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ASUS ROG DreamLeague Kick-Off Season
Asus rog dreamleague logo.jpg
Sweden Jönköping, Sweden
Start Date 4 November 2013
End Date 30 November 2013
Teams 6
Version 6.79
Prize Pool $50,000 USD
Website Link
ASUS ROG DreamLeague
Cosmetic icon ASUS ROG DreamLeague.png
Rarity: Common

ASUS ROG DreamLeague Kick-off season is sponsored by ASUS ROG, ROCCAT & TV6. Starting on November 4th, 6 of the world's best teams will compete in 30 league games and a playoffs at DreamHack Winter 2013 on November 28-30th for a $50,000 prize pool. Includes the Vestments of the Iron Will Set.


Invited Teams





2GD portrait.png
James Harding
Origin: United Kingdom English
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page

Draskyl portrait.png
Andy Stiles
Origin: United States United States
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page

Statsman Bruno portrait.png
Statsman Bruno
Bruno Carlucci
Origin: Argentina Argentina
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page

PyrionFlax portrait.png
Edward Forsyth
Origin: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page


4cejka portrait.png
Nick Kotkov
Origin: Russia Russia
Language: Russia Russian
Web page

V1lat portrait.png
Vitalii Volochay
Origin: Ukraine Ukraine
Language: Russia Russian
Web page

VeRsuta portrait.png
Aren Zarubyan
Origin: Russia Russia
Language: Russia Russian
Web page


Round Robin Stage[edit]

League Table[edit]

1 Sweden The Alliance 10 7 3 21
2 United States Team Liquid 10 6 4 18
3 Europe Fnatic 10 6 4 18
4 Ukraine Natus Vincere 10 5 5 15
5 Russia Virtus Pro 10 4 6 12
6 United States Evil Geniuses 10 2 8 6

Round Robin 1[edit]

Round 1[edit]
2013-11-4 VP Russia < Sweden Alliance  

2013-11-5 Fnatic Europe > Ukraine Na'Vi  

2013-11-11 EG United States < United States Liquid  

Round 2[edit]
2013-11-6 Liquid United States < Sweden Alliance  

2013-11-6 Na'Vi Ukraine > Russia VP  

2013-11-18 Fnatic Europe > United States EG (walkover)  

Round 3[edit]
2013-11-5 Alliance Sweden > Ukraine Na'Vi  

2013-11-6 EG United States < Russia VP  

2013-11-12 Liquid United States > Europe Fnatic  

Round 4[edit]
2013-11-4 Alliance Sweden < Europe Fnatic  

2013-11-7 VP Russia < United States Liquid  

2013-11-7 EG United States < Ukraine Na'Vi  

Round 5[edit]
2013-11-4 Liquid United States < Ukraine Na'Vi  

2013-11-7 Fnatic Europe > Russia VP  

2013-11-11 Alliance Sweden < United States EG  

Round Robin 2[edit]

Round 1[edit]
2013-11-5 Na'Vi Ukraine < Europe Fnatic  

2013-11-11 Alliance Sweden > Russia VP  

2013-11-20 Liquid United States > United States EG  

Round 2[edit]
2013-11-13 VP Russia > Ukraine Na'Vi  

2013-11-18 EG United States > Europe Fnatic  

2013-11-20 Alliance Sweden > United States Liquid  

Round 3[edit]
2013-11-14 VP Russia > United States EG  

2013-11-18 Fnatic Europe < United States Liquid  

2013-11-20 Na'Vi Ukraine < Sweden Alliance  

Round 4[edit]
2013-11-13 Liquid United States > Russia VP  

2013-11-19 Na'Vi Ukraine > United States EG  

2013-11-19 Fnatic Europe > Sweden Alliance  

Round 5[edit]
2013-11-12 VP Russia > Europe Fnatic  

2013-11-19 Na'Vi Ukraine > United States Liquid  

2013-11-20 (walkover) EG United States < Sweden Alliance  

Offline Finals[edit]

Upper Bracket[edit]

  Semi-finals Final
 Sweden The Alliance 1  
 Europe Fnatic 2  
     Europe Fnatic 3
   Ukraine Natus Vincere 0
 United States Team Liquid 1
 Ukraine Natus Vincere 2  

Lower Bracket[edit]

Round 1   Finals
    Ukraine Natus Vincere 3
Sweden The Alliance 3     Sweden The Alliance 0
United States Team Liquid 0  


 Europe Fnatic  0
 Ukraine Natus Vincere  3

Prize Allocation[edit]

Place Team Prize
1st Ukraine Natus Vincere $25,000 USD
2nd Europe Fnatic $15,000 USD
3rd Sweden The Alliance $7,500 USD
4th United States Team Liquid $2,500 USD