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Professional players form teams to compete in Dota 2 tournaments around the world.


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ID Name Country
DDX- Alan Salvati Flag Argentina.png Argentina
balls Daniel Arnous Flag Australia.png Australia
Godot Darcy Jose Flag Australia.png Australia
r1sk David Arnous Flag Australia.png Australia
shatan Alex Chang Flag Australia.png Australia
sLiCKz Trent Tucker Flag Australia.png Australia
Snoopy Trong Truong Flag Australia.png Australia
chshrct Eugeniy Kostroma Flag Belarus.png Belarus
fng Artsiom Barshack Flag Belarus.png Belarus
j4 Aliaksei Lipai Flag Belarus.png Belarus
Jackal Maksim Doroschenok Flag Belarus.png Belarus
Judo Denis Shedyakov Flag Belarus.png Belarus
Moonlight Vlad Mihteev Flag Belarus.png Belarus
Obiwanbanan Maxim Shedyakov Flag Belarus.png Belarus
Sunlight Kiryl Kachinskiy Flag Belarus.png Belarus
wejustzik Oleg Zinovenko Flag Belarus.png Belarus
zxc Vitaly Domostoi Flag Belarus.png Belarus
225 Fernando Drumond Flag Brazil.png Brazil
4DR Adriano Machado Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Baga Thárcio Medeiros Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Bardo Lucas Raphael Flag Brazil.png Brazil
c4t Emilano Yamakawa Flag Brazil.png Brazil
gudy Pedro Brito Flag Brazil.png Brazil
KINGRD Danylo Nascimento Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Klotz Paulo Nóbrega Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Markeka Marcos Nascimento Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Nedbone Danilo Silva Flag Brazil.png Brazil
paradox Júlio Pires Flag Brazil.png Brazil
Tavo Otávio Gabriel Flag Brazil.png Brazil
1437 Theeban Siva Flag Canada.png Canada
Arteezy Artour Babaev Flag Canada.png Canada
Aui_2000 Kurtis Daniel Ling Flag Canada.png Canada
BLeeK Scott Jensen Flag Canada.png Canada
Brax Braxton Paulson Flag Canada.png Canada
EternaLEnVy Jacky Mao Flag Canada.png Canada
Jeyo Jio Madayag Flag Canada.png Canada
TC Tyler Cook Flag Canada.png Canada
Waytosexy Peter Nguyen Flag Canada.png Canada
2009 Wu Sheng Flag China.png China
820  ?? Flag China.png China
830God Ji Xiaomeng Flag China.png China
Air Yin Yuxiao Flag China.png China
Awoke Ye Jing Flag China.png China
Banana Jiao Wang Flag China.png China
BurNIng Xu Zhileiyyy Flag China.png China
Cty Chen Tianyu Flag China.png China
Dai Xie Bin Flag China.png China
DD  ?? Flag China.png China
Dgc Chen Xu Flag China.png China
Faith Zeng Hongda Flag China.png China
Fenrir Chao Lu Flag China.png China
Ferrari 430 Luo Geichi Flag China.png China
fy Linsen Xu Flag China.png China
Hao Chen Zhihao Flag China.png China
Icy Wang Peng Flag China.png China
InJuly Yang Xiaodong Flag China.png China
inflame He Yongzheng Flag China.png China
June Lin Shiyang Flag China.png China
Kabu Zhao Kai Flag China.png China
KingJ Zhou Yang Flag China.png China
LaNm Zhang Zhicheng Flag China.png China
LongDD Huang Xiang Flag China.png China
Luo Luoi Yinqi Flag China.png China
Maybe Lu Yao Flag China.png China
Mu Zhang Pan Flag China.png China
PrettyHaw Zhao Jiabin Flag China.png China
QQQ Yao Yi Flag China.png China
rOtk Bai Fan Flag China.png China
Rabbit Wang Zhang Flag China.png China
Sag Li Guo Flag China.png China
SanSheng Wang Zhaohui Flag China.png China
Snoy Kang Zhao Flag China.png China
Super Peng Su Flag China.png China
Super Xie Juanhaao Flag China.png China
Sylar Jio Madayag Flag China.png China
Tutu Fan Bai Flag China.png China
xiao8 Zhang Ning Flag China.png China
X!! Lei Zengrong Flag China.png China
XDD Silong Liu Flag China.png China
Xtt Xuntao Xu Flag China.png China
Yang Yang Pu Flag China.png China
Yao Yao Zhengzheng Flag China.png China
YaphetS Yan Jun Bu Flag China.png China
YYF Jiang Cen Flag China.png China
Zhou Chen Yao Flag China.png China
Zippo Zhou Xion Flag China.png China
ZSMJ Gong Jian Flag China.png China
Lacoste Dominik Stipic Flag Croatia.png Croatia
Ace Marcus Hoelgaard Flag Denmark.png Denmark
AngeL Martin Olsen Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Balsam Andreas Løchte Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Cr1t Andreas Franck Nielsen Flag Denmark.png Denmark
CalculuS Alexander Rathcke Flag Denmark.png Denmark
HesteJoe-Rotten Mikki Junget Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Link Sylvester Hoelgaard Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Maelk Jacob Toft-Andersen Flag Denmark.png Denmark
MaNia Brian Strandby Flag Denmark.png Denmark
miGGel Mikkel Berg Flag Denmark.png Denmark
MiSeRy Rasmus Felipsen Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Noia Danny Junget Flag Denmark.png Denmark
PlaymatE Amel Barudzija Flag Denmark.png Denmark
BigDaddy Johan Sundstein Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Ryze Christoffer Winther Flag Denmark.png Denmark
SyndereN Troels Nielsen Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Unicorn Jonathan Arge Flag Denmark.png Denmark
Puppey Clement Ivanov Flag Estonia.png Estonia
JerAx Jesse Vainikka Flag Finland.png Finland
Trixi Kalle Saarinen Flag Finland.png Finland
7ckngMad Sébastien Debs Flag France.png France
Funzii Thibault Calonne Flag France.png France
Sockshka Titouan Merloz Flag France.png France
Alex Alexander Reinhardt Flag Germany.png Germany
Atze Marcel Binz Flag Germany.png Germany
Black^ Dominik Reitmeier Flag Germany.png Germany
BlueBanana Moritz Borgetto Flag Germany.png Germany
Cry))asia David Landmesser Flag Germany.png Germany
Ede Eduard Birkle Flag Germany.png Germany
Exist Metehan Aksüt Flag Germany.png Germany
FATA Adrian Trinks Flag Germany.png Germany
H4nn1 Kai Hanbueckers Flag Germany.png Germany
Kebap Rene Werner Flag Germany.png Germany
KuroKy Kuro Salehi Takhasomi Flag Germany.png Germany
paS Pascal Lohmeier Flag Germany.png Germany
qojqva Max Broecker Flag Germany.png Germany
RMC Philipp Pausewang Flag Germany.png Germany
rmN Roman Paley Flag Germany.png Germany
Sky Tobias Webb Flag Germany.png Germany
THEneNo Angelo Caula Gonzalez Flag Germany.png Germany
Keyser Soze Greg Kallianiotis Flag Greece.png Greece
Madara Omar Dabasas Flag Greece.png Greece
ReaLaxXx Nikos Kiazolis Flag Greece.png Greece
SKANKS224 Giannis Theodoridis Flag Greece.png Greece
SsaSpartan Giorgos Giannokopoulos Flag Greece.png Greece
Fly Tal Aizik Flag Israel.png Israel
Amaz1ng Daniyar Abdulov Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
goddam Dulat Seidimomyn Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Mantis Ernar Urazbaev Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Reeves Nursultan Askerov Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Stalcat Ilya Dorman Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
TOPORRR Ruslan Bekbosunov Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Watafaka Alexey Nuzhyn Flag Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
DDC Leong Fat-meng Flag Macau.png Macau
ChuaN Wong Hock Chuan Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
dabeliuteef Jun Liong Loh Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
FzFz Cheng Hor Siew Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
JoHnNy Cheng Hor Siew Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Kecik Imba Fadil Bin Mohd Raziff Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
kYxY Lee Kong Yang Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Mushi Chai Yee Fung Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Net Wai Pern Lim Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Ohaiyo Chong Xin Khoo Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Sharky Raymond Wong Wei Khit Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
TooFuckingGood Daniel Wong Wei Khit Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
WinteR Chan Litt-Binn Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
XtiNcT Chan Zhan Leong Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
YamateH Ng Wei Poong Flag Malaysia.png Malaysia
Dutch Freak Hugo Bos Flag Netherlands.png Netherlands
SexyBamboe Alaan Faraj Flag Netherlands.png Netherlands
SingSing Weh Sing Yuen Flag Netherlands.png Netherlands
SumaiL Syed Sumail Hassan Flag Pakistan.png Pakistan
Mstco Ricardo Román Flag Peru.png Peru
miHawk Leonardo Astete Flag Peru.png Peru
Iwo Iwo Bejar Flag Peru.png Peru
Masoku Alex Dávila Flag Peru.png Peru
SmAsH Freddy Sina Flag Peru.png Peru
Ling Sim Woi Cheong Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Ice Chua Chee Cai Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Bimbo Ryan Jay Qui Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Chrissy Djardel Mampusti Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Mr.Swish Marc Parasadas Flag Philippines.png Philippines
ninjaboogie Michael Ross Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Owa Joshua dela Serna Flag Philippines.png Philippines
RR Ralph Richard Peñano Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Ryoyr Ryo Hasegawa Flag Philippines.png Philippines
Ar1se Turtoi Ionut Flag Romania.png Romania
bOne7 Pittner Armand Flag Romania.png Romania
ComeWithMe Alexandru Craciunescu Flag Romania.png Romania
w33 Aliwi Omar Flag Romania.png Romania
Admiration Igor Kalnysh Flag Russia.png Russia
Afoninje Andrey Afonin Flag Russia.png Russia
androidP Andrew Pishchikov Flag Russia.png Russia
ARS-ART Sergey Revin Flag Russia.png Russia
ArsZeeqq Arseniy Usov Flag Russia.png Russia
BlowYourBrain Vladislav Morozyuk Flag Russia.png Russia
BzzIsPerfect Stanislav Glushan Flag Russia.png Russia
Crazy Oleg Kolesnichenko Flag Russia.png Russia
Ditya Ra Dmitry Minenkov Flag Russia.png Russia
Dread Andrey Golubev Flag Russia.png Russia
God Sergey Bragin Flag Russia.png Russia
Gorec Ivan Kartankov Flag Russia.png Russia
Illidan Ilya Pivcaev Flag Russia.png Russia
Inkvizitor Sergey Kalyuzhniy Flag Russia.png Russia
Jotm Egor Surkov Flag Russia.png Russia
LighTofHeaveN Dmitriy Kupriyanov Flag Russia.png Russia
Newb1k Artern Pivarovich Flag Russia.png Russia
NofearWP Alexander Churochkin Flag Russia.png Russia
NS Yaroslav Kuznetsov Flag Russia.png Russia
PGG Vladimir Anosov Flag Russia.png Russia
Scandal Roman Sadotenkov Flag Russia.png Russia
Sedoy Vadim Musorin Flag Russia.png Russia
Silent Airat Gaziev Flag Russia.png Russia
Shachlo Maxim Abramovskikh Flag Russia.png Russia
STALIANER Ilya Drugov Flag Russia.png Russia
Solo Alexei Berezin Flag Russia.png Russia
UnderShock Dimitry Bolshakov Flag Russia.png Russia
VANSKOR Ivan Skorokhod Flag Russia.png Russia
Vigoss Ivan Shinkarev Flag Russia.png Russia
yoky Maxim Kim Flag Russia.png Russia
yol Vladimir Basov Flag Russia.png Russia
yuCO Aleksander Volkov Flag Russia.png Russia
Windx Evgeniy Vlasenko Flag Russia.png Russia
Meracle Galvin Kang Jian Wen Flag Singapore.png Singapore
xMusica Justin Yuen Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Blah YuanHing Teh Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Hachiko Shawn Ng Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Hyhy Benedict Lim Han Yong Flag Singapore.png Singapore
LeiAiSher Chester Lum Flag Singapore.png Singapore
iceiceice Daryl Koh Pei Xiang Flag Singapore.png Singapore
MrKio Su Wei Han Flag Singapore.png Singapore
xFreedom Nicholas Kelvin Ileto Lim Flag Singapore.png Singapore
xy- Toh Wai Hong Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Forev Lee Sang-don Flag South Korea.png South Korea
Heen Lee Seung-gon Flag South Korea.png South Korea
March Park Tae-won Flag South Korea.png South Korea
SeleCT Ryoo Kyung Hyun Flag South Korea.png South Korea
QO Kim Seon-yeob Flag South Korea.png South Korea
Tulex Michal Zima Flag Slovakia.png Slovakia
Warlog Martin Zima Flag Slovakia.png Slovakia
AdmiralBulldog Henrik Ahnberg Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Akke Joakim Akterhall Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Apemother Joel Larsson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
boomski Mattias Jonsson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Chrillee Christopher Wåhlin Flag Sweden.png Sweden
cYso Julius Åberg Flag Sweden.png Sweden
EGM Jerry Lundqvist Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Era Adrian Kryeziu Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Fishbone Olle Sjöland Thulin Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Floxplox John Felix Loke Strömqvist Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Frigoleet Jesper Michael Göthe Flag Sweden.png Sweden
GoAudio Tobi Strand Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Handsken Simon Haag Flag Sweden.png Sweden
jonassomfan Jonas Lindholm Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Limmp Linus Blomdin Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Loda Jonathan Berg Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Matrim Sebastian Sundström Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Mini Hampus Olsson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Mirakel Jesper Nyhlén Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Mynuts Johan Andersson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Niqua Niclas Westergård Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Noez Alexander Blomberg Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Pajkatt Per Anders Olsson Lille Flag Sweden.png Sweden
pieliedie Johan Åström Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Pinoy Alexaner Petterson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Reesion David Siekas Flag Sweden.png Sweden
s4 Gustav Magnusson Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Sealkid Elias Merta Flag Sweden.png Sweden
SteffStyle Staffan Solin Flag Sweden.png Sweden
strangby Carl-Philip Strängby Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Wagamama Niklas Högström Flag Sweden.png Sweden
Werne Marcus Werneskog Flag Sweden.png Sweden
zai Ludwig Wåhlberg Flag Sweden.png Sweden
AabBAA Chanon Chiwpreecha Flag Thailand.png Thailand
BungsellRotee Bung Rotee Flag Thailand.png Thailand
Lakelz Pipat Prariyachat Flag Thailand.png Thailand
SD Noppadon Paopongprapun Flag Thailand.png Thailand
TnK Trai Akaravinak Flag Thailand.png Thailand
Neqroman Selim Oynar Flag Turkey.png Turkey
ALOHADANCE Ilya Korobkin Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
ALWAYSWANNAFLY Andrey Bondarenko Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Artes Artyom Gorobey Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
ArtStyle Ivan Antonov Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Bignum Danil Shekhovtsov Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
CeMaTheSlayeR Semyon Krivulya Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
CHOMY Stanislav Storozhuk Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Dendi Danylo Ishutin Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
DkPhobos Alexander Kucheria Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Funn1k Gleb Lipatnikov Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Goblak Artur Kostenko Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
KSi Sergey Kuzin Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Lil Ilya Ilyuk Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Mag~ Andrew Chipenko Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Resolut1on Roman Fominok Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
WickedSick Victor Degtyarev Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
XBOCT Aleksander Dashkevich Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Henrydickenson Henry Dickenson Flag United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
142 Adam Cooper Flag United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Bdiz Robert Tinnes Flag United States.png United States
Blitz William Lee Flag United States.png United States
BuLba Sam Sosale Flag United States.png United States
DeMoN Jimmy Ho Flag United States.png United States
Fear Clinton Loomis Flag United States.png United States
FLUFFNSTUFF Brian Lee Flag United States.png United States
Fogged Ioannis Loucas Flag United States.png United States
Fun Jason Teodosio Flag United States.png United States
HANNAHMONTANA Tony Talavera Flag United States.png United States
ixmike88 Michael Ghannam Flag United States.png United States
Koreya David Kim Flag United States.png United States
Korok Steven Ashworth Flag United States.png United States
mason  ??? Flag United States.png United States
Merlini Ben Wu Flag United States.png United States
monkeys- Jaron Clinton Flag United States.png United States
MSS Arif Anwar Flag United States.png United States
ppd Peter Dager Flag United States.png United States
Purge Kevin Godec Flag United States.png United States
Sneyking JingJun Wu Flag United States.png United States
Tidesoftime Drew Biessener Flag United States.png United States
UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora Flag United States.png United States