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Make a hero your own

Stand out from the crowd with your favorite Hero. Customize yourself with a wide variety of cosmetic items to create the look you want, and make sure your enemies never forget who you are. You'll earn items as you play, and every time your Battle Level increases. When you find your next favorite hero, trade those old clothes away for some new equipment.

Equipment, or cosmetic items, are items that can be equipped in the loadout menu of the Store tab in the dashboard. They have no effect on gameplay, and exist only to alter the look of the heroes and their abilities. Equipment can be earned in a multitude of ways: they can be randomly found after Matchmaking and Co-op bot matches, by leveling up through Battle Points, by opening Treasures, participating in holiday events, or by buying them in the Dota 2 Store. Valve introduced the first batch of cosmetic items in the May 31, 2012 Patch, consisting of items for just 14 heroes. Several updates have since added more cosmetic items, expanding to new heroes over time. The majority of the cosmetic items in-game have been designed by members of the Dota 2 community and submitted through the Steam Workshop.

Most equipment is tradable, unless when the equipment has been bought on an account that has had its first Steam purchase less than 30 days ago. In that case, all equipment bought on that account will be untradable for 3 days, after which they become tradable.

[edit] Qualities

Main article: Quality

Most cosmetic items recieved are of Standard quality. Inscribed items track different kinds of stats, and are socketed with an Inscribed Gem. Other item qualities include Genuine items, which are recieved as part of a promotional store purchase, or Heroic items, which are a souvenir from a memorable moment awarded when spectating a tournament game.

[edit] Equipment Categories

Equipment(11 C, 4,869 P)
Announcers(1 P)
Crafting(1 C, 45 P)
Custom Animations(2 C)
Exclusive equipment(21 P)
Heroes equipment(95 C, 3 P)
HUD Skins(63 P)
Other equipment(2 C)
Presents(11 P)
Recipes(43 P)
Tools(32 P)
Weather Effects(4 P)

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