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Item passive stacking

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Item passive stacking describes the interactions between multiple items that have similar effects. The stacking of items fall into different categories, and the stacking of each category is handled differently.


[edit] Independent stacking

Items that stack independently do not interfere with each other in any way. If a Hero has two Monkey King Bars, each attack will trigger two separate chances to mini-bash, giving a 45.50% chance of one mini-bash and a 12.25% chance of two mini-bashes.

[edit] Chance stacking

Items that chance stack are each given an opportunity to apply their effects, in order of highest effect to lowest.

  • If a Hero buys both a Crystalys and a Daedalus, on every hit the Hero has a 20% chance of proccing a critical attack from Daedalus, a 15% chance from Crystalys, and a 5% chance of proccing both. Unlike the independent stacking, Daedalus overrides the Crystalys in the last case, because it has a higher critical damage multiplier and only one critical can proc on one hit.
  • You have a Vanguard and then get a Stout Shield (on a melee hero): Since the Vanguard has a better block effect, you have a 80% chance to block 40 damage, an 12% chance to take 20 less damage and 8% chance to take normal damage.
  • If a hero has a Butterfly (35% Evasion) and Heaven's Halberd (25% Evasion) then the hero has a 51.25% chance to evade and a 48.75% chance to be hit.

[edit] Items that do not stack

[edit] Bloodstone

Multiple Bloodstones do not reduce respawn time further. Only the Bloodstone in the highest priority slot works.

  • Priority slots are as follows:
1 2 3
4 5 6

[edit] Skull Basher

The strength and damage components of multiple Skull Bashers will independently stack, but the bash chance will not.

[edit] Magic resistance

Magic resistance from Cloak, Hood of Defiance, or Pipe of Insight do not stack. Only the latest acquired works.

[edit] Auras

Auras do not stack with themselves, since they place a buff on the unit. Only the aura with the highest value will work. Note that some items share a specific aura (Ring of Basilius and Vladmir's Offering). In this case, only Vladimir's Offering's mana regeneration aura and armor aura will work.

[edit] Unique Attack Modifiers

An attack can only have one Unique Attack Modifier. Priority and exceptions are explained here.