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Anti-Mage responses

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[edit] Spawning

  • Play Antimage.
  • Play All magic flies before me.
  • Play I bring an end to magic.
  • Play The magic ends here.

[edit] Moving

[edit] Attacking

  • Play I light into darkness.
  • Play Get thee hence!
  • Play I vow thy ruin!
  • Play Begone!
  • Play I'll strike thee down!
  • Play Vile creatures.
  • Play Spawn of sorcery.
  • Play Tis on thy head.
  • Play Have at thee!

[edit] Beginning the Battle

  • Play Magic shall not prevail!

[edit] Casting a Spell

  • Play Prepare thyself!
  • Play Get thee gone!
  • Play I come anon!

[edit] Killing a Hero

  • Play Pay for thy lack.
  • Play Thou payest dearly.
  • Play The cost of magic.
  • Play Thy life's weight in mana pay.
  • Play The scale's balanced.
  • Play Here's thy reckoning.
  • Play Thy soul's in deficit.
  • Play Get thee to the Underscape.
  • Play Consider thyself purified.
  • Play I deliver thee unto death.
  • Play Twas an act of charity.
  • Play Find peace, thou monster.
  • Play Such sorcery shall not prevail.
  • Play Thou art purified.
  • Play Magic thyself out of that.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play They who live by the wand shall die by my blade.
  • Play Thou art damned!
  • Play He he he he.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[edit] Killing Multiple Heroes with Mana Void

  • Play I've sundered this cabal!
  • Play Fall together!
  • Play One less dark conspiracy!

[edit] Killing A Rival

  • Play Necrophos Magic is an abomination.
  • Play Warlock Magic fails thee.
  • Play Bane Sorcery is an abomination!
  • Play Lich Sorcery fails thee.
  • Play Zeus Thy sorcery fails thee.
  • Play Undying To thy Dead God go.

[edit] Gaining a Level

  • Play By grace!
  • Play The reward of virtue!
  • Play Tis a blessing!
  • Play Magic be dashed!
  • Play I turn magic aside!

[edit] Drawing First Blood

  • Play First blood! Hahahahahahaha!

[edit] Dying

  • Play Nooooo!
  • Play What magic is this?
  • Play Curse thee!
  • Play My soul dies pure.
  • Play I go to glory!
  • Play Even in death I am not thine.
  • Play Foul sorceries.
  • Play Thinkest thee to frighten me?
  • Play I fear thee not.
  • Play No sorcery shall claim me.
  • Play There is no magic in death.
  • Play Thou art a devil, pure and simple.
  • Play Sorcery claims me!
  • Play It was worth it.

[edit] Using Aegis of the Immortal

  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[edit] Last Hitting

  • Play Thou'art mine.
  • Play What's thine is mine.
  • Play Well gotten gains.
  • Play I lighten thy load.
  • Play Now count thy costs.
  • Play T'is most rewarding.
  • Play Thou hast paid the price.
  • Play Now count thy costs.
  • Play Thou art mine.
  • Play To aid my cause.

[edit] Respawning

  • Play I persevere in the face of evil!
  • Play I shall spell an end to all evils!
  • Play I fear no vile sorcery!
  • Play From this moment, none shall withstand me!
  • Play I renew my oath to defeat all sorceries!
  • Play The stout heart knows no fear!
  • Play It is not magic brings me back, but purity of will!
  • Play Beset on all sides, still I prevail!
  • Play I'll give them a drubbing they'll not soon forget!
  • Play Thou and I must have a frank discussion.

[edit] Rare

  • Play Vile sorcerers, to thy just reward my blade compels thee.
  • Play Send thy Dead God's legions, I will put them all to death.
  • Play I vowed to end all magic, that none may suffer the torments of the Dead God's Wand.
  • Play To avenge the fallen monastery, I will destroy every magical alliance!
  • Play I'll shatter the Dead God's legions, as they murdered the monks of Turstarkuri!

[edit] Purchasing an Item

[edit] General

  • Play The reward of thrift.
  • Play One cannot purchase virtue, so this will have to do.
  • Play A treasure beyond any price.

[edit] Blink Dagger

  • Play Blink Dagger? Really?
  • Play What need have I for such a blade?
  • Play Blink Dagger. O redundant blade!

[edit] Aghanim's Scepter

  • Play Scepter? Really.
  • Play I'll pray this scepter not sully my soul.

[edit] Manta Style

[edit] Divine Rapier

  • Play Divine Rapier!
  • Play Oh, Rapier Divine!

[edit] Bottling a Rune

  • Play I'll set thee aside.
  • Play A virtuous vial.
  • Play Preserved.

[edit] Denying

[edit] Losing

  • Play Noooo!
  • Play Defeated!
  • Play Vile magic hath won the day!

[edit] Winning

  • Play Yes!
  • Play Victory!
  • Play The defeat of magic is complete!

[edit] Taking Aegis of the Immortal

  • Play Immortality!
  • Play An ageless power is mine.

[edit] Activating Haste

  • Play Haste!
  • Play The winds of virtue speed my steps.

[edit] Activating Double Damage

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play Double down on sorcery.

[edit] Activating Regeneration

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play A healing power.

[edit] Activating Illusion

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play I'll turn their magic against them.

[edit] Activating Invisibility

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play Thou seest me not.

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown

[edit] Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana

[edit] Thanking

[edit] Pain

[edit] Laughter

  • Play He he he he.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[edit] Unused Responses

  • Play Thou hath borrowed heavily against thy soul.
  • Play Bark on bitch, I hear thee not.
  • Play Scarce worth the effort.
  • Play A disappointment.
  • Play Tis often thus with mana.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play Thy magic harms me not.
  • Play I resist thy sorcery.
  • Play Thou art a poor speller.
  • Play Easily resisted.
  • Play It is in the bag!
  • Play Shitty wizard!
  • Play Crummy wizard!
  • Play Unh!
  • Play Unh!
  • Play Uh!
  • Play Uh!
  • Play Hm!
  • Play Oh!
  • Play Oh.
  • Play Hmm.
  • Play Mm.
  • Play Mm.

[edit] Removed responses

  • These responses were removed from the game

[edit] Attacking Terrorblade

  • Play Terrorblade Terror Blade.
  • Play Terrorblade Hello, brother.
  • Play Terrorblade Hello, brother.

[edit] Killing Terrorblade

  • Play Terrorblade The bonds of brotherhood, severed.
  • Play Terrorblade The disgrace of magic stricken from our family.
  • Play Terrorblade My brother's keeper after all.

[edit] Dying to Terrorblade

  • Play Terrorblade What blood ties, magic tears asunder.
  • Play Terrorblade Vile fratricide.
  • Play Terrorblade What would mother say?
  • Play Terrorblade Mother always liked you best.