Glimmer Cape

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Glimmer Cape
Glimmer Cape icon.png
The stolen cape of a master illusionist.
Bought From
Active Glimmer
Bonus +15% Magic resistance
+20 Attack speed
Disassemble? Yes
Alert allies? No
Glimmer Cape (1850)
Shadow Amulet (1300)
Cloak (550)

The Glimmer Cape is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Caster.

Additional information[edit]

  • The magic resistance stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.


Target Unit
After a 0.6 second delay, grants invisibility and 45% magic resistance to you or a target allied unit. Can be cast while channelling.
Cast Range: 1050
Fade Time: 0.6
Magic Resistance Bonus: 45%
Duration: 5
Cooldown symbol.png 14
Mana symbol.png 90
Buff Item Glimmer Cape Fade: Dispellable with any dispel.
Buff Invisible: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • Does not interrupt the user's channeling spells upon cast, neither when cast on self, nor when cast on allies.
  • If the target is more than 1050 range away, the caster moves to the target until it is within 800 range before casting.
  • When casting on allies, the user does not have to face the targeted ally to cast it. Does not interrupt the target's channeling spells.
  • Places a buff on an allied hero. As long as this buff stays on it, the hero keeps on turning invisible.
  • The fade time is reset and invisibility is lost upon reaching the cast point of spells or items or upon performing an attack.
  • While invisible, the unit can pick up or drop items without having to go through the fade time again.
  • While invisible, the unit is phased, meaning other units can walk through it without getting blocked.
  • The magic resistance is only applied when fully invisible. It is not applied during the fade time.

Recommended heroes[edit]

Strength: Sand King, Abaddon, Tidehunter.

Agility: Vengeful Spirit.

Intelligence: Crystal Maiden, Winter Wyvern.


  • Assuming no sources of magic resistance other than the wearer's Glimmer Cape itself and base magic resistance, the Glimmer active ability reduces the amount of magic damage taken to 35.06% if used on the wearer and 41.25% if used on an ally (respectively 30.39% and 35.75% on Meepo, or 42.08% and 49.5% on Visage).
  • You can use the glimmer cape while teleporting away.