Helm of the Dominator

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Helm of the Dominator
Helm of the Dominator icon.png
The powerful headpiece of a dead necromancer.
1975 (800)
Bought From
Active Dominate
Passive Dominator Aura
Bonus +2 Strength
+2 Agility
+2 Intelligence
+10 Attack speed
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Helm of the Dominator (1975)
Gloves of Haste (500)
Headdress (675)
Recipe (800)

The Helm of the Dominator is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Target Unit
Enemy Units
Take control of a non-hero, non-ancient target unit and sets its movement speed to 425. If a dominated creep's base health is naturally below the health minimum, its base health will be raised to the health minimum.
Cast Range: 700
Max Units: 1
Minimum Base Health: 1400
Set Movement Speed: 425
Set Gold Bounty: 125
Cooldown symbol.png 60
Buff Dominated: Undispellable.
Buff Item Helm Of The Dominator Bonushealth: Undispellable.


  • Dominating a creep while already having one dominated causes the previous dominated creep to die.
  • The number of max allowed units is bound to the player. Buying a new Helm of the Dominator does not allow dominating an additional unit.
    • This also goes for the Tempest Double icon.png Tempest Double​'s copied Helm of the Dominator.
    • When a enemy steals the dominated creep (e.g. Enchant icon.png Enchant​), dominating a new creep does not cause the previous one to die.
    • When the item gets sold or destroyed, the dominated creep dies.
    • The death is not credited to anyone so that no one gets experience from it.
  • Sets the target's movement speed to 425, regardless of its default movement speed.
  • Sets the target's gold bounty to 125, regardless of its default bounty.
    • The target's default gold bounty is not granted upon killing it, only the set value is. Its experience bounty is unchanged.
  • If the creep's maximum health is below 1400, its health is set to that value.
  • If its health is below the minimum base health, it gets fully healed as well. If it is equal or above, then it does not get healed.
  • Does not restore the creep's mana.

Dominator Aura
Can be used by illusions. Pierces spell immunity.
Increases health regen by 8 and attack speed by 10.
Radius: 900
Attack Speed Bonus: 10
Health Regeneration Bonus: 8
Can be used by illusions. Illusions do not benefit from the health regeneration bonus.
Buff Helm Of The Dominator Aura: Undispellable.


  • The aura's buff lingers for 0.5 seconds.
  • Does not stack with multiple instances of Dominator Aura.
  • Fully stacks with other sources of attack speed and health regeneration bonuses.
  • Regenerates up to 480 health in one minute.

Recommended heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Helm gives one more creep to Chen and health regen, that is very important for early game pushes.
  • Howl increases damage of every single creep, increasing pushing power.
Drow Ranger.png
Drow Ranger
  • Allows to give a creep to provide aura for Luna. Stats, hp and attack speed are also important for pushing and surviving.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Dominated creeps can be used to remotely stack the ancient camp. Some creeps have abilities that are very useful, such as Dark Troll Summoner and Ogre Frostmage.
  • You can dominate the Alpha Wolf for the helpful damage aura and have it follow your carry.
  • A dominated creep can be used as a scout that can be placed inside the Roshan pit. Just be sure not to place it too close to Roshan, so he does not attack it.
  • Dominate always sets the creep's base movement speed to 425. The only units which have more than 425 movement speed are Lycan icon.png Lycan​'s wolves at level 3 or higher. This means dominating one of them actually reduces their base speed down to 425. Besides these, all other dominatable creeps have lower movement speed than 425.