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[edit] Spawning

  • Play Batrider!
  • Play There's no taming me!
  • Play I rode mine here!
  • Play Got a bat's eye view of the battle.
  • Play If you don't ride into battle, you don't ride at all.

[edit] Beginning the Battle

  • Play Ee-haw! That's my signal.
  • Play Life just got interesting!

[edit] Drawing First Blood

  • Play First Blood, right off the bat! Ha ha ha!

[edit] Moving

[edit] Attacking

  • Play Whoa ho, look out!
  • Play Here I come, baby!
  • Play Death from above!
  • Play Fly, bat!
  • Play Bat breath…love it!
  • Play Hell from the skies.
  • Play Like a meteor.
  • Play This is gonna burn!
  • Play Scorchin, baby!
  • Play Ridin wild!
  • Play Come on, girl!
  • Play Hey, up here!
  • Play After em!
  • Play Split the lane!

[edit] Casting a Spell

  • Play This is gonna sting.
  • Play Heat wave coming!
  • Play Here we come!
  • Play Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

[edit] Casting Sticky Napalm

  • Play You need a shower.
  • Play A little something to slow you down.
  • Play Look out below!
  • Play Goo on you, baby!
  • Play This stuff's sticky!
  • Play I'm sappin' your will to live!

[edit] Casting Flamebreak

[edit] Casting Firefly

  • Play Hells above!
  • Play Watch yo feet!
  • Play Scuse me while I cook this guy.
  • Play Love that smell!
  • Play Need a light?
  • Play Extra crispy.
  • Play Hot damn!
  • Play One forest fire coming up!
  • Play Got a hot date coming!

[edit] Casting Flaming Lasso

  • Play Time for some ropework.
  • Play Ropeburn!
  • Play Catching with fire.
  • Play Let's go for a ride.
  • Play What a drag!
  • Play Come here!
  • Play Ropin em in!
  • Play Lasso up!
  • Play Come along!
  • Play Right this way.
  • Play I got something to show ya.

[edit] Failing to Kill a Hero

  • Play Dah, wet matches!
  • Play Sorry, girl.
  • Play That was lame.
  • Play Ugh! Just swallowed a bug.

[edit] Gaining a Level

[edit] Killing a Hero

  • Play Wicked barbeque!
  • Play I'll have the brisket. My hoss'll have your head.
  • Play Roasted, toasted and burned to a crisp.
  • Play Whoa, sick burn!
  • Play Damn that smells good.
  • Play A message from on high: You're dead!
  • Play Burn out!
  • Play Killed you without battin an eye.
  • Play Aw, did I get you?
  • Play Ah, that's what I'm talking about!
  • Play Yeah, baby.
  • Play Death from above.
  • Play That's what you get.
  • Play One less prospect.
  • Play It's not the bat you gotta worry about. She eats fruit.
  • Play Ooh, got a bad case of lane rash there.
  • Play Hey, ask permission the next time you wanna feed my bat.
  • Play Death from above.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Bye, baby.

[edit] Killing a Rival

  • Play Lina Oh, Lina, I was hoping you'd be my backwarmer.
  • Play Lina Damn, Lina, I carried such a torch for ya.
  • Play Lina I'm not speakin ill of Lina when her ashes are still warm.
  • Play Queen of Pain Aw, Queenie, in another life we'd a been soulmates, I just know it!
  • Play Drow Ranger Drow Ranger, don't be a stranger.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit I know, Vengeful: Chicks rule. They also die.
  • Play Enchantress I gotta say, Enchantress: You are spunky.
  • Play Spectre Spectre, I have no idea what you just said, but I could listen to you all day.
  • Play Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden, you were a tall glass of ice water.
  • Play Templar Assassin Always a pleasure being stalked by the Templar Assassin.
  • Play Death Prophet Death Prophet, I'm the one your visions been warning you about.
  • Play Mirana Mirana, I think your ride and mine have a thing for each other.
  • Play Broodmother Broodmother, if you weren't already--ugh, never mind!
  • Play Phantom Assassin I wish I could have got a better look at you, Phantom Assassin.
  • Play Night Stalker Night Stalker, why have wings if you're not gonna fly.
  • Play Storm Spirit Shoulda warned ya, Storm Spirit. She likes fruit.
  • Play Pudge Aw, Pudge, I thought you knew all about choppers.
  • Play Pudge Uh, usually Pudge, I like a chopped hog. But you the wrong sort.
  • Play Faceless Void Hey Void! Have you seen Bat to the Future?
  • Play Viper Aw, Viper, and I was gonna take you out for a spin.
  • Play Dragon Knight I rode a dragon once. Really chapped my hide.
  • Play Dragon Knight One time I was riding this dragon when the damn thing turned into a knight!
  • Play Jakiro Okay, Jakiro, which one of you wants to take me for a ride?

[edit] Last Hitting

[edit] Dying

  • Play No!
  • Play Ah, couldn't care less.
  • Play Wake up, girl! Wake up…
  • Play It…happens…
  • Play Thought I could tough it out.
  • Play Had to happen ohhhhh….
  • Play Crashed and burned.
  • Play Hard landing, oof.
  • Play She deserved a better death.
  • Play I'll join you in death, old girl.
  • Play Lay her down softly.
  • Play No such thing as a free ride.
  • Play Road rash…ohhh…
  • Play I been rat-packed…ohh…
  • Play Baggin' out.

[edit] Coughing

[edit] Respawning Quickly

  • Play I will ride again.

[edit] Respawning

  • Play Light then throw. Light then throw.
  • Play Gonna ride this bat outta hell like a bat outta hell!
  • Play Nothin like the feel of my old bat between my legs.
  • Play Back from the boneyard!
  • Play Now where'd I put my brainbucket?
  • Play Hey, did someone hide my chaps?
  • Play Hoo, hit a crosswind back there!
  • Play Gone but not forgotten.
  • Play Me an my hognose, hittin the lanes!
  • Play Time for a little lane rage!
  • Play Sorry, I had to bail.
  • Play Rekindled.
  • Play You wanna play rough? All right, we'll play rough.
  • Play Ho, bat! Let's fly!
  • Play Once more into the wind.
  • Play Who called me an airhead?
  • Play I lift off once more.
  • Play Back into the fight.
  • Play Fire from the sky.
  • Play Which way to the belfry?

[edit] Rare

  • Play I remember when you were barely a rat with wings. Now look atcha!
  • Play All right, bacon!
  • Play If you wanna ride fast, you gotta ride alone.
  • Play Hoss here has a two-stroke engine. Gotta pet her twice to get her going.

[edit] Purchasing an Item

  • Play Money to burn.
  • Play Better not drop this.
  • Play All the gear, all the time.
  • Play Can't have too many farkles.

[edit] Purchasing Blink Dagger

  • Play Blink dagger.
  • Play Now I can burn at both ends.

[edit] Purchasing Aghanim's Scepter

[edit] Purchasing a Specific Item

  • Play Force Staff! I got a rep for being pushy.
  • Play Vanguard! That's where you'll always find me.
  • Play Arcane Boots for an arson bat.

[edit] Bottling a Rune

  • Play Eh, later for you!
  • Play I'll need it when I need it.
  • Play Eh, stuff it in the saddlebags.

[edit] Denying

[edit] Losing

[edit] Winning

  • Play Yes, yes!
  • Play Victory!
  • Play Aw yeah, off we ride into the sunset.
  • Play Aw yeah, hoo hoo!

[edit] Taking Aegis of the Immortal

  • Play Immortality!
  • Play Burning forever.

[edit] Activating Haste

[edit] Activating Double Damage

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play Twice as hot.

[edit] Activating Regeneration

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play More fuel for the fire.

[edit] Activating Illusion

[edit] Activating Invisibility

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play Only other bats will know we're still here.
  • Play Hey, where'd you go?

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana

[edit] Thanking

[edit] Coming Under Attack

  • Play I'm under attack!

[edit] Taunting

  • Play Yeah, baby, it’s in the bag!

[edit] Shitty Wizard

  • Play Shitty wizard!

[edit] Crummy Wizard

  • Play Crummy wizard!

[edit] Pain

[edit] Anger

[edit] Happiness

[edit] Laughter