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Personal Information
Full Name Clinton Loomis
Status Active
Date of birth February 19, 1988 (1988-02-19) (age 26)
Hometown Flag United States.png Medford, Oregon
Country of origin Flag United States.png United States
Major Roles Carry, Utility
Signature Heroes Weaver Alchemist Sven
Professional Career
2006 - 2008 Flag United States.png compLexity
2008 - 2009 Flag Denmark.png MeetYourMakers
2009 Flag United States.png Evil Geniuses
2009 - 2010 Flag World.png
2010 - 2011 Flag Europe.png
2011 Flag World.png
2011 - Present Flag United States.png Evil Geniuses
Steam account

Professional Career[edit]

Early Career[edit]

Fear early accomplishments started with clan Plug, which would later become team compLexity, arguably the best DotA team to have ever come out of the United States at the time. This was backed by some impressive results: compLexity took second place in Cal season 1 and first in Cal Season 2. After the international DotA scene started to expand, Fear continued to impress, such as ranking 1st in IHCS and continuing to bring compLexity impressive victories in ESL and MYM Pride 4.


Fear would later join Danish team MeetYourMakers as the North American scene had become unstable. Fear has achieved quite a lot in MYM, despite that, time zone and travel problems has prevented Fear and Merlini from joining LAN events such as the Electronic Sports World Cup, eventually, Fear has left the team in order to form a new team.

EG and[edit]

Fear eventually joined American team Evil Geniuses, but soon after several sponsorship problems, Fear joined which would eventually become Along with Kuroky and others, they only managed to achieve 4th placing in ESWC as Fear announced that he will take a break from DotA.

Lost and OK[edit]

Fear returned joining Ducky's, but however was inactive for most of the time. As lost their sponsorship, they played under the tag Browned Potatoes with Fear playing now and then. After deciding to focus on professional gaming, Fear returned to the active roster and invited other top North American players to join, as BP was sponsored by the joint forces of Online Kingdom and Nirvana. They participated in The International, earning a respectable 7th place.

Return to EG[edit]

Online Kingdom's financial problems had eventually led to their disbandment. As the Danish MYM squad disbanded too, Fear along with players such as DeMoN and MiSery formed the new Evil Geniuses' squad. They decided to participate in the World DotA Championship in China, SMM Grand National DotA Tournament in Malaysia and G-League's season 3 in China. Without earning any noticeable results in their Asia tour, EG players returned to their own respective countries.

S A D B O Y S/Evil Geniuses[edit]

Fear formed a squad called S A D B O Y S with Arteezy, Universe, zai, and ppd. The team was picked up by EG in February 2014.


Evil Geniuses[edit]