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Crafting is a feature that allows players to create new cosmetic items by combining other cosmetic items. Crafting requires Recipes, consumable tools that indicate the items needed to craft the new item.


[edit] Acquiring Recipes

Recipes can be obtained by:

[edit] How to craft

To craft, right click on the Recipe in the Armory menu. The materials needed are outlined in the Recipe's tooltip. Fill in the slots with the requested items and you are ready to craft.

[edit] Limitations

Most items are usable in crafting, provided they have the required attributes (e.g. Uncommon rarity for Augment Uncommon recipes). Some items, however, are unusable in crafting - this is explicitly marked when it is the case.

It is possible to use untradeable items to craft an item, however using any in the recipe will mark the result as untradeable, regardless of the tradeability of other items used in the recipe.

[edit] Binding

Partially completed Recipes can be saved by binding the items to the recipe. Once bound, the items are considered destroyed and cannot be recovered. Recipes with bound items can be traded or sold on the market, and will only require the remaining items to complete.

[edit] Recipes List

[edit] Polymorph Recipes

These recipes combine items of the same Rarity to produce a random new item of the same Rarity. The amount of materials needed for each individual recipe is random.

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed
2 — 4 Commons
2 — 4 Uncommons
2 — 4 Rares
2 — 4 Mythicals

[edit] Augment Recipes

These recipes combine specific items of the same Rarity to produce a new item of the next Rarity rank.

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed
2 Commons + 1 — 2 Specified Commons
3 — 4 Commons
4 Uncommons + 1 — 2 Specific Uncommons
4 — 5 Uncommons
2 — 3 Rares + 6 Specified Rares
5 — 6 Rares

[edit] Tools Recipes

These recipes craft tools related to Socketing.

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed
2 Commons + 1 — 2 Uncommons
2 Commons + 1 Specified Common + 1 Uncommon
2 Commons + 1 Uncommon

Artificer's Hammer + 2 — 4 Rares

[edit] Exceptional Recipes

Main article: Exceptional Recipe

These recipes combine items to create regular Quality versions of Genuine items. All exceptional recipes have the same material requirements.

Materials Needed
2 Mythical Items +3 Specified Mythical Items

[edit] Event Recipes

[edit] Diretide 2013

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed

One of, in regular Quality:

And one of (40% Chance):

One of, in Cursed Quality:

One Cursed Quality item


One of (specified):

[edit] Frostivus 2013

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed
1 of the following items, in Corrupted Quality:
Any 5 Frozen items
Any 3 Frozen items

[edit] New Bloom 2014

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed

One of, in Auspicious Quality:


One of (Specified):

One of, in Auspicious Quality:


One of (Specified):

[edit] Unreleased Recipes

Recipe Crafts Materials Needed
100 Specified Commons + 75 Specified Uncommons + 50 Specified Rares + 10 Specified Mythicals + 3 Specified Legendaries