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Personal Information
Full Name Sivatheeban Sivanathapillai
Status Active
Hometown Flag Canada.png Toronto, Ontario
Country of origin Flag Canada.png Canada
Major Roles Utility, Support
Signature Heroes Enchantress Shadow Demon
Professional Career
2010 - 2011 Flag United States.png VT
2011 Flag Europe.png
2011 - 2012 Flag United States.png GoSu
2012 Flag United States.png Captain Planet
2012 Flag Germany.png Mousesports
2012 Flag United States.png Quantic Gaming
2012 - 2013 Flag World.png LGD
2013 Flag United States.png Team Dignitas
2014 Flag United States.png North American Rejects
2014 Flag United States.png Natus Vincere US
2014 - Flag Europe.png Secret Team (Coach)
Steam account

Sivatheeban "1437" Sivanathapillai is a professional Defense of the Ancients player and is the current coach of Secret Team.

Professional Career[edit][edit]

1437 was on the team for the first The International tournament.


1437 joined Mousesports on May 17, 2012 replacing twiSta as team captain.

Quantic Gaming[edit]

Following The International 2012, 1437 left Mousesports for Quantic Gaming.


1437 joined LGD Gaming's international squad in late 2012. He left the team in September 2013.

Team Dignitas[edit]

1437 joined Team Dignitas in October 2013.

1437 left Team Dignitas in November 2013, after the departures of Korok and bLeek. Team Dignitas's Dota 2 division disbanded soon after.

North American Rejects[edit]

1437 joined NAR in April 2014 with Brax, Fogged, Sneyking, and Korok.

Natus Vincere US[edit]

1437 was picked up by Na'Vi, along with the rest of the NAR squad, forming the Na'Vi.US team. The team disbanded in December 2014 due to internal issues.[1]




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