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Keeper of the Light responses

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[edit] Spawning

  • Play Keeper of the Light.
  • Play Ezalor.
  • Play I ride with the light.
  • Play The Light guides me on my quest.
  • Play From Light's Keep, Light's Keeper rides!

[edit] Beginning the Battle

  • Play A quest? A quest! A-questing I shall go!

[edit] Drawing First Blood

  • Play First blood! My quest begins auspiciously!
  • Play Surely there was blood before that one? I can't quite remember.

[edit] Moving

[edit] Attacking

  • Play Attack!
  • Play Beware the light!
  • Play Back with you, shadows.
  • Play I bring dark's banishment.
  • Play Cast a bright light here!
  • Play This way!
  • Play Stand aside or be trampled!
  • Play A challenge!
  • Play Hurry, my steed!
  • Play Be light on your hooves!

[edit] Casting a Spell

  • Play I bring a light to scour your soul!
  • Play Do not fear the light--fear me!
  • Play You'll not thwart my quest!

[edit] Casting Chakra Magic

  • Play It's a new age of magic!
  • Play Kundalini!
  • Play Light channels through you!
  • Play Chakra! What's a chakra?
  • Play The serpent of illumination stirs!
  • Play Chakra!

[edit] Casting Illuminate

[edit] Incanting

[edit] Casting Mana Leak

  • Play Your mana is leaking.
  • Play Mana drains!
  • Play Your essence dissipates.
  • Play Run! Run, I say!
  • Play You shall not cast!

[edit] Casting Spirit Form

  • Play Luminescence!
  • Play Light my way!
  • Play Glorious incandescence!
  • Play Form of spirit!
  • Play Luminescence!
  • Play Glorious incandescence!

[edit] Failing to Kill a Hero

  • Play Eh, what was I doing?
  • Play Eh, what was I doing?
  • Play How's that again?
  • Play Eh, what?
  • Play Eh...what's that?

[edit] Gaining a Level

  • Play Ah, bathed in the light.
  • Play The light shines upon me and within me.
  • Play Sweetness and light.
  • Play The light pours out of me.
  • Play Tis a blinding brilliance.
  • Play The path ahead is bright for the moment.
  • Play I see the light at my quest's end.
  • Play Ah, I recall me to myself.
  • Play Befuddled no
  • Play My beard grows longer.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Eh ha ha heh he.

[edit] Killing a Hero

  • Play Twas hardly a challenge worthy of the name.
  • Play The light is well kept.
  • Play You were not the object of my quest.
  • Play Go now boldly into the light.
  • Play Your quest and mine were at cross purposes.
  • Play I must divert you to a darker road.
  • Play Already I have forgotten your name and your purpose.
  • Play What was that one's name again? It escapes me.
  • Play Lights out for you.
  • Play The light fades from your eyes.
  • Play Now you've seen the light.
  • Play I see your liver and lights.
  • Play Ah ha ha hahah ... Cough ... Oh dear.
  • Play Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ah ha ha ha, I can't believe that worked.
  • Play Oh dear, you had plenty of warning.
  • Play Ah hah, ah ha ha, eh that worked?
  • Play Really now, you should have seen that coming.
  • Play I was the light at the end of your tunnel.

[edit] Killing a Rival

  • Play Chaos Knight Out of Chaos, order is imposed.
  • Play Chaos Knight And chaos fled!
  • Play Chaos Knight Chaos put to rights.
  • Play Chaos Knight Order once more restored.
  • Play Chaos Knight You'll not threaten the light, Chaos Knight.
  • Play Chaos Knight Not while I am keeper of the light!
  • Play Night Stalker Night Stalker, welcome to daylight.
  • Play Night Stalker Night Stalker, I bring you into the light.
  • Play Night Stalker You were as old as the first day, but I am as old as the first light.
  • Play Night Stalker Here's light in your eye. Eh heh heh heh.
  • Play Enigma They said not even light can escape you. They lied.
  • Play Faceless Void Light is wasted on the eyeless one.
  • Play Ancient Apparition Ancient you were, dead you are.

[edit] Meeting an Ally

  • Play Chaos Knight I'll expect you to be on your best behavior, Chaos Knight.
  • Play Night Stalker Well, Night Stalker, the daytime's not as bad as all that, is it?
  • Play Queen of Pain My Lady of Pain, I adore you.
  • Play Enchantress Youth before age, my dear. Please, you go first.
  • Play Mirana Lady Mirana, the honor is mine.
  • Play Luna Dear Luna, tis the moon that reflects your light.
  • Play Phantom Assassin Ah, to share the field of battle with such beauty is an honor.
  • Play Drow Ranger Drow Ranger, I am scarce worthy of your presence.
  • Play Broodmother Mother that you are, you have my great respect.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit Forgive me, my lady, your beauty makes me blush.
  • Play Crystal Maiden You bring a bloom of youth to these pallid cheeks, my lady.
  • Play Naga Siren Would that my whiskers were dark again, I would ride out on any quest you named.
  • Play Lina Ah, sweet Lina, if I did not carry this light I would carry a torch for you.
  • Play Templar Assassin I know you cannot see it now, my dear girl, but I was a young gallant once.
  • Play Spectre Spectre, I'm sure in your world you are known as a great beauty.
  • Play Medusa It is my heart's dearest wish to acquit myself nobly in your sight, good lady Medusa.

[edit] Last Hitting

  • Play A heavy purse makes a light heart.
  • Play Light fingers.
  • Play A glow.
  • Play Down you go.
  • Play A noble gift you grant.
  • Play I'll keep that.
  • Play I'll keep it close.
  • Play Finders keepers, forget...
  • Play Finders keepers.
  • Play Finders keepers.
  • Play Finders keepers...of the light! eheheh...

[edit] Dying

  • Play No!
  • Play No!
  • Play The light falls.
  • Play The light, snuffed out.
  • Play The light blinds me...or is that the dark?
  • Play I have failed in my quest.
  • Play Bested.
  • Play You fought not fairly.
  • Play A stout heart was not enough.
  • Play Light's keep, open to your keeper.
  • Play Epic fail.
  • Play You would hit an old man.
  • Play Who turned out the light?
  • Play Lights out.
  • Play I return to the light.

[edit] Respawning Quickly

  • Play The light shines out again!

[edit] Respawning

  • Play The light rekindled.
  • Play Entrusted with the light once more.
  • Play I am touched beyond words that you would trust me once more.
  • Play No peace until I satisfy my quest.
  • Play No nearer to my goal than before, but with greater resolve.
  • Play I'll not sit idly by while injustice is done.
  • Play What hath evil wrought in my absence?
  • Play Forward, noble steed.
  • Play I am but a one man light brigade, yet I shall give my all.
  • Play From light's keep, I set out once more.
  • Play It's all coming back to me.
  • Play Ezalor...I think that's my name.
  • Play Ezalor!
  • Play's all coming back to me.
  • Play I am the keeper of the light!
  • Play No nearer to my goal than before, but with greater resolve.

[edit] Rare

  • Play I'll tell thee everything I can, there's little to relate.
  • Play Very gladly will I drink your honor's noble health.
  • Play I'll forego green girdles and questing beasts, for all such knightly trifles pale before the light.
  • Play They say twas I who carried the first light into the universe. They might be right, I can't quite recall.

[edit] Purchasing an Item

  • Play The road ahead is brighter now.
  • Play Good thing I wasn't planning to retire any time soon.
  • Play Charge this to the light brigade.
  • Play Well, there goes my pension.

[edit] Purchasing Aghanim's Scepter

[edit] Purchasing Blink Dagger

  • Play Blink dagger!
  • Play What was this for again?

[edit] Purchasing a Specific Item

[edit] Bottling a Rune

  • Play Light in a bottle.
  • Play I travel light.
  • Play I'll be prudent just this once.

[edit] Denying

  • Play Denied!
  • Play Denied!
  • Play Nay, sir.
  • Play Ha ha!
  • Play Be it not so.
  • Play Abandon that thought.
  • Play Strive harder next time.
  • Play Goodness no!
  • Play Keep out!
  • Play Keep away!
  • Play Nay, sir.
  • Play Get off my, what's a lawn?
  • Play Get off my light.
  • Play Nay, I say!
  • Play Are you serious?
  • Play My horse says nay and so do I.
  • Play Denied.
  • Play Dee-nied.
  • Play Denied! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Denied!

[edit] Calling a Missing Hero

  • Play Missing top!
  • Play Missing middle!
  • Play Missing bottom!

[edit] Taking Aegis of the Immortal

  • Play Immortality!
  • Play No enemy can unhorse me.

[edit] Activating Haste

[edit] Activating Double Damage

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play I crackle with light.

[edit] Activating Regeneration

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play My woes grow light as a feather.

[edit] Activating Illusion

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play Many hands make light work.

[edit] Activating Invisibility

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play I travel light.

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana

[edit] Thanking

  • Play Thanks.
  • Play Thank you.
  • Play I'm indebted to you.
  • Play May the light keep you.

[edit] Coming Under Attack

  • Play I'm under attack!
  • Play Ow, I'm under attack!

[edit] Taunting

  • Play No epic fail today, my friends, tis brilliantly clear that this one is in the bag.

[edit] Crummy Wizard

  • Play Crummy wizard!

[edit] Shitty Wizard

  • Play Shitty wizard!

[edit] Losing

[edit] Winning

  • Play Yes!
  • Play Victory!
  • Play The fulfillment of my quest!
  • Play My quest has been fulfilled. Time for a nap.

[edit] Pain

[edit] Anger

[edit] Happiness

[edit] Laughter

  • Play Ah!
  • Play Ee hee hee hee hee hee hee.
  • Play Oh ho ho ho ho ho.
  • Play Oh ho ho ho ha ha ha.
  • Play Ah hee hee hee hee ha ha.
  • Play Eh hee hee hee hee hee.

[edit] Finding a Common Cosmetic Item

  • Play Ooh, bright and shiny.

[edit] Finding a Medium Cosmetic Item

  • Play A trifle to quicken my quest.

[edit] Finding a Rare Cosmetic Item

  • Play Ah, a treasure shining with all light's glory.