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The item drop system is a feature that allows players to obtain in-game cosmetic items through naturally playing the game and with no purchase necessary. This system was inspired by the drop system from Team Fortress 2, but does not function entirely in the same way.

Acquiring drops[edit]

Playing matches[edit]

  • At the end of a match, each player has a small chance to be awarded an item. Item drops in this way are not guaranteed to occur.
  • Players can receive one cosmetic item drop per game.
  • There is an additional chance to receive a secondary bonus, such as a crafting recipe, which can be obtained regardless of whether or not you got an item drop.
  • Longer games will yield a higher chance to receive an item.
  • Winning, losing, or individual performance has no effect on item drop chance.
  • Only matchmaking games have item drops enabled. This includes co-op bot matches.

Battle Points[edit]

Main article: Battle Points
  • One cosmetic item is guaranteed to drop for you at the end of a match when you earn enough Battle Points to level up.
  • Level-up drops and random drops can both be earned in a single game.

Spectating a Tournament game[edit]

Main article: Heroic
  • While spectating a tournament game with over 100 viewers, one or more Heroic items are randomly given out to viewers each time a memorable event occurs.
  • Drops are in no way guaranteed.

Gift tools[edit]

Level requirements[edit]

The Rarity of items that can drop is dependent on the player's Profile Level. This system was implemented to reduce item farming by bots.

Level Item rarity In-game message
1 Common -
2 Uncommon -
4 Rare Some of these items contain custom animations for the Heroes that wear them.
6 Mythical These items often contain custom animations and spell effects for the Heroes that wear them.
9 Legendary These items are incredibly rare objects, often replacing entire couriers and hero mounts with new models and effects.
11 Ancient -
15 Arcana These items are the rarest of all, capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero.

Droppable item types[edit]

Only certain types of items can be obtained through drops.

Droppable Not droppable
Custom Wards
Essences (During events)
Greevil Egg (During events)
HUD Skins
Loading Screens
Tournament Items
Limited/Promotional Equipment

Other information[edit]

  • Players who abandon the game and players in Low Priority queue will not receive Battle Points nor items drops.[1]
  • Certain items not found in the Store can be found in drops, such as the Soul Reaper. These are usually items from old Treasures that are no longer available.
  • Upon receiving an item, respective visual and sound effects and hero voice responses will play depending on the rarity of the item.

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