of Pain, Fatal Bonds.

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Increased base armor from 0 to 1 (total armor is now 3.52).
  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse no longer ignores ancient creeps, Roshan and creep-heroes.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter now allows Eclipse to be cast on an area within 2500 range, granting obstructed vision of that area. Can also target any allied unit to center Eclipse on their location, even while moving.
    Still provides its old upgrade bonuses as well.



  • Reduced base Agility agility from 22 to 18.


  • Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaive
    • Can now bounce back on the same units if it already hit all other units nearby.
    • Increased damage reduction per bounce from 30% to 35%.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Eclipse icon.png Eclipse no longer has a max beam per unit limit (was 6).


  • Increased Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing attack damage bonus from 14/20/26/32 to 14/22/30/38.


  • Increased Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaive number of bounces from 1/2/3/4 to 1/2/3/5.


  • Reduced Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaive damage reduction per bounce from 35% to 30%.


  • Increased base attack damage from 21-27 to 26-32 (total attack damage is now 47-54).


  • Increased Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing attack damage bonus from 8/16/24/32 to 14/20/26/32.



  • Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing
    • Increased attack damage bonus from 6/12/18/24 to 8/16/24/32.
    • Increased night vision bonus from 250/500/750/1000 to 1000 on each level.
  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse now turns day into night for 10 seconds.


Old Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing:
Nearby ranged units gain the power of the moon, increasing their attack damage.
Radius: 900
Ranged attack damage bonus: 6%/13%/20%/27%
New Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing
Provides all nearby allied heroes with constant bonus damage as well as extra night vision for Luna.
Radius: 900
Attack damage bonus: 6/12/18/24
Night vision bonus: 250/500/750/1000
Notes: Only affects heroes. The damage bonus is flat.


  • Increased Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam stun duration from 0.01/0.1/0.3/0.6 to 0.6 on each level.



  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse
    • Increased beam interval from 0.5 to 0.6.
    • No longer continues after Luna's death.
    • Increased cooldown from 140 on each level to 160/150/140.


  • Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam
    • Increased cast range from 600 to 800.
    • Increased stun duration from 0.01 on each level to 0.01/0.1/0.3/0.6.
    • Reduced manacost from 95/110/125/140 to 90/100/110/120.
  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse
    • Damage is now based on Lucent Beam's level once again.
    • No longer mini-stuns enemies.
    • Reduced manacost from 250/350/450 to 150/200/250.
    • Increased cooldown from 140/120/100 to 140 on each level.
    • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter
    Reduced manacost from 225/325/425 to 150/200/250.
    Reduced cooldown from 130/110/90 to 90 on each level.


  • Increased base attack damage from 11-17 to 21-27 (total attack damage is now 43-49).


  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse now always uses level 4 Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beams, instead of the current level Lucent Beam is at.


  • Reduced Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaive damage reduction per bounce from 40% to 35%.


  • Fixed the first beam of Eclipse icon.png Eclipse happening 0.5 seconds after cast instead of immediatly.



  • Increased Eclipse icon.png Eclipse beam interval from 0.1 to 0.5.





  • Eclipse icon.png Eclipse
    • Increased cooldown from 130/110/65 to 140/120/100.
    • Increased Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded cooldown from 125/90/45 to 130/110/90.


  • Increased Eclipse icon.png Eclipse cooldown from 130/95/50 to 130/110/65.

Replaced Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lunar Blessing (Pre 6.67)
Lunar Blessing icon.png
Ability Affects
Aura Allies
Nearby ranged units gain the power of the moon, dealing bonus damage with their attacks.
Radius: 900
Ranged Attack Damage Bonus: 6%/13%/20%/27%
The Goddess of the Moon smiles upon her kin.


  • This ability got reworked into the current Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing in the 6.67 gameplay patch.
  • The bonus damage only increases base damage and damage gained via primary attribute.
  • The buff lingers for 0.5 seconds.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. [1], Night elves, the race Luna belongs to in DotA.