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[edit] Spawning

  • Play Doom.
  • Play I bring doom.
  • Play The seven hells hunger.
  • Play Damnation rises!

[edit] Beginning the Battle

  • Play Face your demons.
  • Play The fire starts now.

[edit] Moving

  • Play Yes.
  • Play Heheheh heh heh heh.
  • Play Heh hah.
  • Play Bring it.
  • Play The fire spreads.
  • Play The ground burns.
  • Play Oh, yes.
  • Play Hells on Earth.
  • Play The inferno rages.
  • Play Till damnation come.
  • Play I am the midnight of your soul.
  • Play The soul eater hungers.

[edit] Attacking

  • Play Attack!
  • Play Attack.
  • Play Upon my horns, I'll gore thee.
  • Play With sword of flame.
  • Play By the fires of the pit.
  • Play Infernal!
  • Play Burning steel.
  • Play Defilement.
  • Play Slash and burn!
  • Play Slice your throat!

[edit] Casting a Spell

  • Play Come taste the flame.
  • Play Don't look now.
  • Play I'm at your shoulder.

[edit] Casting Devour

[edit] Casting Scorched Earth

[edit] Casting LVL? Death

  • Play Feel the burn.
  • Play He hah, a demon's luck with numbers.
  • Play I gambled, you lost.
  • Play Burned you to ashes.
  • Play Annihilation!

[edit] Casting Doom

  • Play Doom reigns!
  • Play Pentagram!
  • Play Neyaheh hah ahha ha, you're doomed! (unused response)
  • Play You're doomed. (In-Game Subtitle)
  • Play You are doomed.
  • Play Doomed! (unused response)
  • Play I mark your soul. (unused response)

[edit] Failing to Kill a Hero

  • Play reahhhh.
  • Play Hemmehm, you were lucky this time.
  • Play reahhhh.

[edit] Gaining a Level

  • Play Ahhh, my flame burns brighter
  • Play Ah, my sword flares!
  • Play Ah, hell yeah!
  • Play The inferno blazes.
  • Play He he heh heh he, handsome devil, aren't I?
  • Play Ah, my soul hunger grows!
  • Play Hmeh heh heh hah heh he hah heh.
  • Play Oh, yes!

[edit] Killing a Hero

  • Play See you in the seven hells.
  • Play Ultimate sacrifice.
  • Play I get my due.
  • Play Inferno takes you.
  • Play I stoke the furnace with your corpse.
  • Play Your cause is doomed.
  • Play Your entrails festoon my horns.
  • Play Killed and cauterized.
  • Play Mess with Doom, you get the horns.
  • Play You'll wake in lowest hell.
  • Play Huweheh heh heh heh aheh hah heh.

[edit] Killing a Rival

  • Play Lich Cold day in Hells.
  • Play Chen Chen, now you are holy.
  • Play Omniknight Omniknight, your night is over.
  • Play Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, you're a pretentious bastard.
  • Play Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, I eat your tangos.
  • Play Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, enjoy the firestorm.
  • Play Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, shut up.
  • Play Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, I weary of your endless self-promotion.
  • Play Shadow Demon Izh acha vo’domosh. (You are no lord.)
  • Play Shadow Demon Ahm’ov icha domosh omoz. (Only one can rule the abyss.)
  • Play Shadow Fiend Ensh izh Arkosh, fol. (Know your place, weakling.)
  • Play Shadow Fiend Terrorblade Izh vo’acha Ozh. (You are nothing to me.)

[edit] Dying to a Rival

  • Play Lich Cold day…in…hells.
  • Play Lich Hell…freezes…over.

[edit] Meeting an Ally

  • Play Shadow Demon Eyik izh poz. (Show your loyalty.)
  • Play Shadow Fiend Arkosh izh-domosh. (Know your master.)

[edit] Last Hitting

  • Play Hell to pay.
  • Play Services rendered.
  • Play Almighty money.
  • Play Bankrolled.
  • Play The chips fall.
  • Play Ka-ching, withdrawal.
  • Play Lump sum.
  • Play Dues paid.
  • Play Root of all evil.
  • Play Gold for its own sake.
  • Play Hmm hem hmm, succulent.

[edit] Dying

  • Play No.
  • Play Returned to the furnace.
  • Play I fall to the seven hells.
  • Play The inferno beckens.
  • Play My body stokes the furnace.
  • Play What…the hell.
  • Play Hell hath no fury.
  • Play My sword grows cold.
  • Play My fire is out.
  • Play My soul burns.
  • Play Writhing agony.

[edit] Respawning Quickly

  • Play I'll reignite.

[edit] Respawning

  • Play What fresh hell is this?
  • Play Heh hem, demon spawn.
  • Play I rise from the flames.
  • Play The furnace delivers me to life.
  • Play Heh heh hah heh ugh, heh heh, I come with all hell's fury.
  • Play Infernal rebirth.
  • Play Hell bent on revenge.
  • Play All hell's broken loose.
  • Play I'll give em hell.
  • Play Time to paint the battlefield red.
  • Play I am what can't be killed.
  • Play Well, hell's bells.

[edit] Rare

  • Play Hehm ehme meh heh heh, speak of me, and I shall appear. Face me and face the furnace!

[edit] Purchasing an Item

  • Play Spent wisely.
  • Play Acquired at cost.
  • Play Worth every red cent.

[edit] Purchasing Blink Dagger

  • Play Blink dagger.
  • Play Precious blinker.

[edit] Purchasing Aghanim's Scepter

  • Play Ah, scepter.
  • Play My scepter at last.

[edit] Purchasing Radiance

  • Play Ah, radiance.
  • Play Bright as hottest hell.

[edit] Purchasing Boots of Travel

  • Play Boots of travel.

[edit] Purchasing Assault Cuirass

  • Play Assault Cuirass!

[edit] Purchasing Heart of Tarrasque

  • Play Heart of Tarrasque.

[edit] Purchasing Refresher Orb

  • Play Refresher orb.
  • Play Mmm, refreshing.

[edit] Bottling a Rune

  • Play Held by for later.
  • Play Secured for another time.
  • Play Invested in the future.
  • Play Stashed aside.

[edit] Denying

  • Play Denied.
  • Play Denied.
  • Play Uh-huh.
  • Play The hell you will.
  • Play Not going to happen.
  • Play Like hell, heh-h.
  • Play Hm heh heh heh heh huh huh heh.
  • Play Huheheheh huh heh heh hah heh.

[edit] Losing

[edit] Winning

[edit] Taking Aegis of the Immortal

[edit] Activating Haste

  • Play Haste!
  • Play Like a bat out of hell.

[edit] Activating Double Damage

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play My sword cuts twice.

[edit] Activating Regeneration

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play Stoke my fire.

[edit] Activating Illusion

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play The lesser of three evils.

[edit] Activating Invisibility

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play Where the hell did I go?
  • Play Nyeh heh huh he see no evil.

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana

[edit] Thanking

[edit] Drawing First Blood

  • Play First blood, heh hah hah!

[edit] Coming Under Attack

  • Play I'm under attack!

[edit] Taunting

  • Play It’s in the bag! Heh heh he he hah hah.

[edit] Shitty Wizard

  • Play Shitty wizard!

[edit] Crummy Wizard

  • Play Crummy wizard!

[edit] Pain

[edit] Anger

[edit] Happiness

[edit] Laughter

  • Play Hooreh heh heh ah heh heh hah ha.
  • Play Ha ha!
  • Play Hmeh heh heh hah eh huh heh eh heh heh ha.
  • Play Hem heh hm eh hmm meh.
  • Play Hemeh ho hoh heh hoh hoh.
  • Play Hoh heh hah heh hah hah hah.
  • Play Heheh hah hah hah heh huh heh hah.
  • Play Heaagheh hah heh heh hah.
  • Play Howeh heh eh heh heh heh.
  • Play Heheh heh hah heh hah hah hah.