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Personal Information
Full Name Kuro Salehi Takhasomi
Status Active
Date of birth October 28, 1992 (1992-10-28) (age 22)
Hometown Flag Germany.png Berlin
Country of origin Flag Iran.png Iran
Major Roles Carry (currently), Hard Support (previously)
Signature Heroes Lina Visage Rubick Nyx Assassin
Professional Career
2006 - 2008 Flag Germany.png WE
2008 Flag Europe.png Mousesports
2008 - 2009 Flag Europe.png
2009 Flag Denmark.png MeetYourMakers
2009 Flag World.png
2009 - 2010 Flag World.png
2010 Flag Europe.png NWO
2010 - 2011 Flag Europe.png GosuGamers
2011 Flag Germany.png PANZER
2012 Flag Europe.png 10.000th
2012 Flag Russia.png Virtus Pro
2012 Flag Europe.png Mousesports
2012 Flag Germany.png The GD-B Team/Zero
2012 - 2013 Flag Germany.png Mousesports
2013 - 2014 Flag Ukraine.png Natus Vincere
Steam account

Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi is a professional Dota 2 player.

Professional Career[edit]

Early career and Mouz[edit]

In 2006, a team called World Eaters emerged with KuroKy as its core player; they won a competition hosted by However, after the team disbanded, Kuroky joined Mousesports in 2008. In November 2008, mouz defeated MYM in MYM Prime Defending. However, Drayich left the team and Puppey played as a stand-in in a competition.[edit]

With Puppey in, KuroKy was invited to join with the rest of mouz's members. In DLM, won the competition.


After ComeWithMe had visa issues and could not attend The International 2012, KuroKy was invited as a stand-in and played alongside the rest of the mouz roster. He was later invited to become a part of the team temporarily after the departures of 1437 and ComeWithMe.

Natus Vincere[edit]

In February 2013, LighTofHeaveN decided to go inactive for 2 months, while ARS-ART passed to team Virtus_Pro. KuroKy and Funn1k were announced as their replacements.

Team Secret[edit]

In August 2014, KuroKy left Na`Vi and joined team "Secret" together with s4, N0Tail, Fly, and former Na'Vi teammate Puppey.[1]


The GD-B Team[edit]

Natus Vincere[edit]