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The item drop system is a feature that allows players to obtain cosmetic items for free through playing the game. Available drops are defined by the Drop List.

Acquiring drops[edit]

Playing Matchmaking[edit]

  • After every matchmaking game, each player has a small chance to receive an item or set.
  • All drops in Dota 2 are solely based on time played in Dota 2 via matchmaking.
  • Winning, losing, or individual performance has no effect on item drop chance.


  • Certain events award players with cosmetic items for participating.

Spectating a Tournament game[edit]

Main article: Heroic
  • While spectating a tournament game with over 500 viewers, one or more Heroic items are randomly given out to viewers each time a memorable event occurs.

Gift tools[edit]

Droppable items[edit]

  • Only certain types of items can be obtained through drops.
  • Not every item in these categories can drop.
  • Possible drops are determined by the Drop List.


  • Players who abandon the game will not receive drops.
  • Players in Low Priority queue will not receive drops.[1]
  • A Steam account that is locked, suspended, or VAC banned will not receive drops.

Level requirements[edit]

The Rarity of items that can drop is dependent on the player's Profile Level. This system was implemented to reduce item farming by bots.

Level Item rarity In-game message
1 Common -
2 Uncommon -
4 Rare Some of these items contain custom animations for the Heroes that wear them.
6 Mythical These items often contain custom animations and spell effects for the Heroes that wear them.
9 Legendary These items are incredibly rare objects, often replacing entire couriers and hero mounts with new models and effects.
11 Ancient -
15 Arcana These items are the rarest of all, capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero.


  • Dota 2's item drop system inspired by the drop system from Team Fortress 2, but does not function entirely in the same way.
  • Upon receiving an item, respective visual and sound effects and hero voice responses will play depending on the rarity of the item.

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