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Personal Information
Name: Gleb Lipatnikov
Date of birth: November 16, 1992 (1992-11-16) (age 22)
Country: Flag Ukraine.png Ukraine
Hometown: Flag Ukraine.png Kharkiv
Signature Heroes: Bounty Hunter Batrider Dark SeerClinkz
Professional Career
2012 Flag Ukraine.png Darer Entertainment
2012 - 2013 Flag Russia.png Team Empire
2013 - 2015 Flag Ukraine.png Natus Vincere
Steam Account

Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov is an offlane player, currently playing for Natus Vincere.

Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov is known by a several different nicknames. Back in Dota 1 he was using nicknames such as Funny and Fantom, but as his primary one Funn1k has stayed at the top of those names. Formerly the team's main hard carry player, and role later on designated to ArtStyle in Darer, Funn1k nevertheless retains the capacity to play the heroes who blossom in the late game stages. However, it is the solo middle, ganker and initiator roles that he now more commonly takes up, with the likes of Enigma, Leshrac and Sand King all possessing the Area of Effect power Funn1k so often is tasked with administrating. Also of note is his preference for Wisp; although the hero was only very recently introduced to competitive Dota 2, Funn1k have been one of the most frequent users of the peculiar little ball of light. Speaking of Funn1k, we can freely say that he has enough experience for one professional DotA player. He has changed a several teams in his Dota Career, both in DotA 1 and Dota 2.

Funn1k was also nominated for the best Hard Lane player of year, 2012 in the GosuAwards. He has finished up at the third place - 19,9%, right after LighTofHeaveN - 49,7% and YYF - 20,8%. Looking at the statistics of all his official games for Team Empire he has played mostly Wisp and Leshrac. Wisp was played 39 times with the 28 wins out of it and Leshrac 23 games with 48% of win - 11 won games. Looking at his GPM, he was hitting the most with Bounty Hunter 695 GPM average in 7 games with him, following it with Clinkz's 670 GPM in 12 games. He was mostly playing Hard Lane role, as that position is his main one.