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Creeps are a type of unit within Dota 2 that heroes can interact with, but do not have direct control over by default (see Chen, Enchantress, Lifestealer and Helm of the Dominator for exceptions). There are two types of creeps: lane creeps and neutral creeps. Both types of creeps can be killed by players for gold and experience. Allied creeps at low health can be denied to reduce the bounty given to enemies.

Lane Creeps[edit | edit source]

Lane creeps are aligned to either the radiant or the dire and spawn in groups called creep waves near their faction's base, and then constantly push toward their enemy's base. On the way they will attack any enemy creeps, neutral creeps or player-controlled units on sight.

There are three types of lane creeps: melee, ranged and siege. Melee creeps have more health and appear in larger numbers, but deal less damage. Ranged creeps deal more damage to other creeps, but less to heroes, and have mana. Siege creeps deal more damage to buildings, have more health and spawn every seventh wave. Unlike the other lane creeps, siege creeps have 80% magic resistance. All lane creeps disable backdoor protection on enemy buildings when close. In addition, each creep wave slowly becomes more powerful throughout the game.

Destroying either of the enemy team's melee or ranged barracks will cause the destroying team's respective lane to begin spawning super creeps instead of normal creeps. Super creeps are stronger versions of regular lane creeps that give about half gold and experience to the enemy when killed. When all enemy barracks are destroyed, mega creeps begin to spawn from all lanes and siege creeps gain an additional 16 damage.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Lane creeps spawn behind their team's barracks if they're still standing, or from the top of the ramps leading into their team's base if they have been destroyed (except for offlane [Dire's bottom lane and Radiant's top lane]), every 30 seconds. The first wave of creeps has 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep, and every seventh wave will have a siege creep (starting at 3:00.).

At 15:00 and 30:00, an extra melee creep is added. At 45:00, an extra melee and ranged creep is added, and an extra extra siege creep is added to every seventh wave.

Prior to 7:30, the safe-lane creeps have 406 movement speed for 15 seconds after they spawn while the corresponding hard-lane creeps have 243 movement speed for 15 seconds after they spawn.

Every 7 minutes 30 seconds, melee and ranged creeps will receive permanent damage and health bonuses. The maximum number of bonuses is 30, which will happen at 3:45:00, or alternatively after all enemy barracks are destroyed. Creep bounty increases by 1 gold per normal upgrade cycle.

Lane creeps target first enemy lane creeps, secondly enemy heroes, and lastly enemy siege creeps. Nearby creeps (500 range) will target an enemy hero if a friendly hero is physically attacked nearby, however this will not occur if the attack is a manually cast Unique Attack Modifier such as Outworld Devourer icon.png Outworld Devourer's Arcane Orb icon.png Arcane Orb. Lane creeps will continue to pursue an enemy hero until they lose sight of the target, are threatened by another source, or the enemy hero attacks a friendly creep. This can allow a player to bring them behind their creeps in order to farm more safely. Lane creeps will always attempt to return to the closest point in their original lane after nothing is threatening them. When a siege creep gets within the range of an enemy tower it will start to attack the tower, disregarding any enemy creeps or heroes nearby.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Model Creep Health Health
Mana Mana
Attack Damage BAT Armor Move
Melee creeps.png Melee creep 550 (+10) 0.5 - - 19‒23 (+1) 1.00 2 325 100 850/800 37‒43 Gold
62 Exp
Super melee creep 700 (+19) 0.5 - - 36‒44 (+2) 1.00 3 325 100 850/800 18‒26 Gold
25 Exp
Mega Melee creeps.png Mega melee creep 1270 0.5 - - 96‒104 1.00 3 325 100 850/800 18‒26 Gold
25 Exp
Ranged creeps.png Ranged creep 300 (+10) 2 500 0.75 21‒26 (+2) 1.00 0 325 500 850/800 42‒48 Gold
41 Exp
Super ranged creep 475 (+18) 2 500 0.75 41‒46 (+3) 1.00 1 325 500 850/800 18‒26 Gold
25 Exp
Mega Ranged creeps.png Mega ranged creep 1015 2 500 0.75 131‒136 1.00 1 325 500 850/800 18‒26 Gold
25 Exp
Siege creeps.png Siege creep 550 - - - 35‒46 2.70 0 325 690 850/800 66‒80 Gold
88 Exp
Siege creep
with bonus damage
550 - - - 51‒62 2.70 0 325 690 850/800 66‒80 Gold
88 Exp

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Lane creep bounty now increases by 1 gold per normal upgrade cycle.
  • Creeps now arrive slightly closer to the top dire tower and bottom Radiant tower.


  • Siege Creeps now behave like normal lane creeps for spell targeting rules.
  • Siege Creeps now have 80% Magic Resistance.


  • Extra melee creeps additions spawn time changed from 17:30/34:00/50:30 to 15:00/30:00/45:00
    • This means that you will get an extra melee creep at 15 minutes instead of at 17:30
  • Extra range/siege creep additions spawntime from 45:30 to 45:00
  • Creeps now meet slightly closer to the Dire safelane


  • Bottom Lane Dire creeps now arrive slightly closer to the Dire Tier 1 Tower
  • Top Lane Radiant creeps now arrive slightly farther from the Radiant Tier 1 Tower


  • Creeps now meet a bit closer to the tower in your offlane


  • Siege creep: HP increased from 500 to 550
    • Now always requires 4 hits from tier 1 towers instead of sometimes 3 and sometimes 4


  • Ranged creep: Mana pool increased from 300 to 500


  • All lane creeps: Day vision decreased from 1100 to 850


  • All lane creeps: Day vision decreased from 1400 to 1100


  • Melee creep: Super creep gold bounty reduced from 21-41 to 18-26
  • Melee creep: Super creep XP bounty reduced from 41 to 25
  • Ranged creep: Super creep gold bounty reduced from 21-41 to 18-26
  • Ranged creep: Super creep XP bounty unchanged at 25


  • Fixed various minor inconsistencies between sentinel and scourge units/buildings


  • Rewrote creep/neutral/powerup spawn systems. The game timer now counts down to 0, at which point the creeps and powerups spawn. 30 seconds later the neutrals spawn. This behavior is the same as various popular modes, but it is now standardized to the entire game with the new clock. All game events are based off of this time rather than an arbitrary time based on the mode you used.
  • -sc mode now spawns same creeps in the same lane


  • Siege units now get a minor bonus when the respective range rax (Temple of the Damned/Ancient of Lore) is destroyed


  • Initial creep waves in -ap now spawn 30 seconds later


  • Delayed the creep spawn time by 30 seconds in -vr
  • Improved Sentinel creep pathing on top Sentinel lane


  • Increased ranged creep's mana pool


  • Removed the last melee creep count upgrade (the rest of the changes from last version are still the same)


  • Changed Range creep quantity upgrade from 60min to 45min. Siege follows this as well. Melee creeps quantity upgrade frequency changed to a few minutes sooner than usual
  • Slightly reduced creep collision size due to the increased number in the last patch towards the end of the game
  • Siege units are now properly added to your -cs


  • Lowered Siege units armor


  • Improved AI on the siege units. They spawn every 7 waves now instead of every 6


  • Every 6 waves, a glaive thrower/meat wagon comes out with the creeps


  • Creep spawn in -mm is now delayed a bit to give more time to buy after getting your hero.


  • Improved creep pathing at bottom lane as well as middle necromancer creep timing.


  • Sent/Scourge creeps have same damage

Update History[edit | edit source]

March 01, 2012 Patch

  • Updated Radiant siege creep model.

Neutral Creeps[edit | edit source]

Neutral Creeps are tougher, more dangerous creeps that appear in the forest. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of Gold and Experience. Heroes can focus on killing Neutral creeps in order to farm, by Jungling. Some Neutral creeps also have special abilities. Heroes such as Doom can make use of these abilities, and turn them against their enemies. Roshan is also considered a Neutral creep.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Map location
The spawn boxes of every neutral creep in the game

Neutral creeps will spawn every minute-mark after the first creep spawn, first spawn at 00:30. Aggravated creeps will follow units out of their camp for 7 seconds, at which point they will return to the camp area. This delay in the return can be used for Creep Pulling, which pulls Neutral creeps into contact with Lane creeps, and Creep Stacking, which causes multiple camps of creeps to spawn in one area.

Neutral creeps will not spawn if there is a unit (excluding lane creeps) within their camp. This includes Heroes, player-controlled units, neutral creeps, certain projectiles such as Homing missile, Rocket Flare and wards. Neutral camps will not spawn the same set of creeps twice in a row. Lane creeps do not block spawning.

Each team's jungle includes one Small creep camp, two Medium creep camps, and three Large creep camps. On average, a run through the jungle (not including ancients) will yield 533 gold and 893 experience.

On average, completing both ancient camps will yield 528 gold and 710 experience.

Small Creeps[edit | edit source]

Small creeps are the weakest of the Neutral creeps. They give very little gold, and act more as a starting point for Jungling Heroes. They give anywhere between 61-91 gold, and between 123-144 experience.

An average Small creep camp yields 76 gold and 133 experience.

Map Creeps Camp Gold Experience Total HP EHP against physical damage Average DPS
Smallcamps.png Kobold.jpgKobold.jpgKobold.jpgKoboldtunneler.jpgKoboldtaskmaster.jpg Kobold Camp 61-75 Gold (68 Avg) 141 Experience 1445 HP 1464 HP 51.85 DPS (38.89 vs Heroes)
Foresttrollberserker.jpgForesttrollberserker.jpgHill Troll Priest-New.jpg Hill Troll Camp 65-77 Gold (71 Avg) 123 Experience 1450 HP 1510 HP 56.46 DPS ( 28.23 vs Heroes)
Foresttrollberserker.jpgForesttrollberserker.jpgKoboldtaskmaster.jpg Hill Troll and Kobold Camp 67-81 Gold (74 Avg) 123 Experience 1400 HP 1460 HP 59.51 DPS (34.48 vs Heroes)
Gnollassassin.jpgGnollassassin.jpgGnollassassin.jpg Vhoul Assassin Camp 63-87 Gold (75 Avg) 123 Experience 1110 HP 1176.6 HP 61.88 DPS (30.94 vs Heroes)
Felbeast.jpgFelbeast.jpgGhost.jpg Ghost Camp 70-86 Gold (78 Avg) 144 Experience 1300 HP 1378 HP 51.83 DPS (30.75 vs Heroes)
Harpyscout.jpgHarpyscout.jpgHarpystorm.jpg Harpy Camp 81-91 Gold (86 Avg) 144 Experience 1350 HP 1464 HP 61.56 DPS (30.78 vs Heroes)

Medium Creeps[edit | edit source]

Medium creeps are slightly tougher enemies. They deal more damage, have more health, and have access to abilities, but shouldn't be too much of a problem for most Heroes. They give anywhere between 81-155 gold and 144-212 experience.

An average Medium creep camp yields 100 gold and 180 experience.

Map Creeps Camp Gold Experience Total HP EHP against physical damage
Mediumcamps.png Centaur Khan.jpgCentaur Outrunner.jpg Centaur Camp 86-102 Gold (94 Avg) 160 Experience 1650 HP 1980 HP
Giant Wolf.jpgGiant Wolf.jpgAlpha Wolf.jpg Wolf Camp 81-97 Gold (89 Avg) 212 Experience 1600 HP 1768 HP
Satyr Banisher.pngSatyr Banisher.pngSatyr Mindstealer.pngSatyr Mindstealer.png Satyr Camp 84-100 Gold (92 Avg) 206 Experience 1680 HP 1752 HP
Ogre Mauler.jpgOgre Mauler.jpgOgre Magi.jpg Ogre Camp 81-139 Gold (110 Avg) 144 Experience 2300 HP 2402 HP
Mud Golem.jpgMud Golem.jpg Golem Camp 96-136 Gold (116 Avg) 176 Experience 2560 HP 2560 HP

Large Creeps[edit | edit source]

Large creeps are very difficult enemies. They all have access to some abilities that can be dangerous if they're not approached with caution. They give anywhere between 86-161 gold and 160-243 experience.

An average Large creep camp yields 117 gold and 200 experience without the Dark Troll camp's Skeletons, and 121 gold and 205 experience with the skeletons.

Map Creeps Camp Gold Experience Total HP EHP against physical damage
Largecamps.png Centaur Khan.jpgCentaur Outrunner.jpg Centaur Camp 86-102 Gold (94 Avg) 160 Experience 1650 HP 1980 HP
Satyr Banisher.pngSatyr Mindstealer.pngSatyr Tormenter.png Large Satyr Camp 119-141 Gold (130 Avg) 222 Experience 1940 HP 1976 HP
Furbolg Champion.jpgFurbolg Ursa Warrior.jpg Hellbear Camp 121-143 Gold (132 Avg) 207 Experience 1650 HP 1997 HP
Wildkin.jpgWildkin.jpgEnraged Wildkin.jpg Wildwing Camp 97-127 Gold (112 Avg) 169 Experience 1650 HP 1962 HP (2133-2259 with aura)
Dark Troll.jpgDark Troll.jpgDark Troll Warlord.jpg Troll Camp 106-128 Gold (117 Avg) 243 Experience 2100 HP 2166 HP

Ancient Creeps[edit | edit source]

Ancient creeps are very powerful creeps, often with high HP and spell immunity. The only exception to this are the lesser Black Drakes, which are not spell immune. If a Hero can survive long enough to defeat them, ancient creeps grant enormous rewards and give anywhere from 215-346 gold to 279-393 experience.

On average, one Ancient creep camp yields 234 gold and 355 experience.

Map Creeps Camp Gold Experience Total HP EHP against physical damage
Ancientcamps.png Black Drake.jpgBlack Drake.jpgBlack Dragon.jpg Dragon Camp 220-280 Gold (250 Avg) 279 Experience 3900 HP 4848 HP
Rock Golem.jpgRock Golem.jpgGranite Golem.jpg Large Golem Camp 215-245 Gold (230 Avg) 393 Experience 3795* HP 4944 HP
Thunder Lizard small.jpgThunder Lizard small.jpgThunder Lizard big.jpg Thunderhide Camp 209-237 Gold (223 Avg) 393 Experience 3000 HP 3360 HP

Roshan[edit | edit source]

Main article: Roshan

Roshan is a unique creep that spawns near the middle of the map. In addition to providing a large experience and gold bounty when killed, Roshan also drops the Aegis of the Immortal. The third time he is killed in a single game (and every time thereafter), a Cheese will also drop from Roshan. Roshan's HP increases every 4 minutes as the game timer progresses.

Roshan yields an average of 475 gold and 1789 experience.

Map Creeps Camp Gold Experience
Roshan.jpg RoshanModel.jpg Roshan 150-400 Gold + 200 Gold to each allied hero 1789 Experience

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Radiant Small Camp's spawn box is now smaller.


  • Ancient neutrals now behave like normal neutrals and split experience with all heroes in the AoE.
  • Added a new neutral hard camp for each team, near their respective Secret Shops.
  • Swapped Medium and Hard camp in Radiant Jungle.
  • Adjusted Radiant small camp spawn box.
  • Reduced the size of the pull camp box on the Dire safelane hard camp.
  • Nudged the Radiant small camp down very slightly.
  • Moved the Radiant mid medium camp down slightly and adjusted nearby trees.


  • A neutral creeps camp will no longer spawn the same set of neutral creeps twice in a row.


  • Neutral spawn empty check no longer considers corpses in its spawn rules.


  • Changed the location of some of the Scourge creep camps.
  • Changed the locations and distribution of neutral creep camp groups.


  • Added two new neutral creep spots.


  • Neutral creeps now spawn at the 2 minutes mark rather then 3 minutes.


  • Changed the spawns between sent and scourge sides to better balance


  • Neutral creep return/acquire mechanics tweaked


  • Changed neutral creep chase mechanics a bit

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