Force Staff

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Force Staff
Force Staff icon.png
Allows you to manipulate others, for good or evil.
2250 (900)
Bought From
Active Force
Bonus +10 Intelligence
+4 HP regeneration
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Force Staff (2250)
Staff of Wizardry (1000)
Ring of Regen (350)
Recipe Cost: 900

The Force Staff is an Item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Caster. It is commonly used for chasing and escaping, particularly over terrain obstacles.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

One Force Staff grants a total of 4 health regeneration, 130 mana and 0.4 mana regeneration (and 10 attack damage to intelligence heroes).

Ability[edit | edit source]

Ability Affects
Target Unit Units
Pushes any target unit 600 units in the direction it is facing. Double click to self-cast.
Cast Range: 800
Push Distance: 600
Push Duration: 0.4
Cooldown 20 Mana 25
Partially blocked by Spell Immunity. Can target self while spell immune. Can not target any other spell immune unit.


  • Double clicking the item casts it on self.
  • Pushes the target at a speed of 1500.
  • The target is not disabled during the push, so it still can cast spells or items, attack and turn during the push.
  • It also means that it won't cancel channeling spells on the target.
    • However, it does cancel the user's channeling spells upon cast, since it's a single target spell. It's not the push itself canceling them.
  • Can force units over impassable terrain. Trees within 100 radius around the pushed target get destroyed during the push.
  • Can be cast on Roshan but with no effect, since Roshan is immune to forced movement.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This is an overall good and cheap utility item for saving allies and forcing enemies into bad spots.
  • It is also good for countering Heroes that can make impassable barriers, such as Earthshaker icon.png Earthshaker or Clockwerk icon.png Clockwerk

Recommended heroes[edit | edit source]

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Health regeneration increased from 3 to 4 health per second



  • Force travel speed is reduced, total travel time increased from 0.3s to 0.4s.


  • Duel icon.png Dueling units cannot be disarmed or Force Staffed away.


  • Recipe cost decreased from 1000 to 900.


  • Recipe reworked
    • Old Force Staff:
      • Components: Staff of Wizardry (1000), Quarterstaff (900), Recipe (500) (Total: 2400)
      • Stats: +10 Intelligence, +10 Damage, +10 Attack Speed
      • Active: Force (600 units forward, 25 mana, 20 cd, 800 cast range)
    • New Force Staff:
      • Components: Staff of Wizardry (1000), Ring of Regen (350), Recipe (1000) (Total: 2350)
      • Stats: +10 Intelligence, +3 HP regen
      • Active: Force (600 units forward, 25 mana, 20 cd, 800 cast range)


  • Recipe cost increased to 500.
  • Force no longer pushes through Kinetic Field icon.png Kinetic Field.
  • When Power Cogs icon.png Power Cogs is triggered by Force Staff, Power Cogs knockback takes priority.



  • Cooldown decreased from 25 to 20


  • Double clicking force staff now acts as if you clicked on yourself


  • Push distance increased from 500 to 600


  • Manacost decreased from 100 to 25
  • Cooldown decreased from 30 to 25


  • Created.
    • Components: Quarterstaff (900), Staff of Wizardry (1000), Recipe (300) (Total: 2200)
    • Stats: +10 Intelligence, +10 Damage, +10 Attack Speed
    • Active: Force: Pushes a unit (enemy, allied or self) 500 units in the direction that unit is facing. This does not interrupt channeling spells. Cooldown: 30. Mana cost: 100. Cast range: 800

Gallery[edit | edit source]