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  • Play Lone Druid!
  • Play From exile, I emerge!
  • Play I will suffer no threat to my purpose.
  • Play The Seed shall be sewn.
  • Play Sylla of the Bear Clan!
  • Play Silly Bear!

Начало битвы[edit]

  • Play No foe shall stand against my mission!
  • Play It has been too long since these bones felt combat.

Различие реплик[edit]

  • Первая кнопка = в форме Друида --- Вторая кнопка - в форме Медведя.

Пролил Первую Кровь[edit]

  • Play Play First blood! The end is set in motion! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



Использование заклинания[edit]

Использование Summon Spirit Bear[edit]

Использование Return[edit]

Использование Rabid[edit]

Использование True Form[edit]

  • Play Hibernation ends!
  • Play Behold!
  • Play Form of: Bear!
  • Play Auuuuuhhh!
  • Play Claws will find them!

Использование True Form Return[edit]

Использование Battle Cry[edit]

Неудача в убийстве героя[edit]

  • Play Play Ahhhh, maybe I deserve exile.
  • Play Play I should know better by now.

Получение уровня[edit]

Убийство героя[edit]

Убийство определенных героев[edit]

  • Play Play Ursa A pity. Where was the Ulfsaar that took my finger?
  • Play Play Ursa There are more important causes in this world than your cubs, Ulfsaar.
  • Play Play Ursa Have you forgotten what I taught you, Ulfsaar?
  • Play Play Ursa I've been a bear longer than you have, Ulfsaar.
  • Play Play Ursa That was a grizzly death.
  • Play Play Shadow Shaman Go with your father, Shaman.
  • Play Play Witch Doctor You call those the old ways, Witch Doctor?
  • Play Play Enchantress Whatever happened Enchantress, did you forget your true form?
  • Play Play Tinker Hasn't your science done enough damage, Tinker?
  • Play Play Dragon Knight Not even Dragon Clan can stand against me!
  • Play Play Death Prophet A pity, I would have liked to hear what the Death Prophet saw for me.
  • Play Play Dazzle Just what did you think such darkness would bring you, Dazzle?
  • Play Play Invoker Invoker, you are naught but an ignorant child.
  • Play Play Invoker All your long years have not granted you wisdom.
  • Play Play Invoker Eternity will be better off without the Invoker.
  • Play Play Nature's Prophet Even you must respect my mission, Prophet.
  • Play Play Nature's Prophet Why would the Prophet stand against me?
  • Play Play Nature's Prophet I never thought the day would come that the Prophet's blood stained my hands.
  • Play Play Lycan You cannot shake me, Wolf.
  • Play Play Lycan You and your pack of mongrels are nothing to me!
  • Play Play Lycan You should have brought more wolves.
  • Play Play Lycan You have no place here, mutt.
  • Play Play Lycan Keep your fleas to yourself.
  • Play Play Lycan Heel boy, heel.
  • Play Play Lycan Shapeshift your way out of that!
  • Play Play Tidehunter He won't be needing that fish now, will he?
  • Play Play Tidehunter I normally don't eat saltwater fish.

Встреча союзника[edit]

  • Play Play Nature's Prophet Tell me what you see for us, Prophet.
  • Play Play Ursa My spirit requests your aid, Ursa Warrior.
  • Play Play Enchantress Brighten the grove, Enchantress.
  • Play Play Puck You haven't aged a day, Puck.
  • Play Play Dragon Knight Always pleased to see Dragon Clan!
  • Play Play Lycan Let's show them what shifters can do, Lycan!
  • Play Play Chen I welcome the forest's aid, Chen.

Завершающий удар[edit]


Быстрое возрождение[edit]

  • Play Play Ha ha! This is but a short cycle. Ha ha ha ha!


  • Play I regrow!
  • Play I take root once more!
  • Play The Seed of Victory is still safe!
  • Play The bear lives on.
  • Play My task lies incomplete.
  • Play I return so that the world might be mended.
  • Play I will be more careful this time.
  • Play My mission continues.
  • Play Hope returns!
  • Play Not even death can thwart my quest.

Редкие фразы[edit]

  • Play Play Thousands of years of waiting and yet no time to waste.
  • Play Play This burden may be more than I bear. Heh.
  • Play Play I wonder what awaits me at the end of everything…

Покупка предмета[edit]

Покупка Blink Dagger[edit]

Покупка Aghanim's Scepter[edit]

Покупка a Specific Item[edit]

Помещение руны в бутылку[edit]

Добивание союзного юнита[edit]



Вражеский герой ушел с линии[edit]

Получение Aegis of the Immortal[edit]

  • Play Play Immortality!
  • Play Play Eternity is one thing, this is quite another.

Использование руны Скорости[edit]

Использование руны Удвоеного урона[edit]

Использование руны Восстановления[edit]

Использование руны Иллюзий[edit]

Использование руны Невидимости[edit]

Попытка использовать заклинание во время перезарядки[edit]

Попытка использовать заклинание не имея маны[edit]


Под атакой[edit]


  • Play Play Oh ho ho ho! I'm telling ya! This one is in the bag!

Shitty Wizard[edit]

Crummy Wizard[edit]