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Custom Games are game modes that differ from standard Dota 2. Most custom games are created by the community with the Workshop Tools. Custom Game Passes can be purchased for some games, and will grant owners access to certain premium content.

List[edit | edit source]

Created by Valve[edit | edit source]

These custom games were created by Valve.

Banner Name Players Teams Description
Custom Game Banner Overthrow.png Overthrow 10




Overthrow is a quick fight to the death in a small team free-for-all as players try to earn enough kills to win the match before the timer expires. Gather a friend or two, or go it alone as you stalk near the Midas Throne, which increases the gold and experience gains of nearby heroes. Snatch Gold Coins as they appear, or head out to claim an item delivery.
Custom Game Banner Dota 10v10.png Dota 10v10 20 10v10 A regular match of Dota, but with increased gold and experience rate and with ten players on each side instead of five.
Custom Game Banner Haunted Colosseum.png Colosseum 10 5v5 Colosseum is a fast-paced 5 versus 5 match where players must contest five control points across the map to earn points for their team.

Created by the Community[edit | edit source]

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Banner Name Players Teams Description
Custom Game Banner Roshpit Champions.png Roshpit Champions 4 PvE RPG game, where 4 players defend themselves against waves of monsters. The game has changed drop system and eqiuipment system. Also there is a town on the map, where you can roll a random item in different categories.
Custom Game Banner Adventure Mode.png Adventure Mode
(Steam Workshop)
1  ?? Players go on a RPG style adventure defeating creeps, earning gold, and leveling up.
Atack on hero logo.jpg Attack on Hero 5 PvE Survive and defend the gate in a holdout-style game against 28 waves of unique and challenging monsters.
Custom Game Banner Battleships.png Battleships 10 5v5 Teams fight on water using boats of varying abilities. Everyone starts with a basic Barrel boat which can be further upgraded and exchanged for different, and more powerful boats at the shop using gold.
Custom Game Banner Capture Points.png Capture Points
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 In this mode, capture points are placed on the map and both teams can capture a certain point by staying there for a required time. If you successfully manage to capture a point then your team get rewards in the form of HP/Mana Regen, Damage, Armor etc.
Crumbling Island Arena preview.png Crumbling Island Arena 4




Choose one of 35 unique heroes and fight on the dynamically destructible arena.
Custom Game Banner Custom Hero Survival.png Custom Hero Survival 10 5v5 Choose a hero, and set him up with up to 6 skills for him to survive on the arena.
IMBA logo smaller.png Dota IMBA 10
Dota IMBA is the answer to the question: what would happen if every hero received nothing but buffs for 100 patches straight?
Custom Game Banner Dota Strikers.png Dota Strikers 8 4v4 Dota Strikers is a team-based football style game where you control one hero and help get the ball into the opposing team's goal. Each hero has 1-2 unique abilities. Some heroes are more defensive or offensive than others.
Custom Game Banner Enfos.jpg Enfos Team Survival 10 5v5
Play as a team of 5 to hold off 42 waves of monsters that get progressively more and more difficult! Hold the waves off longer than the enemy team to win the game. Each team starts with 100 lives, and each creep leaked through to the base loses 1 life. First team to 0 loses!
Epic Boss Fight.png Epic Boss Fight 7
Epic Boss Fight is a game mode where you fight very powerful bosses with custom items.
Custom Game Banner Footmen Frenzy.png Footmen Frenzy 12 3v3v3v3 Battle in a 3v3v3v3 area with your hero and an army of footmen! Your objective is to destroy all oppenent's bases. Upgrade your units and buy items to further your advantage.
GemTD Icon.png Gem TD 1–4 PVE Building towers in a maze, and combine them with other towers.
Custom Game Banner Hero Line Wars.png Hero Line Wars
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 Two teams each attempt to defend their own base while sending creeps to attack the other team's base.
Custom Game Banner Invoker Wars.png Invoker Wars
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 The objective of this game mode is to become the most powerful wizard and rise up against the other Wizards. First team to 50 kills wins!
Custom Game Banner Legends of Dota.png Legends of Dota
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 Pick your skills to build an overpowered masterpiece! Test out different combinations! Create unique and creative heroes to dominate your opponent on 5v5 battle.
Custom Game Banner Life In Arena.png Life In Arena 8 PvE Life in Arena is a good example of a hero survival game, where you need to fight against waves of creeps, bosses and megabosses.
Naval Warfare.png Naval Warfare
(Steam Workshop)
10 PvP Naval Warfare is an open beta PVP where you take the helm of a battleship and fight against opponents to rule the seas.
Custom Game Banner Quadroside.png Quadroside 20 5v5v5v5 Quadroside is a Custom Game that allows you to play 5v5v5v5 DotA.
Custom Game Banner Power Multiplier.png Power Multiplier
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 All skills and items stats (like Range, Damage, AOE, speed and so) is multiplied, except for Critical % (but dmg is), Bash % and duration, Evade % and few overpowered AOE and durations
Custom Game Banner Pudge Wars.png Pudge Wars 10 5v5 Pudge Wars is a 5 versus 5 team game consisting of all Pudge heroes. The main way to get kills is to hook enemies using your hooks to reel in your victims to their slaughter and rescue your allies from the opposing side with hook as well. The first team to get 50/75/100 kills wins the game.
Custom Game Banner Pimp My Peon.jpg Pimp My Peon 10
Pimp your Peons with stronger Weapons, Helms, Shields and Wings, and buff them with passive abilities to destroy the opposition! Peons will spawn constantly from your Garage, which also contains upgrades to increase peon limit and spawn rate, and various defensive abilities.
Custom Game Banner Reflex.png Reflex
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 Reflex is a high-speed team death match mode combining skillshot-action gameplay with strategic round-by-round hero building and counterplay.
Retro Dota Banner.png Retro Dota
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 Play as removed heroes from Dota's past, including 27-spell Invoker and Gambler!
Custom Game Banner SF Wars.png SF Wars
(Steam Workshop)
10 5v5 Remake of the classic Raze Wars from Warcraft III. Test your skill in casting shadowrazes! Ten players divided in two teams are striving to get 50/75/100 kills using only autoattacks and razes.
Custom Game Banner Skillshot Wars.png Skillshot Wars 10 5v5 Face off in a 5v5 arena battle, putting your skill to the test with 4 hard-to-land abilities! First team to 50 kills wins!
Custom Game Banner Survival Co-op.png Survival Co-op
(Steam Workshop)
5 PvE Survive against as many waves of monsters as you can!
Custom Game Banner Tree Tag.png Tree Tag
(Steam Workshop)
7 5v2 Radiant need to defend against the Dire by hiding and/or building bases behind walls in order to outlast or kill them.
Custom Game Banner Warchasers.png Warchasers
(Steam Workshop)
5 PvE Remake of a Warcraft III map made by Blizzard. Players choose custom heroes and co-operatively fight their way through a legendary city against overwhelming masses of monsters.
Custom Game Banner Warlock Brawl.png Warlock Brawl
(Steam Workshop)
10 PvP Warlock Brawl is the official Dota 2 mod based on the Warcraft III map Warlock developed by its original creators. It is a physics based arena game.
Wraith Night Expansion.jpg Wraith Night: Expansion
(Steam Workshop)
5 PvE A hold-out game which is inspired by the classic game, Wraith Night and other custom games such as Moo Moo Generation X and X Hero Siege. The game is designed to be more playable when you are playing solo and shares same difficulty on playing with a partner or a team.
Legion.png Legion TD Reborn 8 4v4 A team based tower defense where you place units to defend your king against enemy units while sending units to destroy the your opposing team
Horde Mode.png Horde Mode 2-5 PvE Defend the Radiant base from hordes of enemies! Destroy the Dire Ancient to win.

Update history[edit | edit source]

August 13, 2015 Patch

  • Added support for up to 24 players in custom games.
  • Custom Games can now be played on official dedicated servers.

June 17, 2015 Patch

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