Lockjaw the Boxhound

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Lockjaw the Boxhound
Cosmetic icon Lockjaw the Boxhound.png
Most boxhounds you're likely to come across would sooner eat you just for touching them, but all this little guy ever wants to do is play fetch. His master never came home from battle, so if Lockjaw follows you home you should probably keep him.
Used By:
Equip Slot:
Released August 22, 2012 Patch
Availability Unbox (Chest #12, Chest #13)
Tradeable Yes
Marketable Yes

Lockjaw the Boxhound is a custom courier. It was made for The International 2012.

The courier could only be found in Unusual quality in Treasure Chests, Promo Cards, or as Tournament drops. It drops gold coins as an unusual effect.