Blessings of Lucentyr Set

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Blessings of Lucentyr Set
Cosmetic icon Blessings of Lucentyr Set.png

Includes all of the items in the 'Blessings of Lucentyr' set for Luna:
Created By Yi
Released 05 Feb 2014
Origin Purchase
Blessings of Lucentyr Set
Guard of the Lucent Rider
Style of the Lucent Rider
Epaulets of the Lucent Rider
Glaive of the Lucent Rider

This set comes with a Kinetic Gem, which grants Luna numerous custom animations.

Set Items[edit | edit source]

Gem[edit | edit source]


Customizations[edit | edit source]

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Ambient Effect File:Lucentyr ambient.gif
Autoattack 1 Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentyr attack 1.gif
Autoattack 2 Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentyr attack 2.gif
Lucent Beam icon.png Lucent Beam Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentry Lucent Beam.gif
Eclipse icon.png Eclipse Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentry Lucent Eclipse.gif
Spawn Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentyr Spawn.gif
Teleport Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentyr Teleport.gif
Haste/Run Animation Liveliness of Lucentyr Haste.gif
Victory Animation File:Liveliness of Lucentyr Victory.gif

Gallery[edit | edit source]