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Bow of the Howling Wind

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Bow of the Howling Wind
Bow of the Howling Wind.png
In the endless chill of the far north, it is said that the cold of death comes on a howling wind brought by a great white wolf. Many a hunter has attempted to slay this grave spirit. Yet in all the known histories, the stories record only one bow that has ever fired strong enough, and true enough, to pierce its side
Used By:
Drow Ranger
Equip Slot:
Created By Valve
Released August 15, 2012 Patch
Availability Promotional, Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Nameable Yes
Marketable Yes

Bow of the howling Wind is cosmetic Mythical weapon for Drow Ranger. It is a bow with a great white wolf head at the middle and white line at bottom and top of the bow.

This item can be obtained through Crafting the recipe Recipe: Bow of the Howling Wind which gives a normal Mythical version of the item. This item is also given out to players who buy Dota2 - Drow Ranger Shirt at Valve Store which is a Genuine Mythical version. The item has a custom particle, ice shards falling from the base of the bow.

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