Lich Master Necromancer

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Lich Master Necromancer
Cosmetic icon Lich Master Necromancer.png
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Contains the Lich Master Necromancer set for Necrophos, including the Loading Screen.
Created By keinhangia
Released 02 Sep 2016
Origin Pre-Purchase Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World
Lich Master Necromancer
Lich Sleeves of the Master Necromancer
Lich Guise of the Master Necromancer
Lich Scythe of the Master Necromancer
Lich Robe of the Master Necromancer
Loading Screen of the Master Necromancer

This set comes in Genuine quality.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This set is based on the Vampire Counts Master Necromancer from the Warhammer Fantasy universe.
  • This set shares models with Master Necromancer, but comes with different colors and textures.
  • This set's internal name is Vampire Count's Master Necromaster.