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Heroes are the essential element of Dota 2, as the course of the game is dependent on their intervention. Players are split into two teams of 5, and can select a Hero from a selection panel. Heroes all have different play styles that stem from unique abilities and combinations of attributes. Over the course of the game, Heroes will accumulate experience. Once a Hero has enough experience, they will level up, making them more powerful than before and allowing them to level up new abilities. Most Heroes have a distinct role that defines how they can affect the battlefield, though many Heroes can perform two or more of these Roles.

Currently, 111 of the 112 heroes are playable in the main Dota 2 client. For a table of heroes sorted by attributes and mechanics, see Table of Hero attributes.

List of Heroes

Strength Heroes Icon Str.png

Strength Heroes are tough warriors and can withstand more damage than other Heroes. Because of their high Strength, these Heroes have the greatest natural Health and can regenerate quickly, keeping them in the fight and dealing damage. Strength Heroes can fit a variety of roles, and are almost always Melee Heroes.

A real force of nature, Raigor Stonehoof delivers seismic Fissures that stun and isolate his foes. Never outgunned when outnumbered, Raigor's Echo Slam is known to obliterate legions of attackers at once.
A one-man army that demands the enemy's full attention, Mogul Khan taunts his foes into unwinnable melee duels and Culls the weak from his sight with fell sweeps of his Axe.
Proud in his exile, Sven has only his own rogue strength to count on and such mighty strength it is! Smashing opponents into the ground with his Storm Bolts and cleaving them apart, the Rogue Knight is invincible in close combat.
More meat than man, Pudge's long range Meat Hook reels in surprised victims from the battlefield and onto the Butcher's workbench, ready to be dismembered and eaten alive.
Big things come in little packages - Tiny can cause Avalanches at a whim, Toss his targets through the air, and Grow to immense sizes, treading over his enemies as a hulking Stone Giant.
Sand King
Whipping around disabling enemies like the shifting sands themselves, Crixalis the Sand King calls upon the power of the deserts to stun and destroy his foes.
The Captain and sole "survivor" of a doomed navy, the Admiral Kunkka wields the legendary sword Tidebringer, capable of destroying enemy armies, manipulating huge Torrents and summoning the Ghost of his ill-fated Ship to dash his enemies to the rocks and buff his allies.
Determined to chase down his prey, the Slithereen Guard Slardar can mark someone with Amplify Damage to make it impossible to hide from his savage bashes and stuns.
Wild and dangerous, Karroch the Beastmaster calls upon ferocious allies to scout and hunt, and causes chaos among enemies with his Primal Roar and Wild Axes.
Tougher than the seas themselves, Tidehunter Leviathan shrugs off blow after blow, clobbering enemies with his anchor and summoning abyssal gods to Ravage everything with flailing tentacles.
Dragon Knight
More than meets the eye, Dragon Knight Davion tips the scales by stunning his foes and breathing fire, and taps his draconic heritage to unleash his Elder Dragon Form.
Wraith King
Ostarion the Wraith King is neither brief nor cowardly, utilizing brute strength and the essence of the wraith against his enemies, gashing them with soul-shattering blows, and Reincarnating should he fall.
A mechanized warrior full of tricks and traps, Rattletrap in his Clockwerk armor uses flares and cogs to damage enemies and closes in with his trusty Hookshot from far away to sow chaos and disorder.
Fearsome and vicious, N'aix the Lifestealer Feasts upon his foes as he attacks them and Infests Creeps to Consume them whole, all for his so-called Master.
Fear nothing! Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight turns the tide of battles with strong heals and buffs, calling upon his Guardian Angel to make his allies almost invulnerable.
Night Stalker
When the sun sets, the Night Stalker rises. Fast and agile at night, Balanar stalks his prey relentlessly, crippling and murdering his unlucky foes, and even forcing the world into Darkness at a whim.
Sacrifice is strength, and Huskar puts that strength to use. Channeling pain into power, the Sacred Warrior burns his foes with spears and cuts enemies in half with his powerful Life Break.
Destructive and cataclysmic, the Doom-bringing Lucifer Devours weaker enemies whole, unleashes the fires of Hell and locks rivals in an unholy curse to ensure their Doom.
Brains and Brawn combined! Razzil Darkbrew the Alchemist is a chemically fueled powerhouse, hurling Unstable Concoctions at his foes and sending his Ogre into a Chemical Rage, becoming incredibly difficult to kill.
Spirit Breaker
Capable of quickly disabling and killing lone targets, Barathrum Spirit Breaker charges into enemies and crushes the lights out of them with powerful bashes.
Drunk and aggressive, Mangix the Brewmaster smashes the ground with Thunder Clap, intoxicates his enemies (while fighting intoxicated himself) and splits into three elements with unique abilities during his Primal Split.
A ferocious and deadly shapeshifter, the Lycan Banehallow summons powerful wolves, grants his entire team damage with his fearful Howl, and even assumes the form of a wolf himself.
Treant Protector
Hidden amongst the trees, Rooftrellen the Treant Protector protects his allies and buildings with Living Armor and traps his enemies in place with verdant Overgrowth.
Chaos Knight
The knight of chance, Chaos Knight sows disarray upon his enemies with his Reality Rift and Chaos Bolt before summoning powerful Phantasms of himself to aid him in battle.
The phenomenon that is Io makes its presence felt throughout the battlefield, Tethering itself to allies to strengthen them before temporarily Relocating them both to anywhere in need.
A dead man walking, Undying summons hordes of zombies with his Tombstone, rending his enemies' souls and decaying their bodies, and amplifying damage with his horrible Flesh Golem plague, to spread the dire Dirge wherever he walks.
Centaur Warrunner
A brute centaur capable of dealing huge damage and returning damage inflicted upon him, Bradwarden Stomps and Stampedes over his enemies to pave his road with their fallen corpses.
The mighty Magnus the Magnoceros charges into his foes, Skewering them upon his coveted horn before pulling them all into his reach with his feared Reverse Polarity, destroying enemy positioning.
With chaotic and terrified hatred towards trees, Rizzrack in his Timbersaw suit zips around the battlefield with his long-ranged tree-latching hook and cuts enemies to pieces with his fast acting saw blades.
Abaddon rides into battle, shielding his allies and cursing his enemies with the mysterious power of the mist, and even when he reaches low health, enemies will find that they are fighting an insurmountable battle against the Lord of Avernus.
Rigwarl is no coward, and can deal large amounts damage to both single and multiple foes in battle. But he is one to turn his back on a fight, as he takes less damage when attacked from his Bristleback.
A brutal and aggressive fighter, Ymir the Tusk traps enemies with shards of ice, rolls himself and his teammates into battle with his giant snowball, and gives foes a total knockout with his devastating Walrus Punch.
Elder Titan
Make way for the Worldsmith! The creator known as Elder Titan uses the forces that shaped the world itself to split and shatter the world he created so that it may be reborn again!
Legion Commander
Ever the brash, aggressive commander; Tresdin sows chaos among the battle and demands Duels of her opponents - duels they have next to no chance of winning.
Earth Spirit
With the force of the earth and knowledge of the ages, Kaolin uses stone remnants of his fallen army to crush, stun, and damage his foes in a variety of ways.
Harnessing the power of long lost suns, Phoenix burns a path through the universe; with every rebirth leaving even more destruction in its wake.

Agility Heroes Icon Agi.png

Agility Heroes are finessed and dexterous, masters of weapons and fighting techniques. These Heroes have high attack speed and Armor, and focus on using their regular attacks and any Items they have, but can fall back on their abilities in a pinch. Agility Heroes will often be played as carry and gank roles, because of how well they scale.

Deadly and elusive, Anti-Mage blinks through combat, using his Mana Break to devastate enemy casters and then finishing them with his Mana Void, hoping to bring an end to magic.
Thirsty for blood, Strygwyr the Bloodseeker will chase down heavily damaged enemies, healing himself for each unit he kills and Rupturing foes that try to escape.
Drow Ranger
Traxex the Drow Ranger is a fierce archer, slowing targets with Frost Arrows and silencing dangerous ones in a gust of icy wind, while striking them for colossal damage.
Shadow Fiend
Nevermore blasts his enemies with his powerful Shadowrazes, consuming their mortal coil for enormous attack damage and unleashing huge power with his Requiem of Souls.
Yurnero the feared Juggernaut attacks with a flurry of blades, spinning into enemies with Blade Fury and slicing his foes with a fierce Omnislash.
Quick as lightning, the Lightning Revenant can channel the electricity in him to sap the strength of his enemies and call upon the Eye of the Storm to ravage enemies and buildings alike, calling them down to the dreadful Narrow Maze.
Princess Mirana is a skilled huntress, hitting enemies with well timed Arrows and calling upon powerful Starstorms that strikes every opponent near her; cloaking her allies in a lunar shroud to escape certain death or pull off a surprise attack.
Insidious and serpentine, Lesale the Venomancer summons lethal Plague Wards, poisons enemies with a Venomous Gale, and infects all nearby foes with his Poison Nova for huge damage.
As versatile as the tides, Morphling takes on whatever form it needs for battle, Replicating Heroes and taking their positions to create havoc for his enemies.
Faceless Void
Time stops for no one, except Faceless Void. Darkterror manipulates time to hinder enemies and avoid harm, trapping foes and allies alike in a timeless Chronosphere.
Phantom Lancer
Azwraith the Phantom Lancer wields a magical lance, creating a phantom army of himself wherever he attacks, and crushes his opponents through sheer and overwhelming numbers.
Phantom Assassin
A Sister of the Veil with a divine purpose, Mortred stalks her prey without being detected, then slaughters them in a heartbeat with a sanguine Coup de Grâce.
Vengeful Spirit
Crippling enemies with stuns and debuffs, and recklessly endangering herself to save her allies, Vengeful Spirit fights selflessly to sate her thirst for revenge.
Striking from above, Viper the Netherdrake pins down singular targets, almost completely stopping them in their tracks with his virulent toxin and his deadly signature Viper Strike.
Silent and mysterious as smoke, the Stealth Assassin Riki stalks the battlefield using cunning and stealth to Backstab enemies under the veil of his Permanent Invisibility.
Tormented by a longevity spell that backfired horribly, Clinkz the Bone Fletcher is eager to get his revenge, and will do so by strafing his enemies with Searing Arrows, burning them down to ashes.
Kardel the Sniper is one with his rifle, blasting his enemies' heads with incredible accuracy and Assassinating rivals from impossible distances.
The Broodmother spawns her bloodthirsty Spiderlings and Spins Webs to conceal her own presence, striking her enemies down in an Insatiable Hunger with help from her army of devoted children.
Templar Assassin
In defense of the temple, the assassin Lanaya is able to lay Traps for the unwary, Meld into the shadows, and strike devastating blows with her Psionic Blades.
Scuttling around the battleground unseen at high speeds, Skitskur the Weaver kills his prey quickly, and manipulates time to undo damage to himself.
Luna prefers to fight at night. The Moon Rider runs in and burns her enemies with Lucent Beams and cripples them with ricocheting Moon Glaives, before obliterating them in an Eclipse.
A confused and dangerous entity from another plane, the Spectre can be anywhere and everywhere at once, and running from her is futile.
Bounty Hunter
A cunning hunter, Gondar the Bounty Hunter Tracks and collects the bounties on the heads of his enemies, striking from the shadows, crippling them with his powerful Jinada, and tossing a Shuriken to finish the job.
A conniving Geomancer who uses the power of many to outmaneuver and out-level his opponents, pummeling them with disables and burst damage.
A powerful ursine warrior who gains more damage with every attack, and tears unsuspecting opponents to shreds in the blink of an eye.
Nyx Assassin
True to his title, the Nyx Assassin stalks his chosen prey and obliterates them in the name of his dark goddess, punishing enemies foolish enough to strike back at him.
Aurel is back from retirement! Armed with explosives and special ammunition, foolish youngsters don't stand a chance against him.
As slippery as you could imagine, Slark is a sneaky assassin who kills quickly and is almost impossible to pin down.
Lone Druid
An exile with a sacred purpose, the Lone Druid Sylla fights alongside his trusted Spirit Bear, with the ability to morph into a powerful melee beast himself in order to destroy his foes.
Knowing that the only true beauty is power, the hideous Gorgon Medusa uses her mana pool as a shield, steals mana with her snakes and turns enemies into stone with a mere glance, then destroys all of her assailants at once.
Naga Siren
Slithice the Naga Siren fights again to restore her lost honor. Armed with powerful disabling abilities and the dreaded Song of the Siren, she and her choir of illusions crescendo to horrifying power like the rising tide.
Terrorblade the Demon Marauder unleashes the fears of opponents unto themselves, reflecting their inner demons and summoning forth his own to fight alongside him in battle.
Troll Warlord
An ill-tempered troll, Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord is blessed by increasing attack speed, and the skill to swap between both melee and ranged attacks.
Arc Warden
A fragment of the beginning of the universe, Zet can outmaneuver any foe with his evasion field, creating deadly Clones of himself that are just as powerful as he is.
Ember Spirit
Fire is the best teacher, and Xin is eager to teach his enemies the power of flames with searing chains, a blazing shield and the strength of scorching remnants of fire.

Intelligence Heroes Icon Int.png

Intelligence Heroes are masters of spells and abilities. They tend to have larger Mana pools, and much greater Mana regeneration than other Heroes. Because of this, they often rely on their abilities to help allies and harm enemies, rather than physical attacks. Most Intelligence heroes are fragile, though this doesn't necessarily mean they're easy to kill. Intelligence Heroes are often played for support, gank, and pusher roles. Most Intelligence heroes are also Ranged Heroes.

Crystal Maiden
Princess of Ice, Rylai the Crystal Maiden entraps her enemies in ice and blasts opponents with a wave of frost while restoring mana to her whole team, calling forth a devastating blizzard to sow icy death.
The very representation of fear and nightmares, Atropos the Bane Elemental possesses dark and sinister abilities that he uses to cripple and disable multiple foes at once.
Mischief and merriment is the game of Puck, as the Faerie Dragon silences foes with choking dust and ensnares rivals in volatile coils, specializing in tricking enemies into wasting their attacks while invulnerable.
Chilled to the core and bad to the bone, Lich Ethreain summons waves of cold to damage enemies, create armors of ice, sacrifices his creeps for mana, and annihilates his opponents with Chain Frost.
Storm Spirit
Raijin Thunderkeg, the gleeful Storm Spirit, blows his foes away with explosive decoys and pulls them into an electrical vortex, then ricochets past enemies at lightning speed.
With sheer rage, Lion the Demon Witch delivers violent pain to his preys, impaling enemies with shards of stone, transforming opponents into frogs, and turning insolent foes inside out with one touch.
Lyralei the Windranger is fast and devastating, a master of arrows and quick on her feet, and like the wind itself she is both impossible to catch and to escape.
Witch Doctor
Zharvakko the Witch Doctor turns the tide of battle, launching casks of paralyzing powder, healing his allies and cursing his enemies, and bringing forth an extremely deadly Death Ward with a dark ritual.
You can't run from heaven! High, noble and mighty, Zeus summons down thunderous bolts of lightning to smite his enemies, capable of damaging them wherever they may be.
Puzzling as the void between stars, Enigma bends the nature of the universe itself to summon mysterious Eidolons, dark magics, and an inescapable Black Hole.
Cocky and volatile, Lina calls upon powerful flames to incinerate, scorches the earth with mighty pillars of fire, and blasts foes to ashes with torrid bolts of energy.
Like a slowly spreading plague, Rotund'jere the Necrophos bides his time, eating away at their health and sadistically anticipating the moment when his foes finally feel their demise from his horrible Reaper's Scythe.
Shadow Shaman
Calling forth devastating shadow magic, Rhasta the Shadow Shaman shackles enemies in place, transforms them into chickens, zaps them with energy and summons serpentine wards to unleash destruction.
A master of the arts of dark magic, Warlock Demnok Lannik calls upon healing and destruction with a whisper, and calls out fiery Demons onto enemies to wreak havoc and destroy all that they touch.
With the power of science at his fingertips, Boush the innovative Tinker blinds his foes with intense Lasers, fires off Heat-Seeking Missiles, summons an army of robots, and can Rearm himself at will.
Queen of Pain
Seductive, yet lethal, Akasha the Queen of Pain teleports in and out of combat, lets loose hellish screams in a Sonic Wave, and flings tenebrous daggers at anyone foolish enough to attempt escape.
Nature's Prophet
Trees, trees, and more trees! Defender of the forest, Nature's Prophet can summon trees to trap enemies, turn trees into powerful armies, and unleash the Wrath of Nature; as well as teleporting around the map to assist his allies.
Death Prophet
Krobelus the Death Prophet spreads supernatural terror wherever she goes, surrounded by ghosts of lives past and voracious bats who claw at the souls and flesh of the living, chasing them to their demise.
With a hop, skip, and a jump, Aiushtha the Enchantress calls her faithful friend of the woods by her side, heals her allies, and slows her foes while dealing incredible damage from afar.
A malicious creature indeed, Pugna spreads ruin wherever he goes, sucking the life out of opponents, creating powerful explosions, summoning charged wards and banishing opponents into the Nether Realm.
The essence of fire and ice combined, this two-headed dragon Jakiro manipulates temperature to sear enemies with burning fire or freeze them solid with cold ice, combining the two with devastating results.
Dazzle the Shadow Priest calls upon the power of the Nothl Realm, bending dark and light to heal and ward off death while harming and endangering his opponents.
The symbol of faith, the Holy Knight Chen uses his magic to test any infidels, convert animals to aid his cause, and give his allies a healing hand from anywhere.
Being torn from the heart of nature, Leshrac calls upon his Tormented Soul's power to twist the world, dealing colossal magic damage to punish all the fools who oppose him.
With his draining curses and magic-disrupting powers, Nortrom the Silencer snuffs out his enemies' abilities and leaves them fallen wordlessly to the ground, gored by his Glaives of Wisdom.
Dark Seer
As cunning as could be, Ish'Kafel the Dark Seer uses mystical dark energy from his realm to move quickly about the battlefield and disrupt enemy positioning, creating an army of dangerous replications.
Ogre Magi
Drenched in the fortunes of Pure Skill (dumb luck), Aggron Stonebreak comes in with his art of fire to bring down waves of napalm onto his foes. Maybe he'll do it twice if he feels like it. Or thrice. Or maybe four times.
High in the sky, Batrider cruises in on his targets, dousing them in ignitable fluids and unleashing a flurry of fiery attacks, grabbing foes in his lasso for his allies to kill.
The cunning Rubick, son of Aghanim and master of powerful and debilitating magics, is capable of thieving the abilities of his foes to use against them and disabling them with his own, all the while showing them the skill of the Grand Magus.
Ancient Apparition
The frozen ice that has existed forever, Kaldr's warmthless presence enables him to slow his enemies and chill them to the bone, before shattering them into thousands of remorseful pieces.
Bringing Thunder Strikes and Static Storms, locking foes in Kinetic Fields, and warping them back through time, the Stormcrafter Disruptor shocks his opponents in a variety of ways.
As the superior Arsenal Magus, the Invoker is able to combine the essence of the elements to unleash seemingly innumerable devastating spells upon all who oppose him.
Keeper of the Light
You shall not pass! For the glorious Keeper of the Light controls the lane with his mighty waves of light. A valuable helper indeed, Ezalor refills the mana pools of his allies or drains those of his enemies, stunning them all in a brilliant flash of light.
Outworld Devourer
Full of malignant intellect, the Outworld Devourer serves as the Harbinger of omens as he obliterates his intellectually inferior opponents with powerful spells full of mind-shattering forces.
Skywrath Mage
Dragonus the Skywrath Mage brings arcane powers from the lofty Nest of Thorns. Using his Arcane Bolt and Concussive Shot from afar he brings his opponents low, then finishes them with his ultimate magic, the Mystic Flare.
Shadow Demon
The malevolent Shadow Demon conjures his arsenal of curses, Disruptions, and poisons from the shadows to spread mayhem amongst the enemy ranks.
The Oracle, able to tell one's fate, manipulates the fate of heroes with his spells with unclear outcomes for all involved. His miraculous spells all have a sinister price, and the Oracle will make no promises.
The watcher of the Underscape, the Bound Form of the Necro'lic Visage and his loyal Familiars ensure that no soul is safe in his duty. Fight if you must, as his pain will be your suffering and your ultimate end.
With a cartload of deadly mines, traps and explosives, the crafty and mischievous Techies are capable of single-handedly denying enemies access to areas, halting opposing pushes, and winning fights before they have even begun.
Winter Wyvern
Winter is coming, and embracing the cold is Winter Wyvern, giving aid to her allies with a healing chill and blasting her opponents with a maddening frenzy, forcing them to attack each other.

Unreleased Heroes

Main article: Unreleased content
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Abyssal Underlord.png
Abyssal Underlord


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  • Has npc_heroes file
  • Has model and animations.
  • Abilities coded and functional.

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