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19 + 1.7
20 + 1.9
22 + 3.2
Level Base 1 16 25
Hit Points 150 511 986 1537
Mana 0 286 910 1456
Damage 13‒19 35‒41 83‒89 125‒131
Armor -1 1.8 5.79 10.14
Attacks / Second 0.58 0.7 0.87 1.05
Movement Speed 280
Turn Rate 0.5
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range 600
Missile Speed 900
Attack Duration 0.4+0.7
Base Attack Time 1.7
Collision Size 24

Invoker is a ranged intelligence Hero who is very difficult to master. He is unique in that he possesses a total of 14 abilities in his arsenal; three of them - Quas, Wex, and Exort - are reagents and one is his special ultimate Invoke. The three abilities he learns throughout leveling up can have three instances, which serve as the basic ingredients or components for him to create a new ability using his ultimate. Once the reagents or elements are combined, he can invoke one out of ten different abilities. All of his invoked abilities are capable of a multitude of actions, from damaging enemies to aiding his allies, and even saving himself from danger. His three reagents can be upgraded up to level 7 which determines the power and potency of his invoked abilities, making it more powerful than an ordinary spell. Because of this, he can be played in almost any role possible. Invoker can be a carry, semi-carry, ganker, pusher, initiator or even support. He is also the only hero who doesn't have Attribute Bonuses, thus he has average attributes. However, his three reagents provide passive attributes with each level, and each instance of his reagents provides a passive bonus, allowing for specialization at early levels and situational boosts at later levels. His extremely flexible nature allows him to use many different combinations of items effectively but also make him dependent on solid builds and a good gold advantage.


Invoker Invoker
Play "I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance."
Role: Pip carry.png Carry / Pip ganker.png Nuker / Pip initiator.png Initiator / Pip tank.png Escape
Lore: In its earliest, and some would say most potent form, magic was primarily the art of memory. It required no technology, no wands or appurtenances other than the mind of the magician. All the trappings of ritual were merely mnemonic devices, meant to allow the practitioner to recall in rich detail the specific mental formulae that unlocked a spell's power. The greatest mages in those days were the ones blessed with the greatest memories, and yet so complex were the invocations that all wizards were forced to specialize. The most devoted might hope in a lifetime to have adequate recollection of three spells—four at most. Ordinary wizards were content to know two, and it was not uncommon for a village mage to know only one—with even that requiring him to consult grimoires as an aid against forgetfulness on the rare occasions when he might be called to use it. But among these early practitioners there was one exception, a genius of vast intellect and prodigious memory who came to be known as the Invoker. In his youth, the precocious wizard mastered not four, not five, not even seven incantations: He could command no fewer than ten spells, and cast them instantly. Many more he learned but found useless, and would practice once then purge from his mind forever, to make room for more practical invocations. One such spell was the Sempiternal Cantrap—a longevity spell of such power that those who cast it in the world's first days are among us still (unless they have been crushed to atoms). Most of these quasi-immortals live quietly, afraid to admit their secret: But Invoker is not one to keep his gifts hidden. He is ancient, learned beyond all others, and his mind somehow still has space to contain an immense sense of his own well as the Invocations with which he amuses himself through the long slow twilight of the world's dying days.
Voice: Dennis Bateman (Responses)


The Invoker is the most well-rounded spellcasting hero, due to his massive array of spells. Using his three elemental reagents and his Invoke ability, the Invoker can utilize a total of 10 different spells. Due to his complexity and fragility, the Invoker is a bad choice for newer players. With some experience, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. The Invoker is capable of massive area of effect damage, powerful disabling spells, very strong summons, and potent enchantments. While other spellcasters tend to be focused in one area, the Invoker has the ability to change his role at will. His spells tend to start out weaker than comparable abilities, but since his reagents have 7 levels each his potential spell power is very high. Although mastering his spells takes perhaps the most practice of any hero, he is definitely worth the time.

At level 25, Invoker has 7 points each towards Quas, Wex, and Exort, and 4 points towards Invoke. Uniquely among heroes, Invoker does not possess the Attribute Bonus ability. Instead, he gains a permanent attribute bonus to one of his attributes each time he levels up Quas, Wex, or Exort.


Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be dispelled.
Quas icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Self
Allows manipulation of ice elements and grants a permanent strength bonus. Each Quas instance provides increased health regeneration.
Cast Time: 0+0
Instances of Quas per Cast: 1
Health Regen Bonus Per Quas Instance: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
Passive Strength Bonus: 2/4/6/8/10/12/14


  • Quas icon.png Quas interrupts Invoker's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Quas icon.png Quas can be leveled 7 times, at level 1/3/5/7/9/11/13.
  • Invoker can only have up to 3 instances up at any time. The orbs floating above Invoker are visible to everyone.
  • If he already has 3 instances, the oldest instance is replaced. The order of instances can be seen in the hud as status buff icons, the oldest one being on the left.
  • Restores health in form of health regeneration, so it regenerates 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 health per Quas icon.png Quas instance in 0.1 second intervals.
  • Can restore up to 60/120/180/240/300/360/420 health in one minute per Quas icon.png Quas instance.

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be dispelled.
Wex icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Self
Allows manipulation of storm elements and grants a permanent agility bonus. Each Wex instance provides increased attack speed and movement speed.
Cast Time: 0+0
Instances of Wex per Cast: 1
Attack Speed Bonus per Wex instance: 2/4/6/8/10/12/14
Move Speed Bonus per Wex instance: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%/6%/7%
Passive Agility Bonus: 2/4/6/8/10/12/14


  • Wex icon.png Wex interrupts Invoker's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Wex icon.png Wex can be leveled 7 times, at level 1/3/5/7/9/11/13.
  • Invoker can only have up to 3 instances up at any time. The orbs floating above Invoker are visible to everyone.
  • If he already has 3 instances, the oldest instance is replaced. The order of instances can be seen in the hud as status buff icons, the oldest one being on the left.
  • The agility bonus effectively increases Invoker's attack speed by 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 and armor by 0.28/0.56/0.84/1.12/1.40/1.68/1.96

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be dispelled.
Exort icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Self
Allows manipulation of fire elements and grants a permanent intelligence bonus. Each Exort instance provides increased attack damage.
Cast Time: 0+0
Instances of Exort per Cast: 1
Attack Damage Bonus per Exort instance: 3/6/9/12/15/18/21
Passive Intelligence Bonus: 2/4/6/8/10/12/14


  • Exort icon.png Exort interrupts Invoker's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Exort icon.png Exort can be leveled 7 times, at level 1/3/5/7/9/11/13.
  • Invoker can only have up to 3 instances up at any time. The orbs floating above Invoker are visible to everyone.
  • If he already has 3 instances, the oldest instance is replaced. The order of instances can be seen in the hud as status buff icons, the oldest one being on the left.
  • The intelligence bonus effectively increases Invoker's attack damage by 2/4/6/8/10/12/14, mana by 26/52/78/104/130/156/182 and mana regen by 0.08/0.16/0.24/0.32/0.40/0.48/0.56.
  • This is how much attack damage Invoker has with 1, 2 and 3 Exort icon.png Exort instance:
    • 1 Exort icon.png Exort instance: 3/6/9/12/15/18/21 attack damage
    • 2 Exort icon.png Exort instances: 6/12/18/24/30/36/42 attack damage
    • 3 Exort icon.png Exort instances: 9/18/27/36/45/54/63 attack damage

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Invoke icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Self
Combines the properties of the elements currently being manipulated, creating a new spell at the Invoker's disposal. The invoked spell is determined by the combination of Quas, Wex and Exort.
Cast Time: 0+0
Spells Invoked per Cast: 1
Max Spells: 2
Cooldown 22/17/12/5 (16/8/4/2*) Mana 20/40/60/80 (0*)
Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). Decreases cooldown and removes mana cost.
So begins a new age of knowledge.


  • Invoke icon.png Invoke can be leveled 4 times, at levels 2/7/12/17.
  • The arrangement of element instances does not matter.
  • When already having 2 spells invoked, invoking a new spell replaces the older spell.
  • New invoked spells are always placed in the 4th ability slot. The previous invoked spell is moved to the 5th slot in the process, while the previous spell in the 5th slot is lost.
  • When invoking a spell which is in the 4th slot already, nothing happens, wasting the mana, but not the cooldown.
  • When invoking the spell which is in the 5th slot already, it moves to the 4th slot, costing mana, but not going on cooldown.
  • When not using legacy or custom hotkeys, the hotkey for the spell in the 4th slot is always D and the spell in the 5th slot is always F.

Invoked Abilities[edit]

EMP icon.png
Tornado icon.png
Alacrity icon.png
Ghost Walk icon.png
Ghost Walk
Deafening Blast icon.png
Deafening Blast
Chaos Meteor icon.png
Chaos Meteor
Cold Snap icon.png
Cold Snap
Ice Wall icon.png
Ice Wall
Forge Spirit icon.png
Forge Spirit
Sun Strike icon.png
Sun Strike

Cold Snap
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Cold Snap icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemies Magical
Ability invokes when Invoker has 3 Quas instances. Invoker draws the heat from an enemy, chilling them to their very core for a duration based on the level of Quas. The enemy will take damage and be briefly frozen. Further damage taken in this state will freeze the enemy again, dealing bonus damage. The enemy can only be frozen so often, but the freeze cooldown decreases based on the level of Quas.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 1000
Damage per proc (Quas): 7/14/21/28/35/42/49
Stun Duration per proc: 0.4
Trigger Cooldown (Quas): 0.77/0.74/0.71/0.69/0.66/0.63/0.60
Debuff Duration (Quas): 3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6
Cooldown 20 Mana 100
Sadron's Protracted Frisson.


  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap immediately triggers on the target upon cast, so the next proc can only happen after the trigger cooldown.
  • Every time the effect triggers, the target is stunned and damaged. Only triggers on damage greater than 10 after reductions.
  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap does not trigger on self afflicted damage.
  • With its current trigger cooldown and debuff duration, it can trigger up to 4/5/6/7/8/9/10 times (including the initial trigger upon cast).
  • Can deal up to 28/70/126/196/280/378/490 damage (before reductions) when triggering as often as possible.

Ghost Walk
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Ghost Walk icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Self
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Quas and 1 Wex instances. Invoker manipulates the ice and electrical energies around him, rendering his body invisible. The elemental imbalance created as a consequence slows nearby enemies based on the level of Quas, and modifies Invoker's movement speed as well based on the level of Wex.
Cast Time: 0+0
Fade Time: 0
Slow Radius: 400
Enemy Move Speed Slow (Quas): 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50%
Self Move Speed Change (Wex): -30%/-20%/-10%/0%/10%/20%/30%
Duration: 100
Cooldown 35 Mana 200
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Spell immune enemies are not slowed.
Cannot be dispelled. Neither the slow, nor the invisibility can be purged.
Myrault's Hinder-Gast.


  • The slow debuff places some particles on the affected units, allowing them to know that Invoker is nearby.
  • Invisibility is broken upon reaching the cast point of spells or items, or upon launching an attack.

Ice Wall
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Ice Wall icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
No Target Enemies Magical
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Quas and 1 Exort instances. Generates a wall of solid ice directly in front of Invoker for a duration based on the level of Quas. The bitter cold emanating from it greatly slows nearby enemies based on the level of Quas and deals damage each second based on the level of Exort.
Cast Time: 0+0
Wall Spawn Distance: 200
Wall Length: 1200
Wall Width: 105
Damage per Second (Exort): 6/12/18/24/30/36/42
Move Speed Slow (Quas): 20%/40%/60%/80%/100%/120%/140%
Wall Duration (Quas): 3/4.5/6/7.5/9/10.5/12
Slow Duration: 2
Cooldown 25 Mana 175
Killing Wall of Koryx.


  • The Ice Wall icon.png Ice Wall is always created in front of Invoker, perpendicular to the line between Invoker and a point 200 range right in front of him.
  • Creates 15 wall segments, with a spacing of 80 between each, resulting in a total length of 1120. Each segment affects a 105 radius around them.
  • So the wall's effective length is 1330 (1120 wall length + 105 radius from both sides).
  • The damage is independent from the slow, so getting further than 105 radius away from a segment immediately stops the damage, while the slow still lingers.
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting 1 second after cast, resulting in up to 3/4/6/7/9/10/12 possible instances.
  • Can deal up to 18/48/108/168/270/360/504 damage to a single unit (before reductions), when it stays in range for its full duration.
  • Ice Wall icon.png Ice Wall is not a pathing blocker. Any unit can pass through it.

Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Play
EMP icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Area Enemies Pure
Ability invokes when Invoker has 3 Wex instances. Invoker builds up a charge of electromagnetic energy at a targeted location which automatically detonates after 2.9 seconds. The detonation covers an area, draining mana based on the level of Wex. Deals damage for each point of mana drained. If EMP drains mana from an enemy hero, Invoker gains 50% of the mana drained.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 950
Effect Radius: 675
Effect Delay: 2.9
Mana Burned (Wex): 100/175/250/325/400/475/550
Damage per Burned Mana: 50%
Self Mana Gain per Burned Mana: 50%
Cooldown 30 Mana 125
Endoleon's Malevolent Perturbation.


  • Applies the mana loss first, and then the damage.
  • Invoker only gains the mana when it burns mana from heroes. Mana burned on illusions and other units does not restore mana.
  • The damage and the restored mana are dependent on the amount of mana burned on the enemies. If the enemy had no mana to burn, it deals no damage and doesn't restore mana.
  • Can deal up to 50/87.5/125/162.5/200/237.5/275 damage to each affected unit (before reductions).
  • Can restore up to 50/87.5/125/162.5/200/237.5/275 mana for Invoker from each affected hero.
  • The visual effects and the sound during the 2.9 seconds effect delay are visible and audible to everyone.

Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Can be purged. Play
Tornado icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Magical
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Wex and 1 Quas instances. Unleashes a fast moving tornado that picks up enemy units in its path, suspending them helplessly in the air shortly before allowing them to plummet to their doom. Travels further based on the level of Wex. Holds enemies in the air for a duration based on the level of Quas. Deals base damage plus added damage based on levels in Wex.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 2000
Effect Radius: 200
Travel Distance (Wex): 800/1200/1600/2000/2400/2800/3200
Base Damage: 70
Bonus Damage (Wex): 45/90/135/180/225/270/315
Cyclone Duration (Quas): 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2.0/2.3/2.5
Cooldown 30 Mana 150
Can be purged. Damage will still be dealt upon landing.
Claws of Tornarus.


  • Tornado icon.png Tornado travels at a speed of 1000 and always travels the full distance, so it takes 0.8/1.2/1.6/2/2.4/2.8/3.2 seconds to reach the max distance.
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado can hit units up to 1000/1400/1800/2200/2600/3000/3400 range away (travel distance + 200 effect radius).
  • The damage is applied right after the cyclone ends. Can deal up to 115/160/205/250/295/340/385 damage to each affected unit (before reductions).
  • Cycloned units lose their collision size for the duration, so units can path below them.
  • Also provides the same vision for 1.75 seconds after reaching its max travel distance.
  • Does not lift Roshan, but damages him and interrupts him for a split second.

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Can be purged. Play
Alacrity icon.png
Ability Affects
Target Unit Allies
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Wex and 1 Exort instances. Invoker infuses an ally with an immense surge of energy, increasing their attack speed based on the level of Wex and their damage based on the level of Exort.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 650
Attack Speed Bonus (Wex): 20/30/40/50/60/70/80
Attack Damage Bonus (Exort): 20/30/40/50/60/70/80
Duration: 9
Cooldown 15 Mana 45
Gaster's Mandate of Impetuous Strife.


Sun Strike
Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Play
Sun Strike icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Area Enemies Pure
Ability invokes when Invoker has 3 Exort instances. Sends a catastrophic ray of fierce energy from the sun at any targeted location, incinerating all enemies standing beneath it once it reaches the earth. Deals damage based on the level of Exort, however this damage is spread evenly over all enemies hit.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: Global
Effect Radius: 175
Effect Delay: 1.7
Damage (Exort): 100/162.5/225/287.5/350/412.5/475
Cooldown 25 Mana 175
Harlek's Incantation of Incineration.


  • The damage is spread evenly among all affected units within the targeted area, including creeps.
  • This is how much damage Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike deals when hitting a certain amount of units (before reductions).
    • 2 units: 50/81.25/112.5/143.75/175/206.25/237.5 damage
    • 3 units: 33.33/54.17/75/95.83/116.67/137.5/158.33 damage
    • 4 units: 25/40.63/56.25/71.88/87.5/103.13/118.75 damage
    • 5 units: 20/32.5/45/57.5/70/82.5/95 damage
  • Damage is only spread among units which are damaged by Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike. All unaffected units do not soak up any damage.
  • Provides 300 radius flying vision at the targeted point for 5.5 seconds upon cast.
  • The visual effects and the sound during the 1.7 seconds effect delay are visible and audible to allies only.

Forge Spirit
Can be purged. Play
Forge Spirit icon.png
Ability Affects
No Target Enemies
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Exort and 1 Quas instances. Invoker forges a spirit embodying the strength of fire and fortitude of ice. Damage, health, and armor are based on the level of Exort while attack range, mana, and duration are based on the level of Quas. The elemental's scorching attack is capable of melting the armor of enemy heroes. If both Quas and Exort are level 4 or higher, Invoker will create two spirits instead of one.
Cast Time: 0+0
Number of Forged Spirits (Quas and Exort): 1/1/1/2/2/2/2
Spirits Attack Damage (Exort): 29/38/47/56/65/74/83
Spirits Attack Range (Quas): 300/365/430/495/560/625/690
Spirits Max Health (Exort): 300/400/500/600/700/800/900
Spirits Max Mana (Quas): 100/150/200/250/300/350/400
Spirits Armor (Exort): 0/1/2/3/4/5/6
Spirits Duration (Quas): 20/30/40/50/60/70/80
Cooldown 30 Mana 75
Can be purged. The spirits take purge damage.
Culween's Most Cunning Fabrications.


  • Casting Forge Spirit icon.png Forge Spirit replaces the spirits from the previous cast, no matter who they are owned by.
  • The spirits are always summoned next to Invoker at a random position around him, but always facing east upon spawn.
  • Already summoned spirits do not get their stats upgraded when Quas icon.png Quas or Exort icon.png Exort is leveled. Their stats are set on what they were upon being summoned.

Chaos Meteor
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Can be purged. Play
Chaos Meteor icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Magical
Ability invokes when Invoker has 2 Exort and 1 Wex instances. Invoker pulls a flaming meteor from space onto the targeted location. Upon landing, the meteor rolls forward, constantly dealing damage based on the level of Exort, and rolling further based on the level of Wex. Units hit by the meteor will also be set on fire for a short time, receiving additional damage based on the level of Exort.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 700
Effect Radius: 275
Travel Distance (Wex): 465/615/780/930/1095/1245/1410
Effect Delay: 1.3
Effect Interval: 0.5
Main Damage per Interval (Exort): 57.5/75/92.5/110/127.5/145/162.5
Burn Damage per Second (Exort): 11.5/15/18.5/22/25.5/29/32.5
Burn Duration: 3
Cooldown 55 Mana 200
Tarak's Descent of Fire.


  • The Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor needs 1.3 seconds to land. It lands at the targeted point, not at Invoker's position.
  • The meteor can hit units up to 1440/1590/1755/1905/2220/2385 range away (cast range + travel distance + radius). The area between Invoker and the targeted point is unaffected.
  • The visual effects and the sound during the 1.3 seconds effect delay (the meteor falling from the sky) are visible and audible to everyone.
  • The Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor rolls at a speed of 300 and always rolls the full distance, so it takes 1.55/2.05/2.6/3.1/3.65/4.15/4.7 seconds to reach the max distance.
  • After landing, the meteor deals its main damage and places the burn debuff to all affected units within its effect radius in 0.5 second intervals, starting immediately after landing.
  • The main damage can hit a unit up to 4/5/6/7/8/9/10 times and thus can deal up to 230/375/555/770/1020/1305/1625 damage (before reductions) when a unit is hit by all instances.
  • The burn debuff deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting 1 second after the debuff is placed, resulting in 3 instances for each debuff.
  • The debuffs from each interval fully stack and don't refresh each other. So a unit can be affected by 4/5/6/7/8/9/10 instances of the burn debuff per cast.
  • One instance of the burn debuff can deal up to 34.5/45/55.5/66/76.5/87/97.5 damage (before reductions).
  • All possible instances of burn damage per unit together can deal up to 138/225/333/462/612/783/975 damage (before reductions).
  • The whole Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor, main and burn damage, can deal up to 368/600/888/1232/1632/2088/2600 damage (before reductions) when a unit is hit by all possible instances.
  • Also provides the same vision for 3 seconds after reaching its max travel distance.

Deafening Blast
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Play
Deafening Blast icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Magical
Ability invokes when Invoker has 1 Quas, 1 Wex and 1 Exort instances. Invoker unleashes a mighty sonic wave in front of him, dealing damage to any enemy unit it collides based on the level of Exort. The sheer impact from the blast is enough to knock those enemy units back for a duration based on the level of Quas, then disarm their attacks for a duration based on the level of Wex.
Cast Time: 0+0
Cast Range: 1000
Starting Radius: 175
Travel Distance: 1000
End Radius: 225
Damage (Exort): 40/80/120/160/200/240/280
Knockback Distance (Quas): 45.6/88.6/133.5/171.5/205/242.1/274.3
Knockback Duration (Quas): 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75
Disarm Duration (Wex): 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4
Cooldown 40 Mana 200
Cannot be dispelled. The knockback cannot be dispelled by anything. The disarm can only be dispelled by spell immunity.
Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator.


  • Deafening Blast icon.png Deafening Blast travels at a speed of 1100 and always travels the full distance, which takes 0.91 seconds.
  • The blast can hit units up to 1225 range away (1000 travel distance + 225 end radius).
  • The complete area is shaped like a cone.
  • This is how the knock back works:
    • Affected units are moved in 0.03 second intervals.
    • The units are moved Level of Quas*25/3 times, so they are moved 8/16/25/33/41/50/58 times.
    • The first 1/3 times, units are moved linearly, by a distance of 6 per interval. 1/3 of the intervals is 2/5/8/11/13/16/19 times, which results in a distance of 12/30/48/66/78/96/114.
    • For the remaining 6/11/17/22/28/34/39 intervals, the units are moved exponentially with 0.98 times the speed of the previous interval.
    • So the remaining intervals together (on each level) move the units by a distance of (sum 6*0.98^1 to 6*0.98^t =) 33.56/58.58/85.46/105.5/127.02/146.08/160.29.
    • Summed up, the total distance on each level is 45.56/88.58/133.46/171.5/205.02/242.08/274.29.
    • As conclusion, the knockback starts at a speed of 200 and decreases exponentially.
  • When Quas, Wex and Exort are all at level 7, this ability turns into a non-targetable instant cast ability.
    • upon cast, it releases 12 Deafening Blasts in all directions around invoker. The blasts are always released into the same directions.
    • Can only hit units once per cast.
  • Affected units are disabled during the knockback. Can knock units over impassable terrain.
  • During the knockback, all trees the units collide with get destroyed.
  • The disarm is applied right after the knockback.
  • Does not knock Roshan back, but damages and disarms him.

Forged Spirit[edit]

Forged Spirit
Forged Spirit Portrait.png
Duration 20 -> 80 (Quas)
Hit Points 300 -> 900 (Exort)
Health Regen 0.25
Mana 100 -> 400 (Quas)
Mana Regen 4
Damage 29 -> 83 (Exort)
Armor 0 -> 6 (Exort)
Movement Speed 320
Sight Range 1200/800
Attack Range 300 -> 690 (Quas)
Missile Speed 1000
Attack Duration 0.2+0.4
Base Attack Time 1.5
Bounty 32-46
Experience 31
Notes Abilities:
Melting Strike icon.png Melting Strike
Melting Strike
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be dispelled. Not disabled by Break.
Melting Strike icon.png
Ability Affects
Passive Enemies
Melts away the armor of heroes hit by the spirit's attack if the spirit has enough mana. Each successive hit increases the amount of armor melted.
Armor Reduction per Attack: 1
Armor Reduction Cap: 10
Duration: 5
Mana 40


  • Successive attacks fully refresh the whole stack's duration.
  • The armor reduction is applied or increased after the attack damage is applied.
  • Only affects heroes and illusion, and nothing else.
  • The mana is used when the attack successfully hits the target, not upon projectile launch.

Recommended Items[edit]

Starting Items:

  • Tangos are bought to stay in lane longer, since they give good health regeneration for a low price.
  • Null Talisman is recommended as it increase Invoker's overall stats, particularly his attack damage so that he can last-hit more easily. It should generally be sold once bigger items are needed, as it does not build into anything useful for Invoker.

Early Game:

  • Boots of Speed are important to get quickly, as Invoker has one of the lowest base movement speeds in the game. Getting a movement speed advantage over your opponent allows you to position yourself for casting your spells more easily.
  • Magic Stick gives Invoker burst mana and HP regen, which is important on any frail caster. Using the charges can give Invoker enough HP to survive an attempted gank, or allow him to cast one more spell to ensure a kill.
  • Bracer gives Invoker more stats, particularly strength for increasing his survivability. It also builds into a Drum of Endurance.

Core items:

  • Phase Boots are the best boots for Invoker, as the speed boost offsets his low base movement speed. Additionally, the bonus damage makes last-hitting easier, important on Invoker since he requires lots of gold in order to be effective.
  • Drum of Endurance further increases Invoker's attack and movement speed, and provides him with extra attributes and damage.
  • Magic Wand gives Invoker stats and larger charge storage when upgraded from Magic Stick. A full charge Wand can allow Invoker to cast any of his spells so long as he has the mana to Invoke it first.
  • Force Staff is a very useful item. Its active ability can be used to escape, to chase enemies or to save teammates from sure death, as well as re-position yourself for your spells. As well, it provides Invoker with more intelligence and HP regen, allowing him to cast spells more easily.
  • Town Portal Scroll should be carried by all heroes all the time. In Invoker's case, his ability to bombard the enemy with is spells makes him a powerful ally to have in any fight.

Situational items:

  • Scythe of Vyse gives good attributes and plenty of mana and mana regeneration, increasing Invoker's survivability while also giving him the mana he needs to cast his spells. Hex is also one of the strongest hard-disables in the game that can completely turn teamfights around.
  • Blink Dagger is a very strong item to build on Invoker, as he requires good positioning in order to make the most of his spells. Its mobility greatly increases his offensive potential as well as survivability.
  • Aghanim's Scepter drastically reduces the cooldown time for Invoke icon.png Invoke, and removes the mana cost for queuing spells. It is a very strong item for increasing Invoker's survivability through stats, as well as his flexibility by allowing him to bring many more spells to bear on the enemy at increased efficiency.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity is a very useful item to purchase on Invoker, as it gives him many powerful benefits for a cost-effective price. It increases Invoker's intelligence and gives him powerful scaling mana regen, allowing him to cast spells more frequently, and the increased base movement speed offsets his low mobility, making positioning for spells much easier. The Cyclone is also a very powerful disable as it can lock enemies down in place long enough to hit them with difficult-to-land spells such as Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor, EMP icon.png EMP, and so on.
  • Black King Bar is a good item to build on Invoker if you're constantly being focused or disabled by the enemy. The spell immunity allows you to stand on the front lines to cast your spells without being interrupted.
  • Eye of Skadi is the most slot-effective stat item in the game. It provides Invoker with stats across the board, making him more resilient in fights and giving him a larger mana pool to work with, while the Unique Attack Modifier can slow enemies, allowing Invoker to use even his right-clicks to disable enemies.
  • Shiva's Guard provides you with a lot of intelligence and armor; its active ability also makes initiating more effective and slows enemies enough to allow you to hit them with your spells more easily. Overall, you should buy this item if you need to initiate better and need survivability against physical damage, since the Freezing Aura and the armor make you much harder to kill.
  • Necronomicon is a strong pushing and teamfight item. Besides the bonus strength and intelligence, the Necronomicon Warriors synergize with Forge Spirit icon.png Forge Spirit, allowing Invoker to summon up to four units to do his bidding. Upgrading the Necronomicon to level 3 also provides True Sight, which is useful in many situations.
  • Octarine Core is extremely strong on cast-heavy nukers, and can make Invoker a force to be reckoned with. The item grants a tremendous amount of HP and mana, reduces the cooldowns on all of his spells as well as Invoke, and allows him to lifesteal from his nukes, making him much harder to bring down in fights.



  • Invoker is one of the most difficult to learn heroes in the game, but also one of the most flexible and powerful casters. As such, his skill floor is not impossibly high, however, his skill ceiling is almost unparalleled, and thus he takes significant amounts of practice in order to learn.
  • Invoker is often played as a mid hero, as his flexibility and need for levels and gold make him a powerful hero to get early levels on. His skill set allows him to lane control and harass the enemy very effectively, as he has an array of spells that can give him a lane advantage and his orbs give him passive benefits that allow him to out-lane his opponent.
  • Invoker's reagents all fulfill different roles, so choosing which ones to level has a drastic effect on how he plays his lane, as well as subsequently due to their effect on the potency of his spells.
    • Quas icon.png Quas primarily gives Invoker a sustain advantage in-lane, as it provides a permanent strength bonus, giving him more HP, as well as HP regen when the orbs are active. This allows Invoker to ignore harass damage from his lane opponent, but leaves him lacking in offensive potential. Past the laning stage, Quas is primarily utilized in Invoker's disables, so leveling Quas can give him powerful disabling abilities to use in fights.
    • Wex icon.png Wex does not give Invoker useful passive benefits for laning besides the attack and movement speed bonuses while the orbs are active, however it is leveled primarily so that Invoker can utilize Wex-based spells once the laning stage is over. Wex is Invoker's utility orb, extending the reach of his spells or boosting the power of their secondary effects. It provides Invoker with strong crowd-control capabilities, useful in large teamfights where there are multiple enemy targets, and the passive orbs also increase his mobility on the battlefield, allowing him to position for spells or chase/escape more easily.
    • Exort icon.png Exort is the most commonly skilled first orb for Invoker, as it provides a permanent intelligence bonus, giving Invoker more mana and base damage, while the active orbs provide him with bonus damage, giving him more last-hitting power. As well, it gives Invoker access to Sun Strike at level 2, giving him global nuking presence and thus allowing him to strike at targets and get kills in other lanes without having to leave his own. Exort is Invoker's primary damage and nuking orb, as it provides the damage component in his spells, and the intelligence bonus increases his ability to sustain his casting.
  • Due to Invoker's heavy level requirement in order to be effective, it is generally advised to focus on leveling two orbs and getting a value point in the third, rather than trying to level all three equally. While Invoker can be more flexible if he can cast strong spells in all categories, the lack of specialization also limits his potency in areas where his team might need him to be strong. Invoker can only truly reach his full strength at level 25, and as such he needs to be able to effectively contribute to teamfights before reaching that point.
    • Quas-Wex primarily focuses on bringing disables and crowd control to the table, at the cost of striking power due to lack of Exort. Generally Invokers using this build will focus on casting EMP and Tornado in teamfights in order to disrupt the enemy and destroy their ability to cast spells, while using Cold Snap for single-target disable. With a value point in Exort, Invoker can also utilize Alacrity to boost the attack speed of himself or an ally, and use Deafening Blast for additional disable. This build is usually best combined with teammates who already have damage, but are lacking crowd control such as Zeus, Ursa, Leshrac, and many others.
    • Quas-Exort improves Invoker's offensive and disable potential, but leaves him lacking in reach. The main objective of this build is to get 4 levels in each skill so that you have access to two Forge Spirits, which can be done at level 9 by skipping leveling your ultimate once. Two Forge Spirits, in combination with Cold Snap, can inflict tremendous amounts of damage on a single target, which can get you kills against lone enemies without escape abilities. Invoker can also use Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor and Deafening Blast to great effect, inflicting large amounts of Magical and Pure damage on enemies. This build is normally suited best against meele-heavy lineups, or lineups that have many heroes that need to be closer to their opponents. Some hero examples are Luna, Gyrocopter, and Necrophos, among others.
    • Wex-Exort gives Invoker a combination of striking power and reach, but leaves him unable to disable opponents effectively and results in a comparatively frail caster due to lack of Quas. Invoker should generally focus on nuking targets or providing utility via Alacrity, which can greatly increase the right-clicking power of an ally or Invoker himself. This build gives Invoker the ability to deal large amounts of damage with Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor and Deafening Blast, as well as a measure of crowd control via EMP and a long-reaching Tornado. This ability build is most effective against heroes that are excellent at kiting their enemies, such as Drow Ranger and Sniper. However, it is also extremely potent if your allies have strong initiators such as Clockwerk, Jakiro, and Faceless Void.
  • Invoke icon.png Invoke should usually be leveled as soon as it is available, as reducing the cooldown can let you be ready to bring a third spell to bear on short notice. At higher levels, being able to bring a spell to bear every five seconds can make you a very dangerous threat in teamfights.
    • Remember that your spells remain on cooldown based on when they were last used, so Invoking a spell that is on cooldown does you little good besides getting it ready for use once it does come off cooldown.
    • If you want to cast three spells in quick succession, it can help to have the orbs for the third spell prepared before casting the other two. This allows you to cast your first two spells and then Invoke the third immediately once at least one of the first two are on cooldown. This can let you cast nuke-heavy combos such as Sun Strike + Chaos Meteor + Deafening Blast, as the first two spells have delays that allow you to queue up the third so that you can land all three on a target simultaneously.
    • With an Aghanim's Scepter, it is possible to Invoke spells every two seconds once you hit level 17 or higher. If your reflexes are good enough, you can barrage the enemy with spells as quickly as you can queue them up. However, this is only truly useful in the late-game once all of your orbs have been leveled up enough for their associated spells to be truly potent. This is another testament to just how level-dependent Invoker is, as even with Aghanim's Scepter his spells can lack effectiveness if his orbs are not high level enough.
  • All of Invoker's spells have fairly long cooldowns and are individually fairly complex, while also having strong synergy with each other. Understanding how to use his spells effectively and how to combo them is key to playing Invoker well.
  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap is a strong disabling spell that can greatly slow enemies and deal significant amounts of damage based on the level of Quas. It has strong utility in the early- and mid-game, however it decreases in effectiveness once the enemy gets spell immunity to dispel it or prevent you from casting it on them in the first place.
    • Cold Snap has strong utility in the laning stage, as it can mini-stun an opponent multiple times, especially if they have drawn creep aggro by ordering an attack on you. Use it on an aggressive enemy, and it can proc multiple times from your attacks as well as those of allied creeps.
    • Remember that this spell mini-stuns its target upon cast, and has 1000 cast range. This allows Invoker to use the spell to interrupt channeled spells and items from a great distance, particularly useful for interrupting Town Portal Scrolls.
    • Cold Snap is very strong when combined with any spell that deals damage over time, as each small damage instance will proc the mini-stun and damage. Used in combination with a damage-over-time spell, Cold Snap can greatly hinder a target's movements and deal significant damage.
    • Forge Spirits have strong synergy with Cold Snap, as each spirit's individual attacks (as well as your own) can proc the mini-stun, and both spells are based on Quas. When attacking a target afflicted with Cold Snap, try to stagger your Forge Spirits so that they attack at different intervals, in order to increase the chances of proccing the mini-stun.
    • One of Cold Snap's strongest aspects is that it can greatly impede the attack and cast animations of enemy players, preventing them from retaliating for the duration of the debuff. As Cold Snap is leveled up the trigger cooldown decreases, meaning that at maximum level of Quas heroes with cast or attack animations above 0.2 seconds will be unable to do anything without dispelling the debuff first, if the mini-stun procs immediately when it is able to.
  • Ghost Walk icon.png Ghost Walk is a strong escape spell on Invoker that has no fade time, and also slows any nearby enemies attempting to pursue based on Quas. It also slows Invoker himself based on Wex.
    • While invisible, beware that using any items or queuing any orbs will cause you to break invisibility. As such, if your goal is to run away from the enemy, do not change your orbs or activate your Phase Boots, as doing either will instantly reveal you.
    • If your goal is to run away from the enemy, remember that you need at least 4 levels of Wex in order to negate the movement penalty. However, if you have time, it is also advised to shift all of your active orbs to Wex, in order to grant yourself a movement speed bonus, and use the active from your Phase Boots prior to casting Ghost Walk.
    • Ghost Walk can be used in chases as well, not just escapes, if the enemy has no escape abilities. With high levels in both Quas and Wex, Invoker can catch up to fleeing enemies and then slow them down by walking alongside them, giving allies time to catch up and finish a target.
  • Ice Wall icon.png Ice Wall is a strong slow and damage-over-time spell that works best if the enemy is forced to stand in a particular area. The slow and wall duration is based on Quas, while the damage over time is based on Exort.
    • Ice Wall is best used as a disengagement spell, as it will drastically slow chasing enemies and give teammates time to escape and its wide area prevents enemy players from easily pathing around it to avoid the slow. It can also be used against solo enemies attempting to escape, as it can lock them down in position for casting your other spells.
    • Invoker requires good positioning in order to use this spell offensively, as the wall is placed right in front of him upon casting the spell. As such, it is recommended to get a Blink Dagger to position the wall effectively.
    • Cold Snap has strong synergy with this spell, as both spells are based primarily on Quas. Using Cold Snap on an opponent who is already in the wall will cause them to take the mini-stun every second and prevent them from moving outside of the damage and slow zone, effectively pinning them in place.
  • EMP icon.png EMP is an area-of-effect nuke that drains the enemies' mana, then damages them and restores mana to Invoker based on Wex.
    • Due to its delay, EMP can be hard to land on enemies. However, its long cast range and wide effect radius also make it difficult to avoid. When attempting to cast EMP on enemy heroes, it is best to hit them with a set-up spell first.
    • Tornado has the strongest synergy with EMP since it can disable multiple enemy heroes for up to 2.5 seconds, and both spells are based off of Wex. Hitting the enemy team with a Tornado while simultaneously deploying EMP can virtually guarantee connecting the spell.
    • While it loses much of its potency in the late game due to mana pools getting larger, EMP can still greatly disrupt enemies at all stages of the game. Destroying the mana on low-intelligence heroes, particularly strength and agility casters, can render them impotent in the early- and mid-game, while doing so in the late-game can hinder an enemy carry's ability to cast spells (such as Phantom Strike icon.png Phantom Strike or God's Strength icon.png God's Strength) or use item abilities that require mana (such as Abyssal Blade icon.png Abyssal Blade).
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado is Invoker's most powerful crowd-control and set-up ability, as its long range allows him to disable the entire enemy team from long range, and remove buffs from them, setting them up for subsequent spells. Its range and damage is based on Wex, while the cyclone duration is based on Quas.
    • Remember that enemies are completely invulnerable while cycloned, so you still need to time your spells to hit after they land. The cyclone duration is based off of Quas, so be mindful of how many levels of Quas you have as well.
    • Tornado's extremely long range allows good Invoker players to snipe fleeing enemies with good prediction. You can use it to interrupt Town Portal scrolls, or simply outright kill enemy players who are at low enough health.
    • Keep in mind that Tornado provides flying vision along its path as it travels, so it can be used as a scouting spell of sorts if you need to find an enemy in the fog of war. You and your team can subsequently use this vision in combination with your other spells, such as following up a successful cyclone with a global range Sun Strike.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity is a very strong single-target buff on a low cooldown that greatly amplifies the physical damage output of a friendly carry, one of Invoker's summons, or Invoker himself. The attack speed buff is based on Wex, while the damage bonus buff is based on Exort.
    • Alacrity is not very useful in the early game due to its scaling, however it is extremely strong in the late game once you or your teammates have more damage output. Increasing the damage and attack speed of your team's hard carry can allow them to inflict large amounts of physical damage against their targets.
    • Keep in mind that this spell can be cast on all allied units, not just heroes. As such, you can use it on allied summons, such as Summon Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear and Chaotic Offering icon.png Chaotic Offering, as well as siege creeps, depending on the situation.
  • Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike is a deadly nuke with global range, which is perfect to kill fleeing Heroes. Its damage is based purely on Exort.
    • Sun Strike is one of Invoker's most useful spells, as it has utility at all points in the game. During the laning stage, Invoker can use it to add his striking power to a gank, especially if combined with a friendly stun that holds an enemy in place for more than 1.7 seconds. Once past the laning stage, it can be used to snipe fleeing enemies or check Roshan's pit.
    • Sun Strike's delay makes it hard to land on enemies, so some set-up or prediction is required in order to use it well. If you can predict an enemy player's movements, you can finish them off from across the map if they're already at low health.
    • One very useful way to use Sun Strike is to target it on the enemy's fountain if you or your teammates cannot finish off a teleporting enemy hero in time. As they are most likely going to arrive in their fountain, you can kill them inside their own base while they are still at low health.
    • Beware that Sun Strike splits its damage evenly among all struck enemy units, so if more than one enemy is within its effect radius the spell will lost at least half of its potency. As such, smart enemy players will clump up alongside their own low-health teammates in order to prevent you from killing them.
    • Sun Strike can pierce spell immunity. This means that if an enemy hero attempts to activate spell immunity and then teleport out (such as Blade Fury icon.png Blade Fury or Rage icon.png Rage), you can still damage them and potentially kill them before they can escape.
  • Forge Spirit icon.png Forge Spirit is one of Invoker's signature spells, allowing him to summon one or two Forge Spirits to do his bidding. Its attributes are affected by Quas and Exort.
    • In general, players who wish to specialize in using Forge Spirits will level up at least 4 each of Quas and Exort, getting the ability to summon two of them as early as level 9. Forge Spirits can bring a great amount of offensive potential to the table, allowing Invoker to use them to harass, push, or scout.
    • One of the strongest aspects of Forge Spirits is that they reduce enemy heroes' armor with each attack, increasing their vulnerability to physical damage at the same time as they are dealing that damage. This makes them very strong at killing enemy heroes with enough lockdown, such as from Cold Snap.
    • Forge Spirits make good targets for Alacrity, as they can deal tremendous amounts of damage when focusing a single target, whether in a teamfight or while pushing.
    • Forge Spirits will usually last longer than the cooldown on summoning them, based on how many levels of Quas Invoker has learned. As such, leveling Quas can allow Invoker to have the Forge Spirits active while having different spells on Invoke, which can allow Invoker to have two spells for immediate use and a third queued to Invoke, while the Forge Spirits are active.
    • Summoning Forge Spirits while there are active instances will immediately destroy them, with no gold or experience bounty for enemy heroes. Be sure to re-summon your Forge Spirits if they are about to be killed by the enemy, in order to deny them any gold or experience they may earn from killing them.
  • Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor summons a meteor that, after a delay, rolls forward and deals damage and inflicts a burn debuff to all enemies it passes through. Its roll distance is based on Wex, while its damage and burn are based on Exort.
    • Due to the delay, Chaos Meteor is best combined with a set-up spell, such as Tornado or the active from Eul's Scepter of Divinity. Unlike sun Strike, Chaos Meteor does not have a global range that allows room for prediction.
    • In order to get the most from a single meteor, it is best to try to keep enemies inside of the meteor itself for as long as possible. Spells that can forcibly displace the enemy such as Deafening Blast synergize well with Chaos Meteor as the target will also be disabled for the duration of the displacement.
    • Chaos Meteor has the longest cooldown out of all of Invoker's spells. Be careful about when you cast it, as you will have to wait almost a minute to cast it again.
  • Deafening Blast icon.png Deafening Blast is Invoker's most general-purpose nuke and disable. It stuns and pushes based on Quas, disarms based on Wex, and deals its nuke damage based on Exort.
    • In general, Deafening Blast is best utilized with levels in Quas and Exort for the stun, push and nuking power. Wex applies the disarm after the stun, which is situationally useful depending on the target, but for general purpose Quas and Exort are more important.
    • Never underestimate the disarm portion of Deafening Blast, however. If cast against an enemy carry in a teamfight, it can render them unable to attack at a critical juncture, all the more so if they have already used their spell immunity beforehand.
    • The displacement due to the push can be extremely powerful in the right situation. Cast in the right direction, Deafening Blast can push enemies over unpathable terrain, or in the direction of teammates.
  • Invoker can build a multitude of items to suit the needs of himself and his team.
    • An early Hand of Midas icon.png Hand of Midas can be a very strong pickup, as Invoker is one of the most level- and gold-dependent heroes in the game. Be careful, however, as getting a Midas too late into the game or against heroes that are strong in the early game can be a bad idea, as buying a Midas leaves you weaker than buying other items in the immediate future.
    • Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd can be a powerful disable and survivability item to build on Invoker. It increases his survivability against physical damage by allowing him to evade right-clicks, and allows him to disarm an enemy carry for a short duration.
    • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence is a strong item to build on Invoker if he needs additional disables but also wants to increase his physical damage output. It provides intelligence and scaling mana regen, allowing Invoker to cast spells on a more regular basis, and increases his attack damage and attack speed. As well, the silence can be useful against certain targets, giving Invoker yet more disables to use against the enemy, and the burn damage at the end gives him more killing potential with his wide array of burst damage nukes.
    • Desolator icon.png Desolator is a situational item that is built mainly as a pushing or fighting item. The bonus damage and armor reduction allows Invoker to deal tremendous damage with his right-clicks, amplified by his Forge Spirits, which can also reduce enemy heroes' armor. It is also useful when pushing since the armor reduction works against buildings, allowing Invoker to take towers more easily alongside his summons.
    • Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone is relatively situational but can be a very strong item on Invoker. The greatly increased HP and mana pool it grants allows Invoker to survive and cast spells much more easily in teamfights, and the mana regen from the passive scaling regen and the charges ensures that Invoker will never run out of mana to cast his spells.
    • Refresher Orb icon.png Refresher Orb is a very situational but strong item on Invoker, depending on the player's reflexes. Using the active will reset the cooldowns on all of his spells, including any that are not currently Invoked. This means that Invoker can use any currently Invoked spell twice in quick succession, as well as any items with active abilities, allowing him to cast at least six spells (four of them duplicates) and use active items twice inside the space of 3 seconds.


  • In the earliest version of Invoker, the order of instances mattered when Invoke was cast. Invoker had access to 27 spells, including the 10 still in game (though with some differences).[1]
  • Invoker is (or used to be) a Magus like Rubick icon.png Rubick, who calls him the Play Play Arsenal Magus.
  • Invoker's Deafening Blast cast response Play "Sonic boom!" is a reference to the signature move of Guile from the Street Fighter fighting game series.
  • Invoker (Along with some players and casters) sometimes jokingly refers to his Chaos Meteor as a meatball (Play "Behold the meatball!"), due to their highly similar appearance.
  • One of Invoker's lines when he casts Chaos Meteor is Play "Gallaron's Abyssal Carnesphere!" Carne is Spanish and Italian for meat, and a sphere is the geometric shape of a ball. So "carnesphere" is another way of saying "meatball".
  • Invoker's line for purchasing a Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger Play "Dagger of the mind." references the "Dagger" monologue from Shakespeare's play, Macbeth.
  • Invoker's respawn line Play "Knowing me... knowing you." references the song by the band Abba, of the same name.[2]
  • As referenced in the details of his name, Invoker was known as Kael, or Kael'thas Sunstrider, in DotA. Kael'thas is best known as the Lord of the Blood Elves in the Warcraft universe.[3] The Invoker of DotA also makes use of his Warcraft 3 model and voice.
    • Skywrath Mage icon.png Skywrath Mage's responses when meeting Invoker may also be related to this, as Dragonus was also a blood elf in DotA.


  • In DotA, Invoker's name is Kael,[4] based on the WarCraft Blood Elf Mage character, Kael'thas Sunstrider. His fun name is Kal-El, a pun conflating the name Kael with the birth name of Superman.
  • In April 2011, a fake DotA 6.72 Chinese changelog[5] referred to Invoker as "卡尔" ("Kael", transliterated as "Kǎ'ěr"). A PlayDota forum member translated the changelog[6] with Google Translate, in an attempt to get a quick, rough translation. Google Translate mistakenly translated "卡尔" as "Carl". PlayDota forum members were at first confused, then entertained by the mistake. IceFrog, the lead developer of DotA and Dota 2, joked "Carl had it coming".[7]
  • In December 2011, drafts of Invoker's Dota 2 lore referred to him as "Garral" twice, presumably a nod to "Carl". This name was excised upon Invoker's release in January 2012; the lore currently refers to him only as "the Invoker".
  • Invoker's voice lines include the name Carl three times. Invoker has a small chance to speak one of these lines when his model is selected:
    • Play "Carl!"
    • Play "Throughout the eons I have been known by many names…but my true name of power…is Carl."
    • Play "Behold before you, the illustrious, the imperious, ingenious arch-mage… CARL."
  • Undying uses the name Carl once, when meeting an allied Invoker on the battlefield, and even then only 5% of the time:
    • Play "Carl, is that you?"
  • Mirana uses the name Carl once, when killing an enemy Invoker, and even then only 5% of the time:
    • Play "Carl, meet Sagan." A pun on Carl Sagan. (Mirana's feline mount is named Sagan.)
  • In summary, whether Invoker's "real" name is Carl appears to be a subject of humor and is intentionally ambiguous.

Update history[edit]

December 17, 2014 Patch Update 3

June 28, 2013 Patch

June 14, 2013 Patch

April 25, 2013 Patch

February 21, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed backswing behavior on some of Invoker's skills.

October 25, 2012 Patch

August 15, 2012 Patch

July 05, 2012 Patch

June 20, 2012 Patch

May 10, 2012 Patch

March 28, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Updated the hero selection portrait for Invoker.

March 23, 2012 Patch

  • Un-decapitated Invoker.

February 16, 2012 Patch

January 26, 2012 Patch

  • Added Legacy Key support for Invoker.
  • Fixed Invoker's Quas, Wex, and Exort not giving Invoker bonus stats properly when upgraded.
  • Fixed Invoker's Invoke to properly swap the invoked abilities in the 1st and 2nd slots if the spell already existing in the 2nd slot is invoked again.
  • Fixed Cold Snap not being castable on Roshan.
  • Fixed EMP cast range.
  • Enabled Invoker in CM.
  • Lane creeps will now stand still if they become unable to attack, such as when hit by Invoker's Deafening Blast, instead of charging past enemy creeps and towers.

January 20, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed Quas icon.png Quas, Wex icon.png Wex, and Exort icon.png Exort not giving Invoker bonus stats when upgraded.
  • Fixed Invoke icon.png Invoke to properly swap the invoked abilities if the new spell already exists.
  • Fixed Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap not being castable on Roshan.
  • Fixed EMP icon.png EMP cast range.

January 19, 2012 Patch

  • Enabled Invoker icon.png Invoker Invoker!

December 16, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added new portrait and ability icons.

Balance changelog[edit]



  • [Undocumented] Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike now pierces Spell Immunity.


  • Tornado icon.png Tornado flying vision area reduced from 1200 to 600.
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado damage from 2*Wex+Quas to 3*Wex.


  • Forge Spirit icon.png Forge Spirit 33% magic resistance removed.
  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap damage reworked from the initial and secondary proc damage of 60/30 to 7xQuasLevel per proc.
  • Deafening Blast icon.png Deafening Blast's Disarm is now dispelled when Magic Immunity is applied.


  • Ghost Walk icon.png Ghost Walk slow no longer affects magic immune enemies.
  • EMP icon.png EMP delay increased from 2.6 to 2.9.


  • Forge Spirit icon.png Forge Spirit
    • Armor reduced from 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 to 0/1/2/3/4/5/6.
    • Attack range reduced from 300/400/500/600/700/800/900 to 300/365/430/495/560/625/690.
  • EMP icon.png EMP
    • Burn increased from 100/150/200/250/300/350/400 to 100/175/250/325/400/475/550.
    • Delay from 3.7/3.4/3.15/2.85/2.6/2.3/2 to 2.6.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity manacost reduced from 75 to 45.
  • Ghost Walk icon.png Ghost Walk movement speed from -30/-25/-20/-15/-10/-5/0 to -30/-20/-10/0/10/20/30.


  • EMP icon.png EMP restores Invoker for 50% of the mana it drains from heroes (excluding illusions).
  • Invoke icon.png Invoke max spells rescaled from 1/2/2/2 to 2.


  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity manacost decreased from 100 to 75.
  • Ghost Walk icon.png Ghost Walk slow increased from 20/23/26/30/33/36/40 to 20/25/30/35/40/45/50.
  • Ghost Walk icon.png Ghost Walk cooldown decreased from 60 to 35.
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado damage rescaled from 70+(Wex+Quas)*20 to 70+(2*Wex+Quas)*15.


  • Invoker base damage decreased by 4.


  • Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor damage increased from 80+Exort*30 to 80+Exort*35.
  • Chaos Meteor icon.png Chaos Meteor land time decreased from 1.5 to 1.3.
  • EMP icon.png EMP can no longer hit Invulnerable/Tornadoed units.
  • EMP icon.png EMP cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike damage type changed from Magical to Pure.
  • Sun Strike icon.png Sun Strike now reveals the area it will hit before the damage impact.
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Tornado icon.png Tornado Damage decreased from 77.5+(Wex+Quas)*23 to 70+(Wex+Quas)*20.


  • No longer gets interrupted by casting orbs or Invoke.
  • Base damage reduced by 5.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity can now target mechanical units.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity manacost increased from 50 to 100.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity bonus damage & attack speed decreased from 30->90 to 20->80.
  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap now requires a minimum of 10 damage before it triggers.
  • Ice Wall icon.png Ice Wall no longer affects magic immune units.
  • Fixed some issues with how Invoke tracks your recently casted spells.
    • It now always remembers the latest invoke spell even if it is one you already have. So if you have two and want to keep the oldest one, you can recast it and it will consider it the newest one.


  • Cold Snap icon.png Cold Snap no longer triggers on self damage.



  • Invoker now gains attribute points for each orb he levels


  • Strength gain increased from 1.4 to 1.7


  • Invoke cd from 30/25/12/5 cd to 22/17/12/5
  • Invoke manacost from 20/50/80/110 to 20/40/60/80
  • Alacrity bonus damage increased from 20-80 to 30-90
  • Alacrity duration increased from 8 to 9
  • Chaos Meteor damage improved
  • Cold Snap now applies an initial ministun on cast
  • Forged Spirits Armor is now based on Exort and Range is now based on Quas
  • Ghost Walk manacost reduced from 300 to 200
  • Ghost Walk slow rescaled from 10-40% to 20-40%
  • Ice Wall manacost increased from 125 to 175
  • Ice Wall cooldown increased from 20 to 25
  • Sun Strike damage rescaled from 75-450 to 100-475
  • Tornado range increased from 700-3100 -> 800-3200
  • Tornado duration increased from 0.6-2.2 -> 0.8-2.5
  • Tornado damage increased from max of 375 to 400
  • Quas per instance regen from 0.75 to 1


  • Added an Ally/Observer only visual effect that plays before sun strike lands


  • Improved Alacrity duration (6->8)
  • Added Invoker to Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter. Improves cooldown and mana cost (30/25/12/5->16/8/4/2 cooldown, 20/50/80/110->0 mana cost).


  • Lowered Chaos Meteor cooldown from 70 to 55


  • Rebalanced Invoker
    • Invoke levels at 2/7/12/17 with cooldown from 30/30/15/5 to 30/25/12/5 and manacost from 20/40/60/80 to 20/50/80/110
    • Sun Strike: cooldown 60->30, manacost 250->175
    • Deafening Blast: cooldown 25->40
    • Chaos Meteor: cooldown 30->70
    • Forge Spirit: cooldown 70->30, manacost 200->75, casting with ones already on field kills old ones. Improved visual look slightly. If both elements are level 4 or higher, double spawn.
    • Tornado: Airtime from 0.4/0.7/1.0/1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2 -> 0.6/0.85/1.1/1.35/1.6/1.85/2.2 Same final damage, 120 starting damage instead of 190
    • Alacrity: Is now WWE, cooldown 20->15 Duration 5->6, manacost 125->50, Original IAS: 40/60/80/100/120/140/160. New IAS: 30/40/50/60/70/80/90. It now gives damage as well: 20/30/40/50/60/70/80.
    • EMP: changed to pure Wex ability, WWW. 0.5 HP lost for each mana drained. Tweaked various other aspects such as cast range and manacost.
    • Ice Wall: Rescaled duration from 4->10 to 3->12. Improved Exort based damage from 5/10/15/20/25/30/35 to 6/12/18/24/30/36/42


  • Remade Invoker as promised in 6.49


  • Invoker's Reagents small mana cost removed
  • Invoke cooldown decreased from 15 to 12
  • Shroud of flames reworked


  • Invoke will only add an ability if its not the one you have (can't refresh current)
  • Decreased the aoe and the damage on chaos meteor
  • Slight decreate to aoe on energy ball
  • Reduced the regen on exort
  • Reduced base damage on invoker


  • Created.


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