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Personal Information
Full Name Sergey Revin
Alternate IDs Smile, AA, Djan
Status Active
Date of birth August 12, 1988 (1988-08-12) (age 25)
Hometown Flag Russia.png Moscow
Country of origin Flag Russia.png Russia
Major Roles Hard Support
Signature Heroes Shadow Shaman Leshrac Lina Nyx Assassin Jakiro Bane
Professional Career
2007 Flag Russia.png DoTa[]
2007–2008 Flag Russia.png Virtus Pro
2008 Flag Sweden.png SK Gaming
2009 Flag Russia.png Rush3d
2010 Flag Russia.png TR
2010 - 2011 Flag Ukraine.png DTS Gaming
2011 Flag Russia.png Moscow Five
2011 - 2013 Flag Ukraine.png Natus Vincere
2013 - Present Flag Russia.png Virtus Pro
Steam account

Sergey "ARS-ART" Revin (Russian: Сергей Ревин) is a Russian DotA player.


[edit] Professional Career

[edit] Early Career

ARS-ART's DotA career started in team DoTa[]. In ASUS Open Winter 2007, DoTa[] won 2nd place and ARS-ART came into the public's attention. In MYM Prime Defending #4, DoTa[] won due to VP and SAY_PLZ being disqualified.

[edit] Virtus Pro

In May 2007, Virtus.Pro was formed. In ASUS Summer 2007, VP lost to SAY_PLZ in the finals. However, after that, VP started a dominance in the DotA scene. In MYM PD #6, ARS-ART's Earthshaker shone and defeated SAY_PLZ. While in MYM Prime Nations #1, ARS-ART's Nerubian Assassin defeated the Maelk-led Denmark with dominance. In September, VP won MYM PD #7 through the losers bracket. ARS-ART's use of Nerubian Assassin, Lina and Pudge is the spotlight of the 3 games defeating MeetYourMakers. The two teams met again the MYM PD #8 finals, and VP won their 3rd straight consecutive MYM PD. However, in ASUS Open Winter 2008, VP lost to an relatively unknown team in the Round of 16, while forfeiting MYM PD#9. Internal conflicts has arose in VP.

[edit] SK

In February 2008, ARS-ART joined SK Gaming. However, ARS-ART received a lot of pressure from under performing. In HTGL, VP defeated SK 3-1 in the finals. However, in MYM PD#10, SK picked Mirana and Lina for ARS-ART, and defeated WG 2-0 in the finals. ARS-ART became the player with most MYM PD titles at 5 wins.

[edit] Rush3D

Due to constant internet problems and such, ARS-ART left SK. After being inactive ARS-ART joined Rush3D.

[edit] DTS

When Artstyle left DTS, ARS-ART replaced him.

[edit] Moscow Five

ARS-ART participated in The International and won 5th/6th place.

[edit] Natus Vincere

After M5 decided to take in Vigoss and PGG, ARS-ART had to leave. Replacing Artstyle in Na`Vi, he helped to win Techlabs Cup and Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. Although ARS-ART participated in OSPL Autumn 2011 with Garaj, he joined Na`Vi officially in November 2011[1] and participated in the Dota 2 Star Championship, in which they placed second. He was also part of the Na'Vi line up that took second place in The International 2012. ARS-ART left Na'Vi in February 2013.

[edit] Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro announced ARS-ART would be rejoining VP in March 2013, replacing Santa on the VP roster. ARS-ART left the team in August 2013, but rejoined in September 2013.

[edit] Achievements

[edit] Natus Vincere

[edit] Trivia

Due to using smileys a lot when playing, his first ID was Smile.

[edit] References