Fireborn Odachi

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Fireborn Odachi
Cosmetic icon Fireborn Odachi.png
Slot: Weapon

Forged in the fires that bubbled up from the sea on the night your homeland sank beneath the waves!
Created By Valve logo.png
Released May 31, 2012 Patch
Origin 29 - Treasure of Rarities

This item comes with a Kinetic Gem which grants custom spawn, idle, attack, run, Blade Fury icon.png Blade Fury​, Blade Dance icon.png Blade Dance​, Omnislash icon.png Omnislash​ animations, as well as a custom taunt.

Customizations[edit | edit source]

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Ambient Effect File:Fireborn Odachi Ambient.gif
Fireborn Odachi
Fireborn Odachi
Blade Fury icon.png Blade Fury Effect Fireborn Odachi Blade Fury.gif
Spawn Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Spawn.gif
Idle Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Idle.gif
Haste/Run Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Run.gif
Autoattack 1 Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Attack 1.gif
Autoattack 2 Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Attack 2.gif
Autoattack 3 Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Attack 3.gif
Taunt1 Animation File:Fireborn Odachi Taunt.gif
Blade Dance icon.png Blade Dance
and Critical
Animation Fireborn Odachi Blade Dance.gif
Fireborn Odachi
Fireborn Odachi
Omnislash icon.png Omnislash Animation Fireborn Odachi Omnislash.gif
Fireborn Odachi
Fireborn Odachi

1 If another taunt is equipped, Juggernaut will randomly select between the two when prompted to taunt.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An odachi is a large Japanese sword.