Axe of Phractos

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Axe of Phractos
Cosmetic icon Axe of Phractos.png
Axe icon.png
Slot: Weapon

An instrument of keen edged trauma, the Axe of Phractos embodies power over grace. Newly forged by the steel works of Ulmarain, searing heat still shimmers across its facets; a cauterisation in waiting.
Created By WETA
Released 20 Dec 2013
Origin Purchase, Trust of the Benefactor 2016

This item can be obtained in Genuine quality by purchasing the Axe figurine from WETA Workshop. It grants Axe a custom Counter Helix icon.png Counter Helix effect.

Customizations[edit | edit source]

Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Axe of Phractos ambient.gif
Counter Helix icon.png Counter Helix Effect Axe of Phractos Counter Helix.gif

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