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The item drop system is a feature that allows players to obtain in-game cosmetic items through naturally playing the game and with no purchase necessary. This system was inspired by the drop system from Team Fortress 2, but does not function entirely in the same way.


[edit] How to acquire drops

Items will drop on several conditions:

  • By chance after finishing a game.
    • Not all players will receive an item or chest.
    • Players can only receive one item drop per game this way. This stacks with the guaranteed item drop from leveling up, potentially granting two items in one game.
    • Certain crafting recipes also drop after games. These drops stack with item drops.
    • Longer games will yield a higher chance to receive an item or chest.
    • Players on the winning and losing team appear to have equal chances of receiving an item or chest.
    • Drop assignment appears to be random (unaffected by player performance).
  • By leveling up through the Battle Points system.
    • One cosmetic item is guaranteed to drop for you when you level up.
    • Chests cannot be obtained by leveling up.
  • By chance when deleting an item in the Armory.
    • Deleting an item grants a very small chance of giving you back a random item of the next rarity rank. Note: This feature has been removed and replaced with the crafting system.

[edit] Level requirements

The Rarity of items that can drop is dependent on the player's Profile Level. This system was implemented to reduce item farming by bots.

Level Item rarity In-game message
1 Common -
2 Uncommon -
4 Rare Some of these items contain custom animations for the Heroes that wear them.
6 Mythical These items often contain custom animations and spell effects for the Heroes that wear them.
9 Legendary These items are incredibly rare objects, often replacing entire couriers and hero mounts with new models and effects.
11 Ancient -
15 Arcana These items are the rarest of all, capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero.

[edit] Droppable item types

Only certain types of items can be obtained through drops.

Droppable Not droppable
Custom Wards
Treasure Chests
Essences (During events)
Greevil Egg (During events)
HUD Skins
Tournament Items
Limited/Promotional Equipment

[edit] Other information

  • Players who abandon the game and players in Low Priority queue will not receive Battle Points or items drops.[1]
  • Certain items not found in the Store can be found in drops, such as The Soul Reaper. These are usually items from old Treasure Chests that are no longer available.
  • Upon receiving an item, different visual, sound effects and hero voice responses will play depending on the rarity of the item.

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