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Personal Information
Full Name Daryl Koh Pei Xiang
Status Active
Date of birth June 17, 1990 (1990-06-17) (age 24)
Hometown Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Country of origin Flag Singapore.png Singapore
Major Roles Solo , Offlane
Signature Heroes Invoker Naga Siren Elder Titan Troll Warlord Razor Meepo
Professional Career
2006 - 2007 Flag Singapore.png Team Zenith
2007 - 2009 Flag Malaysia.png KingSurf
2010 - 2011 Flag Singapore.png Scythe
2011 - 2013 Flag Singapore.png Team Zenith
2013 - Present Flag China.png DK
Steam account

Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang is a Singaporean professional DotA player currently playing for DK. He is considered by many as one of the best solo mid/offlane players in the world.


[edit] Gaming Career

[edit] Pre-DotA

At a very young age, iceiceice was already playing WarCraft III competitively. As his local DotA scene grew larger, he quit WarCraft III and started playing DotA for Team Zenith in 2006.

[edit] Zenith

iceiceice joined Zenith in 2006. Together, they won ESWC Paris and CAPL.

[edit] StarCraft II

iceiceice entered the StarCraft II competitive scene. He once held the top ranking in both Taiwanese and South-east Asian ladders simultaneously.

[edit] Scythe

In 2011, iceiceice joined the likes of his Singaporean compatriots hyhy, xy-, Chawy, Roy to form Scythe. Despite just 1 week of practice from the Dota 2 International, they managed to surprise everyone and clinched 3rd place.

[edit] Zenith

iceiceice became team captain of Zenith after The International 2 in 2012 during which hyhy, former team captain of Zenith, retired from Dota 2.

[edit] DK

In September 2013, iceiceice left Team Zenith for DK.[1][2]

[edit] References