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Personal Information
Name: Sivatheeban Sivanathapillai
Country: Flag Canada.png Canada
Hometown: Flag Canada.png Toronto, Ontario
Signature Heroes: Enchantress Shadow Demon
Professional Career
2010 - 2011 Flag United States.png VT
2011 Flag Europe.png
2011 - 2012 Flag United States.png GoSu
2012 Flag United States.png Captain Planet
2012 Flag Germany.png Mousesports
2012 Flag United States.png Quantic Gaming
2012 - 2013 Flag World.png LGD
2013 Flag United States.png Team Dignitas
2014 Flag United States.png North American Rejects
2014 Flag United States.png Natus Vincere US
2014 - Flag Europe.png Secret Team (Coach)
Steam Account
Twitch Stream

Sivatheeban "1437" Sivanathapillai is a professional Defense of the Ancients player and is the current coach of Secret Team.

Professional Career[edit][edit]

1437 was on the team for the first The International tournament.


1437 joined Mousesports on May 17, 2012 replacing twiSta as team captain.

Quantic Gaming[edit]

Following The International 2012, 1437 left Mousesports for Quantic Gaming.


1437 joined LGD Gaming's international squad in late 2012. He left the team in September 2013.

Team Dignitas[edit]

1437 joined Team Dignitas in October 2013.

1437 left Team Dignitas in November 2013, after the departures of Korok and bLeek. Team Dignitas's Dota 2 division disbanded soon after.

North American Rejects[edit]

1437 joined NAR in April 2014 with Brax, Fogged, Sneyking, and Korok.

Natus Vincere US[edit]

1437 was picked up by Na'Vi, along with the rest of the NAR squad, forming the Na'Vi.US team. The team disbanded in December 2014 due to internal issues.[1]




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